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Nature Hike

Escaping to the Great Outdoors



Birdlife Galore + A Gator


The Limpkins were putting on quite a show with their calls, preening and flying about!




Fauna and Flora



I always check to see if the turtles are out sunning!

(Photos by RSheridan)

Happy Adventuring!!!

Going for a Walk About

In Hammock Park















(Photos by RSheridan)

Escape to the GREAT OUTDOORS – Enjoy!!!

The Call of the Wild

Becoming One With the Great Outdoors

I enjoy reading and exploring the current and new trends when it comes to what people are doing in the great outdoors. This includes learning about new hiking and biking trails, places to travel to that offer access to outdoor activities and adventures and learning about the latest gadgets and gear. My favorite gear purchase so far has been my CamelBak.

Walk on the Wild Side

What draws you into becoming one with the Great Outdoors?

  • Wildlife
  • Birding
  • Water
  • Fauna & Flora
  • Solitude
  • All Season Activities

I find it interesting to watch wildlife in their natural habitats as well as being aware to not have an up close and personal encounter. I am not a die hard birder, however; I find birds of prey and sea birds quite interesting to look at and photograph. Right up there with birdsong is the sound of water while exploring the outdoors, especially the ocean and waterfalls. I could spend hours outside just photographing the fauna and flora of the area I am exploring. I was so excited to see Calla Lilies and Irises growing wild in my travels throughout California and the various wildflowers certainly know how to put on a magnificent show!

Lower Yosemite Falls (Photo by RSheridan)

Then there is the Solitude of the Great Outdoors! Where else can you go to get away from it all and be one with yourself. The bathroom is no longer a sacred place – people will track and hunt you down in there now! The Great Outdoors is an amazing place to think or not to think about anything. You can scream from a mountain top, walk or hike off whatever is bothering you, grab a rock or log and just sit and ponder for hours, an escape from the hustle and bustle and that thing called technology – just pure solitude and sometimes even just pure silence.

The Redwoods (Photo by RSheridan)

Then there is the Other Side of the Great Outdoors – the All Seasons Activities! You name it you can pretty much do it while in the Great Outdoors. Hiking, Biking, Skiing, Snowshoeing, Water Sports, Camping, Backpacking – the possibilities are endless. With these activities comes all types of gadgets and gear – clothing, shoes, navigational, safety, cameras, etc.

Climbing Moro Rock in Sequoia National Park (Photo by RSheridan)

Do You Hear the Great Outdoors Calling? Are You Ready to Become One With the Great Outdoors & Walk on the Wild Side? Get Outside & Go!!!

Wide Open Places

Find Yourself in the Middle of Nowhere

Are you drawn to Wide Open Places where your only companion is You & Your Shadow? Just think back to the 1st time you met your shadow – surprised you right! There is nothing like finding YOURSELF in the Middle of Nowhere – be open to the possibilities because it could be ONE AMAZING JOURNEY.

There are many ways to experience wide open places.

  1. Find a Wide Open Place
  2. Head to the Middle of Nowhere
  3. Get Off the Beaten Path

You know why trees lay down and why rocks are scattered about in the wilderness right. Welcome to the Great Outdoors version of a “Living Room”! Pull up a log, stump or rock and stay awhile – think, ponder, contemplate – do whatever your heart desires.

Sometimes it is a good idea to get off the beaten path and head to the middle of nowhere. Think about that poor hamster that continously goes nowhere on that wheel – poor dude! Shake things up and stretch that comfort zone for a change. You might just amaze yourself!

Who does not enjoy sitting around the campfire and star gazing! The AMAZING part of a storm is when a rainbow appears afterwards – just breathtaking. Sleeping outdoors and falling asleep to the night calls of the local wildlife – a little eerie and uncomfortable at times, but you are in their hood. There is nothing wrong in finding your wild side!

The Open Road & A Beautiful Rainbow (Photo by RSheridan)

Just Go For It!!!

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