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Overwhelmed by the Hype

I can now admit to myself and my readers that I went there. I became a crazed woman in the gym. I was checking out classes, equipment and machines like a mad women in the hopes of losing weight, getting fit and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Then instead of my body responding to this new crazed women it attacked me and took me down for the count for many months!

I have learned my lesson in the not so nice way! I have also learned that I need to workout for my body and not my body for me. So I am taking a whole new perspective when it comes to working out and it starts from the ground up. I am relearning the basics and will continue to build and advance; by baby steps not giant leaps!

Do you become overwhelmed by the hype in getting in on the lastest fitness craze? You really have to find what works best for you and your body and see if your body responds in a positive way. I was like those 3 crazy monkeys for a while because I did not want to hear, see or speak that what the crazed women inside of me was doing was not working to my benefit! I actual think I did myself and my body a disservice and really took a giant leap backwards in trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. So Not Worth It!

My New Perspective includes the following:

  • Embrace MYSELF
  • Build a CORE Base
  • Give Myself a BREAK
  • Listen to My BODY

Love to Hear Your Thoughts on the Whole Fitness Craze! Your Successes, Your Struggles, Your Setbacks!

Embrace Your Assets

You Sexy Thing!!!

How do you embrace your body, especially during a time of transition?

I am in the process of getting healthier and it has its share of challenges and rewards. I am watching what I eat, exercise 3 to 4 days a week and working on the mind and spirit too. My body has been experiencing changes throughout this process and my lumps and bumps seem to be moving around as I lose weight, tone and shape up. I am embracing what I have and rocking it!

When I was back in my mid-20s I tried just about every magic trick to stay a certain size. I was miserable, cranky, hungry, and NOT HEALTHY AT ALL! My main goal right now is to be a HEALTHIER VERSION OF ME! I am GETTING REAL, CHALLENGING MY BODY & BOOSTING MY SELF CONFIDENCE right now, present day!



Find a pair of jeans that you love to wear and rock it! Check the rise and length, so you can wear with multiple tops and shoes. I am into the dark wash jean right now, which so enhances my figure. I use to not be a jean wearer until I met Gloria and boy does her jeans embrace my every curve and asset!


Go Ahead and Show a Little Toe Cleavage – ha! Find a pair that is Fun and Flirty. Find a pair that is Sexy and Sky High. Find a pair that Grounds you to the Earth. Whatever your style JUST HAVE FUN WITH IT!!!

(Photo by RSheridan)

Workout Clothes

Ditch the Baggy T-shirt and Sweat Pants! I love to add a pop of color to my workout clothes. You do not have to spend a lot to make yourself look “HOT” when working out. I just feel better when my clothes work with me and not against me when getting my sweat on!


Eat Right

Everything in Moderation, Right! I can say I am a water drinker now and my body loves me for that. I love playing with my food and experimenting with cooking. In eating right your body, mind and spirit will just come alive!


Sorry, but this is a Necessary Evil! You have to get that heart rate up and strength train to protect against muscle and bone loss. I love the high and the extra stamina exercising gives me!

(Photo by RSheridan)

Be an Active Person

Get Moving and Have Fun! Take the stairs, park a little further out, go for a stroll. This goes for stimulating the mind and the spirit too. Just Make It a Habit!


Rock What You Got

Make a Concious Effort to Love Your Body (no loathing or hating allowed)! When you feel great in your body nothing else really matters except living life. You will have more attention than you know what to do with – ha!

Embrace Your Overall Beauty

Embrace and Enhance Your Assets! You can do so much with clothing and beauty products. Remember though to let your natural beauty steal the show!

(Photo by RSheridan)

Let You Shine

Enough Said!


One Foot at a Time

Finding Balance

Yes, I am going to go there and talk about feet in this post. So lets get over the gross parts associated with feet. Then move on to the important matter at hand. Your Foot Health is Oh So Important!

Your feet work hard with little reward at times. Hey You, Yes You a little pampering would be greatly appreciated once in a while! Your feet keep you active and moving throughout the day. Then you really put your feet to the test with walking, exercising, hiking, etc.

Yoga & Your Feet

The most unlikely place I ever thought I would tune into my feet is in Yoga class. Your feet can have an affect on other parts of your body, especially if there is any type of pain. Your body can become out of alignment. Yoga allows me to stretch out my muscles and hopefully by advancing in the poses lead to a greater range of motion.

Interesting Fact:  7 out of 1o people will suffer from foot problems, many of which are entirely preventable.

I am finding that I keep my stress in my neck and shoulders as well as my feet. So stretching my foot muscles helps me stay active and moving. I also can tell when I am dehydrated because my feet will cramp of fatigue about half way through an hour class.

Mountain Pose

One of my favorite poses in Yoga class is the Mountain Pose. This pose really tells me if my body is aligned or not and what to work on throughout my hour class. Mountain pose can show you were you put your weight while standing and your instructor can help you to not bow your legs inward or not bow your knees outward. The funny thing about doing Yoga twice a week is that I am more aware of my posture throughout the day and week too.

Think about your feet as having 4 corners – the big and little toes and then the outer and inner heels. Now imagine distributing your weight evenly across your feet. Hello Healthy Alignment and Goodbye Foot and Body Aches!

Downward-Facing Dog

Downward-Facing Dog gives you a great calf stretch as well as your feet a good stretch in the pose. As you improve in this pose your feet will eventually be flat on the floor. I am not there yet, but working on it in every class.

Tree Pose

Tree Pose will tell you if you have stability or not, especially when this pose consists of standing on one leg. Feet do not fail me or I will be falling over. I enjoy tree pose because it makes me concentrate on my balance and stability. Plus I love when I can hold this pose until it is time to move out of it.

Hero Pose

I am not a fan of this pose YET! This pose is done while kneeling with your toes tucked under you in order to stretch the arch and lengthen the plantar muscles on the sole of your foot (familiar with plantar fasciitis – inflammation of the plantar muscles). This pose improves flexibility and loosens the tension in your feet. I have not been able to relax into this pose and maybe with time will be able to do that.


DO NOT NEGLECT YOUR TOES PEOPLE! Tuning into your toes again will help you with your range of motion for everyday activities and those times you put your toes and feet to the test. Spread your toes, sit back on your heels and wiggle those tootsies and just maybe try to pick something up with your toes for fun. My feet feel so alive after an hour Yoga class; gets the blood pumping and the circulation moving once again.

Socks & Shoes

I am learning just how important the socks you wear affect your feet. For the better or for the worse. The shoes you wear are just as important too. Most likely you are not going to wear flip flops when you go running for 5 miles. I love compression socks that wick away mositure for exercising. Goodbye sweaty feet as well as rubbing, chaffing and blisters. Plus these socks make you want to dance because you are no longer suffering from fatigue.

I have noticed that at times I have more balance and stability when barefoot versus wearing shoes when working out. Sometimes I feel like a klutz when I workout with shoes on. When I am barefoot I feel more focused on my balance and stability as well as my ankles and core.

Give Your Feet Some LOVE!!


Does the Body Good

Do you really think about how you hydrate your body throughout the day? I have been pondering this because I have been sweating my way through the gym lately. I know sweat is gross, but at least you know your body is functioning properly. Your cells, tissues and organs will thank you for the hydration!

#1 Your body needs water to function properly. #2 Your body needs water to maintain good health. #3 Your body needs water to SURVIVE.

The opposite of hydration is dehydration and it affects how your body functions properly. So Drink Up! How do you know if you are dehyrated you ask? You can probably figure out where the answer might take you, so I will refrain from “GOING THERE” (get it)!

Thirsty Anyone? (Photo by RSheridan)

Staying Hydrated . . .

  • Carry a reusuable water bottle with you.
  • If you think water is blah, add citrus to liven it up!
  • Exercising, drink water before, during and after. Stay hydrated!
  • Sometimes if you feel hungry your body may just need a drink of water.

Just how much you hydrate throughout the day really depends on you. I carry water with me to drink throughout the day and usually have some unsweetened tea in the fridge too.

Remember you lose water just breathing as well as sweating and going to the bathroom. Then you add warmer weather, exercise or being sick with a fever and you start to lose water at a faster rate. You need to replace what is lost!

Drink Up & Stay Hydrated!

Hydration (Photo by RSheridan)

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