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Doing Nothing

Is Being Productive

Have you found your “do nothing”, “lay like broccoli” thing?

Vivian: Let’s watch old movies all night… we’ll just veg out in front of the TV.

Edward Lewis: Veg out?

Vivian: Yeah. Be still like vegetables. Lay like broccoli.

Edward Lewis: Look, I’ll tell ya what. I’ll be back. We’ll do broccoli tomorrow. ~From the movie Pretty Woman

We are still human beings and not robots even with all this technology at our fingertips! We cannot be on “ON” 24/7/365. We have limits when it comes to managing, processing and doing. Please stop the crazy busyness! 

Do you think about why you are having a bad day? When all you want to do is get back home, climb into bed and call it a day. Especially when everything seems to go wrong and nothing is easy let alone falling into place. We all have those days that are pushing our limits! 

  • Stress, anxiety and tension.
  • Being “on” and “over” abc, xyz.
  • Brain on a continuous loop.
  • Disruptions and distractions.
  • Mood, attitude, behavior alters/changes.
  •  Heading towards burn out.

First, do not let that become a new state of being. Second, stop before you take action that you will later regret.

Give yourself a break and make time for yourself! It is okay to take 5 to breathe, stretch and clear your mind. It is okay to use the time you earned to take a day off. The mind and body need R&R!

  • It can be good for your whole well being.
  • It can be relaxing and re-energizing.
  • It can be restful and refreshing.
  • It can be inspiring and motivating.
  • It can get the creative juices flowing.

Remember Saturday mornings as a kid eating your bowl of cereal in front of the TV watching cartoons. I enjoyed the old school cartoon classics, like Wile E Coyote and Road Runner, Tom and Jerry, etc. Netflix binge anyone! What are you currently in to?

Sometimes it is nice to add in a do nothing buddy! To share and connect in doing something you both enjoy and love. To laugh, play and have fun. When was that last time you laughed so hard it was like a release to your whole being?

  • Reading a book or wandering the local library or book store.
  • Laying a blanket down and watching the clouds.
  • Taking in the arts.
  • Breathing/Meditating.
  • Getting curious and exploring.
  • Getting lost in the city, great outdoors or anything in between.
  • Doing Absolutely NOTHING!!!

The possibilities are endless in doing nothing!

(Photos by RSheridan)

Doing Nothing Downtime is GOOD! Love to Hear Your Thoughts, Please Share.

Tuning IT Out


Love this quote!

Learn to get in touch with the silence within yourself,

and know that everything in life has purpose.

There are no mistakes, no coincidences, all events are

blessings given to us to learn from. ~Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

Disruptions and distractions are one thing then you add in the noise! There are times that constant noise sets me on edge. I feel my stress hormones kick in, my blood pressure starts to rise and my body goes into sweat mode. All I want is quiet, silence and solitude!

I need to tune out the world and go within myself for a bit! I need to take time for myself to relax, rest and reenergize. I need to reconnect with myself from the inside out!

I love being with my greatest someone and adventure partner! I enjoy getting outside to become one with nature and explore the great outdoors. I enjoy getting my exercise on. I love a good read that I can get lost in!

I find myself at the end of the work day either turning off the radio or rocking it out on the way home! I enjoy taking back roads to avoid the rush hour traffic. I enjoy driving past pastures and farm animals. I love the alone time with myself to decompress and not bring work home with me!

(Photos by RSheridan)

How Do You Tune Out? Love to Hear, Please Share!

Do More Often

Hanging Out

ENJOYMENT Matters! I am carving out time to do the things I enjoy and it gets easier with practice. There is nothing better than unplugging and disconnecting from technology and the crazy, busyness!

I enjoy . . .

  • Making Time To Do Nothing.
  • Getting Lost and Just Wandering.
  • Playing, Laughing and Having Fun.

I love taking a few hours to do nothing at least once a week! I either kick back and chill or do something I have really been wanting to do for myself. I enjoy the down time to decompress, unwind and recharge again. I feel so much better after doing that for myself!

There is nothing better than sleeping in, taking a nap or going to bed early! Especially when I know I do not need to be at work or be on a schedule. I feel more productive even if I do nothing! I feel freer and happier too.

I love exploring, wandering and just getting lost! I enjoy not having a direction or destination in mind and just taking off. The possibilities are endless and I never know what I will find or who I will meet! I find inspiration and motivation. I discover my curious self and my creative side again!

I love playing, laughing and having fun! I call it fun exercise because playing is exercise and laughing burns calories. I release my inner child and just let go. I feel so free and carefree!

(Photos by RSheridan)

I love hanging out with family and friends! I crave that interaction and connection. I enjoy being around and spending time with people who just get me. Never a dull moment!

How Do You Do ENJOYMENT? Love to Hear, Please Share!


Take It & Live It!

Heart this Quote!

Life is a Song – Sing It.

Life is a Game – Play It.

Life is a Challenge – Meet It.

Life is a Dream – Realize It.

Life is a Sacrifice – Offer It.

Life is Love – Enjoy It. ~Sai Baba

(Photos by RSheridan)

This Is The Way to Live Life Every Day!!!


A Sense of Enjoyment that Gives One Pleasure

Let’s have FUNFun Time, Dance Party Time, Silly Time . . .

Oh, this has gotta be the good life.

This has gotta be the good life.

This could really be a good life, good life.

~ OneRepublic “Good Life” Lyrics

LOVE this Song right now – just SPEAKS to me on EVERY LEVEL of MY BEING!!! Especially the part above!

Here’s to Having Some Dang FUN Today & Every Day!!!

(Photos by RSheridan)

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