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Healthy Eating

Making GOOD Choices

For Your Whole Being

I decided to create a healthier lifestyle three years ago. I did start slowly in introducing new foods and doing away with the not so good for me foods. I did start listening to myself, my body and my needs. I did cleanse my body in a way by introducing and eating whole foods!

The biggest thing I had to wrap my head around was making it a lifestyle change!

Eating The Rainbow!!!



Yes, Yes & Yes!!!





I want to nurture and nourish my whole being! This means whole foods and nutrient rich foods, like fruits, veggies, lean proteins, vitamins, and minerals. I am learning moderation and portion sizes. Nothing is good in EXCESS, except CHOCOLATE! I will not deny or deprive myself of something because then I want it even more, so not a good habit to develop. Do not get me wrong there are foods I choose not to eat and even foods that I avoid!

My Benefits

  • I feel pretty good with my well being and my whole being.
  • My nails, skin and hair are looking great.
  • I am continuing to lose weight, tone and strengthen my whole being.
  • I am still a work in progress when it comes to fueling my body to get energy that lasts throughout the day.
  • I have noticed an improvement in my immunity and defenses to fight for the good of my body and not make me sick.
  • Some of my digestive issues have lessen while others have cleared up and disappeared.

What Do You Do For You and Your Whole Body? What Do You Do as far as Healthy Eating? Please Share, Love to Hear!

Reverting Back to Childhood

When It Comes to Food and Eating

Do you revert back to childhood as an adult when it comes to food and eating?

  • Drink your milk for healthy bones
  • Eat your veggies, especially your greens/spinach to grow big and strong.
  • Clean your plate or no dessert.
  • Do not play with your food, please eat it.

Eating the Greens

I remember moving out on my own and being so excited that I could eat dessert before dinner!

I have learned a few tricks over the years in creating a healthier lifestyle for myself.

  • I am listening to my body and what my body needs.
  • I take smaller portions or just leave food on my plate.
  • I love CRAVING foods and drinks!
  • If I sit while I eat, I tend to take my time to eat and enjoy the food and drink.
  • If I stand to eat, I eat way too fast, eat way too much and just give myself indigestion or a good case of the hiccups.
  • I am so guilty of still eating in front of the boob tube way more than I should.
  • I do not count calories.
  • I do not restrict; moderation and portion is key.
  • I do read nutritional labels and make healthier food choices.
  • I do find the good and the positive and the happiness in living my life.

The #1 thing that I can do for myself, my needs and my whole being is to do what works BEST for me! I am learning to be more mindful and more aware of my needs when it comes to health, wellness and fitness. I want to feel my BEST each and every day!

This includes my cravings and temptations for the sweet, salty and savory! My body is trying to tell me something and I need to figure it out. I am a grazer when I am bored. I want the sweet and the salty when I am stressed out. I crave protein when I am tired and low on energy. I think of my cravings as my body’s regulator in getting me balanced again! I am basically trying to dial into the information my body is sending out.

I cannot tolerate dairy all that well and I am so glad there is so many alternatives available now! I actually crave rich in calcium foods like salmon, dark greens and beans. I also try to eat whole foods, like fruits and veggies. I want to fuel and nourish myself and my body with quality, nutritious foods!

I am working on losing weight, but for me it is about nourishing as well as nurturing myself and my whole being! I want to eat better and make healthier choices. I want to take time for myself and get the rest and relaxtion I need. I want to play more and have fun in living my life!

(Photos by RSheridan)

Please Share Your Thoughts, Love to Hear!!!

My Healthy Toolkit

Starts In The Kitchen

Kitchen Essentials

The 1 – 2 – 3

1 Good Sharp Knife, 2 Good Cutting Boards and 3 Good Cooking Pans!

  • Invest in a good chef’s knife that works best for your needs and it will do the job for most jobs.
  • Find a cutting board that works best for your needs and buy two; one for meats and one for fruits and veggies.
  • Invest in three good cooking pans that works best for your needs; sauté (frying) pan, stock pot and a pan that suites your style of cooking (i.e. wok, dutch oven, cast iron, etc.).
  • A good sauté (frying)  pan cuts down on sticking, uneven cooking, burning, etc. It allows you to cut back on oils and fats and cook with water, broth or nothing added.

The Electric Stock Pot

  • I love my programmable electric stock pot; the crock pot! I use the crock pot for cooking and heating. The possibilities are endless (i.e. breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinners, side dishes, desserts, etc.).


  • Water Bottles of all Shapes and Sizes
  • Pitchers and Carafes
  • Tea Kettles and Tea Infusers
  • Coffee Makers (heat up water/make tea)
  • Camelbak(s)

I carry a water bottle with me every day. I also have a Camelbak when I need more than a water bottle of water or want to be more hands free.


I blew up a few blenders in the past. Then I had the opportunity to make an investment in a Vita Mix and love it! Any blender is better than no blender.


I have a layered steamer, so I can steam rice in one and veggies in the other. I have been looking into rice cookers lately too.

Spatulas, Wooden Spoons, Whisks . . .

I have multiple crocks (for easy access) as well as drawers full of cooking utensils. I probably have way more than I need too. I love having a hand masher when I do not have the time to break out the electronic versions.



Find your go to spices or blend of spices (i.e. Ms. Dash, lemon pepper, garlic herb, etc.).


We decided to try our hand at growing herbs again and it worked this time. Rosemary, Thyme, Oregano, and Chives, etc. You can buy fresh or dry herbs or even grow your own (can be grown inside or outside). I am learning how to store fresh herbs (i.e. what and how to store in the fridge or leave on the counter).


  • Try new foods or new recipes with those new foods or foods you already like.
  • Try different methods of cooking too (i.e. raw, steamed, grilled, roasted, etc.).
  • Learn the art of blending, especially to blend in fruits, veggies and greens.

Somethings may be tricky or just plain trip you up, but keep on experimenting! Keep the cooking as well as the eating interesting. You may even SURPRISE yourself when you try and taste something that becomes a NEW! LOVE! Remember creating a healthier lifestyle should be FUN and not a chore.

Here’s To Improving as a Cook and as an Eater When It Comes to Creating a Healthier YOU!!!

Your Body Knows

Eating is a Natural Process

Eating is a natural process that your body knows how to do and do well if you let it! Eating should be a routine process and not one that is fraught over. Give your body love and nourishment on a daily basis. Your body will thank you for it!

Eating Healthy & Feeling Good 

Does not have to be confusing! Tune into your body and how you feel. Your body will tell you if you are eating healthy or eating junk. Do not overthink when it comes to eating!

Think Moderation not Restriction!

I use the rule of 5! I look at the ingredients and if there is more than 5 ingredients I usually pass, especially if I have no clue what an ingredient is. I watch the sugar and sodium intake too. I want a slow burn with the foods I fuel my body with that keeps me satisfied longer and the cravings away.  Not that quick release of energy with a crash!

Fruits & Veggies & Whole Grains Please!

Try and introduce fruits and veggies into every meal! Fresh is Best! Nothing else has been added. Explore the produce section of the grocery store and buy what is in season because it is cheaper. You may have to experiment with a fruit or veggie if you first do not like it (raw, roasted, grilled, steamed, etc.).

Load up on the whole grains! I went there and love it. Quinoa is slowly growing on me and would love to try making Farro. I love brown rice and have expanded that love to brown rice pasta. I also love nuts and seeds to add protein and good fats.

Think greens! I enjoy adding greens to my meals and making the occasional vegetarian meal. I have a few greens that I have not acquired a taste for and that is okay because there are so many greens to try. Just have some fun trying new foods!

Greens (Photos by RSheridan)

Remember Baby Steps not Giant Leaps Every Day to Eating Better!!!

Finding Answers

By Tackling One Problem at a Time

My health and wellness needed me to find some answers to the problems I had been experiencing over the years! So I made the decision to tackle each problem by dealing with it head on in order to find a solution. I discovered that you can have the best of both worlds! I found that my overall health and well being just enriches my life and being able to live my life to the fullest. My body as well as my mind and spirit thanks me each and every day!

Problem #1

Hello! My name is Desk Jockey. I have a problem when it comes to sitting on my arse all day doing 40 hours with 15+ years until retirement. My body does not love me somedays, especially when I add the neck crink, shoulder hunch and back ache!

Solution to Problem #1

I have to move and stretch throughout the work day, especially when I am trapped to a desk, computer and phone! I have days where I need to just escape. I crave fresh air, natural light and the colors of nature. I have days where I need a break for my sanity and well being because it can suck the life out of you at times!

Problem #2

Hey There! My name is Crazy Gym Lady. I shoved you know who in a locker and took over her body. She is MINE now! Cue: Crazy Lady Laughter of Madness.

Solution to Problem #2

I took back my body! I shoved Crazy Gym Lady in a locker and high tailed it out of there. I am listening to what I need and not what my body thinks I need. I am finally getting the total body workout I DESERVE!

Problem #3

Hi! My name is Weight Obsessed. I have a problem of focusing on the scale numbers. I found balance between under and over eating. I went there and it was not pretty stepping on that scale every day, day in and day out!

Solution to Problem #3

I changed my name to Health Conscious! I have stepped off and put away the scale – buh bye. I made it a lifestyle change and decided to baby step into making healthier choices in my life. NOW that is a WAY OF LIFE I can get on board with!

My Top Revelations

  • I have minimal issues now with digesting and absorbing the healthier foods I feed my body.
  • I have found freedom with moderation and portion size in letting go of trying to control how often and how much I fuel my body.
  • I have learned to slow down while I eat so I know when I am full.
  • I try really hard to sit down to a meal and take my time eating as well as chewing my food.
  • I enjoy brown bagging it and love cooking for myself.
  • I am STRONG and LOVE me for me!

Your Challenge Today is to Start Thinking More About What You Can Do For Your Overall Health & Wellness!

Craving Good Eats

Go For It or Moderation!

I am all for making better food choices and eating healthier. However, there are times where I just Go For It when it comes to craving good eats. Sometimes I even surprise myself that craving good eats leads me in a healthier direction. BONUS!

Which ONE is the Lesser of the 2 Evils – Hmm! (Photos by RSheridan)

I have found for me that limiting, swearing off and banning certain foods just does not work for me. Why?!? The thing you want most is the thing you should not have! It is a vicious cycle and one that could potential control you and what you eat. DO NOT LET IT! There are foods that you may do that with because you can, have the willpower and no longer crave it. That is Great too!

I can admit that I have struggles when it comes to eating healthy. However, I also try not to make a big deal out of it because I want a healthy relationship with food and not develop food issues. Food issues could potentially result in destructive habits, cause stress-induced eating or not eating and contribute to an increase in weight. The issue with food that scares me the most is eating too much of something that is so not good for you!

I am learning that eating healthy DOES NOT mean you have to DEPRIVE yourself! It is really about making better food choices and it starts in the grocery store. Leave it in the store and do not bring it home with you! I know easier said than done at times. Who am I kidding, right!

Wine Tasting, Yes Please!!! (Photo by RSheridan)

What are your thoughts about eating healthy or eating in moderation? How is your relationship with food? Should we care or be concerned about our relationship with food or just eat what we like? Love to hear your thoughts!

Mixing It Up

Making Great Eats an Experience

Do you make gourmet meals at home instead of going out? This includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. I enjoy the experience. Plus it is way more fun with a partner in crime when it comes to messing up the kitchen. Experimenting in the kitchen is an experience and with practice comes great eats!

I am notrious in burning bread and can even screw up french toast. I can make a mean wallpaper paste out of rice and love lifting the lid on the pot and stirring. I know Shame On Me! I think for the most part I make great eats though, but it comes with patience and practice. Thank Goodness for Peanut Butter; it has my back everytime!


I enjoy having a partner in crime when it comes to cooking and it can be a blast if I can just stay out of the way! I love the kitchen gadgets too. The best part of cooking is getting to EAT what you make!

You can take the food experience to the next level by getting into tastings and pairings!


I love trying and tasting new foods. Do not forget about the drinks element either; non-alcoholic or alcoholic.

Make the grocery store or your favorite foodie/drink place a part of the experience! Ask the butcher or fishmonger how to prepare and cook meat, fish or seafood. Ask for a sample of cheese and/or meat. Explore the salad bar or olive bar. Ask the bakery for a bread or dessert recommendation. Discover the produce section and seek out lettuces, herbs, veggies, and fruits. I love trolling the frozen treats section to see if anything strikes my fancy too.

How do you know if you like something unless you give it a taste, right!


I love experimenting when it comes to pairing eats and drinks. Try a dark beer with a hard, creamy cheese. White or Red wine with fish and seafood. Place some nuts and dark chocolate on the cheese tray. The best part of pairing is sharing, especially with your greatest someone!

Dishware & Glassware

Set the Ambience with a tablecloth and minimal decoration as well as adding in some stylish pieces of dishware and glassware! You do not have to spend a lot and you do not have to have everything matchy matchy either. I feel it adds to the experience and amps it up. Going to make a Gourmet Meal might as well Go All the Way with the Experience, right!

Here’s to Having FUN When It Comes to Messing Up the Kitchen!!!

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