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Your Heart’s Desire

Coming From A Place of Love

In Following Your Heart

To make each day a new day to start anew! Is a true blessing to appreciate and to be grateful and thankful for. To find the inspiration and motivation to be, to do and to just get out there! To treat each and every day as a gift to treasure. To be present, mindful and make every moment count! 

The magical: By dreaming and desiring you develop, experience growth and gain experiences. 

The reality: With determination, drive and hard work that your dreams can come true in focusing on what you need, want, crave, and most of all desire.

One BIG World Out There!

There is nothing more inspiring and motivating than visualizing your dreams and focusing on your desires!  To find your strength within the challenges and the courage to continue on. To discover your heart’s desire by finding your loves and passions. To do what is true and best for you and your whole well being!

  • To communicate, interact, connect, and engage your whole being.
  • To nurture and nourish your whole well being.
  • To be true and honest with yourself
  • To believe, value and trust in who you are.
  • To learn, experience growth and gain life experiences.

Being Your Own Captain . . .

Do you ask yourself what you want to focus your energy on? It is important to focus your energies on inspiration and determination as well as what motivates and drives you. Do you give it enough time and attention? It is important to create the time and space you need, especially to do more of what you love to do.

Think about how you dream and if you dream big enough or not! Think about your desires and if they challenge you enough to be you, do well and make you feel good. Think about how your dreams and desires make you curious to explore and discover your loves and passions as well as your potential and power. Think about how your dreams and desires make you feel, especially in making your heart joyful and your being happy!

Then get out there and pursue more of it! It does you good to hope, wish and dream. It does you good to go after what you need and want as well as crave and desire. Your desires are worthy of your time and energy to pursue if they are true to you and who you are! 

Loving . . . Believing . . . Hoping . . . (Photos by RSheridan)

What Is Your Heart Telling You? Love to Hear, Please Share.


Making Time

To Put Your Dreams Into Action

  • Make time to get curious and explore.
  • Make time to break out of your comfort zone.
  • Make time to find your motivation and discover your passions.
  • Make time to dream, imagine and vision.

Journeying . . .

Ask Yourself . . .

  1. What do you really enjoy?
  2. What is important to you?

Take the time to define your passions and really go after what you want! It may require being open . . . to the possibilities . . . to change . . . to the opportunties, etc. Communicate, interact and connect with your whole being to define and determine what you want, need, crave, etc.! Really tap into your power and tune into your energy. Develop a healthy and happy relationship in what you want!

Take the Time For YOU!

Dreaming . . . Loving . . . Living . . .

Ask Yourself . . .

  1. What is not showing up for you when you ask for it?
  2. Why?
  3. What can you do to change that?

There are times you get what you ask for, but it comes in a different form. There are times you do not get what you ask for, but it is exactly what you needed though. There are times you have to think outside the box and get creative to get what you ask for. There are times you need to have a Plan B to your Plan A.

You ask and create your successes, milestones and experiences! 

Make the Time for YOU!

Relaxing & Resting

Ask Yourself . . .

  • What do you envision?
  • What can you do to obtain and achieve that vision?
  • What skills and tools will you need to use?

In knowing who you truly are you can reach outside of yourself! To stretch yourself and your comfort zone. To expand yourself to go after “IT”. You are the only one that can do that for you!

To be open to learning to gain those skills! To gain the knowledge to develop. To gain the experience to grow. Find a mentor to guide you and a buddy to journey along with you!

Remember to check in with yourself! What is your reason for going after “IT”. That vision gives you inspiration and motivation. That vision gives you a mood and energy boost! 

Narrow down the details and get specific in what you want and need!  

Focusing In . . .

Ask Yourself . . .

  • What is stopping you from going after “IT”?
  • Why?
  • How do you clear it out?

There are usually two clear blocks; fear and limits! Before you run and hide or even flee just stop and pause. You cannot just ignore or wish away what is blocking you. You have to deal with it and deal with it head on! 

You have to tune into and tap into the inner you! What do you believe and value? What matters and is important to you? Do you trust in yourself and have the confidence to go after what you need, want or crave?

You need to use your power to your advantage and do what is best for you! Really tap into your fears as well as your feelings. Really ask yourself the tough questions to get to the bottom of things for yourself and your whole being. That will help in releasing, letting go and clearing it out! 

Going for “IT” (Photos by RSheridan)

Find Your Inspiration and Motivation To Drive YOU! Find Your Practice To Be Disciplined In Going After What YOU Want! Find Your Progress In Practicing Small Steps Every Day! Love To Hear Your Thoughts, Please Share!

The Adventure

That Is Called LIFE!

Desiring and dreaming BIG. I am looking for the rainbow in the hopes of finding my “pot of gold”!

Trying and NEVER giving up. I am learning to lean into discomfort and stretch my comfort zone! It is about being open to the possibilities and the opportunities. I am learning it is about the journey and not the destination!

Reaching and experiencing EVERYTHING. I am discovering my passions and doing more of what I love! To be curious and to explore. To travel and adventure. To learn and grow and gain experiences!

BEING creative and passionate. I need to follow my heart and my dreams will become reality! I am learning to come from a place of love instead of fear.

I see life as an adventure! It is about practicing, enjoying the process and being in the moment. That is what matters most to me and that is the greatest gift I can give to myself!

(Photos by RSheridan)

What ADVENTURES Are You Up To? Love to Hear, Please Share. Happy Adventuring!!!

The Old #2

Great Reminder to Grab a Pencil

A #2 Pencil and A Dream Can Take You Anywhere. ~Joyce Meyer

Never Give Up Hoping, Wishing and Dreaming No Matter How Old You Are! I love tapping into my imagination and getting my creative on. I still catch myself daydreaming the day away! It helps me keep my mind stimulated and my whole being motivated.

(Photos by RSheridan)

Where Are You Going?

What Are You Going to Do to Get There?

You know that question you are asked in an interview – “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”! You either love or hate that question. I love it for my personal life, but not my professional life. I know for me work is a part of living my life.


I am a dreamer and one that is still trying to figure out what I should be doing with my life too! The majority of the time I am just clicking along and then every once in a while I get a little stuck in figuring out my next move. I am very much on a journey of self in understanding my values and beliefs as well as listening to my inner-self. I am learning that it is about living the life I DO HAVE!


I am discovering what makes me happy and makes me want to side on the positive! I am finding where to put my energies and time. I am slowly figuring out what I want and how to go about getting what I want. I love when I get more than I think I should have!


I am learning to reach a little more from the inside out in getting what I want too! I am finding that is does not hurt to ask for what you truly need. I know I need to ask in order to do more for myself! I am discovering a whole new love for myself as well as giving, receiving and expressing that love with others. Learn, Grow, Gain!


I am lucky and life is pretty darn good! I know I need to engage my whole being in order to feed and fuel myself. I am more in tune with my thoughts, my feelings and my dreams. I am amazed what you attract and get out of life when you are fully engaged and connected from the inside out!

Being vs. Doing

I find myself somewhere between being and doing! I find myself seeking out the simple life as well as find myself wanting to get out there. I find myself seeking solitude as well as find myself wanting to be where the action is. I am trying to find that balance when it comes to getting what I want!


I am learning to let go, especially the unneccessary drama, the excess baggage and the things I have no control over! I can be more in a present state of mind when I let myself just be. I know life is going to go on happening with or without me. I want to be there to take it all in!


I love that my journey of self has been humbling in so many ways! I am so grateful and do not want to take anything for granted. I know my time is a precious treasure and do not want to waste of minute of it. I am changing my perspective to being appreciative and thankful for what I do have in my life!


I am not a victim that needs to be involved in her own pity party playing the blame game! NO MORE!!!

I am finding what truly matters to me in living my life, especially a life of happiness, fulfillment and satisfaction! I know it sounds selfish, but I want to get out of life what I put into it. I want to get what I want and be deserving of it too. I am open and ready for the possibilities.

(Photos by RSheridan)

I am My PRESENT & TODAY is a Great Day! Here’s to Living the Life You Want & Deserve!

Genie In a Bottle

Wishing, Hoping, Dreaming . . .

“The Very Least You Can Do In Your Life

is to Figure Out What You Hope For.

And The Most You Can Do

is Live Inside That Hope.” ~Barbara Kingsolver

Have you figured IT out? Gosh no, but getting closer I hope! I have been looking within myself for the answers. Once I figure it out I will make sure to share with you!

Have you found IT? In some ways I am still searching for IT! In some ways not so much. Once I find it I will make sure to share with you!

Unveil the Hope In YOU! (Photo by RSheridan)

Here’s to Finding the Life You Want to Live! Here’s to Wishing, Hoping, Dreaming Every Day! Here’s to Living Life From Within!

A Dreamer

Hoping, Dreaming, Imagining . . .

It is so important to stimulate the brain and keep the mind healthy and well!!!

I love hoping and being open to the possibilities in my life! It motivates me in so many ways and reminds me to be a better version of myself. There is always room for improvement and GROWTH. Never give up on yourself!

Growing . . .

I am a strong believer that dreaming is so worth my time and energy! It reenergizes me in so many ways. It allows my mind to wander and spark my creative energy. Never stop dreaming and find the dreamer in you!

“Every great dream begins with a dreamer.

Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion

to reach for the stars to change the world.” ~Harriet Tubman

Dreaming . . . (Photos by RSheridan)

I want my imagination to be active and not dormant just because I am no longer a child! It is essential to my being and living a full life. I love creative writing and photography and the imagery it evokes. Imagining is so inspiring to me!

What Do You Hope, Dream, Imagine About? Please Share, Love to Hear!

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