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Asking Yourself for Directions

When It Comes to Following Your Heart

I have had my fair share of life changes and some have been breakdowns and some have been breakthroughs! I usually have a breakdown when I listen to my crazy mind. However, I usually have a breakthrough and a life changing one at that when I follow my heart! It gives me clarity, confidence and courage to do what I need to do for me.

I know sometimes I have to ask myself for directions when it comes to following my heart! Do I continue on, change direction, recalculate, or make a u-turn? It is very much a journey of self and the destination is not always known! I am learning to enjoy the journey. I am learning to let go of the expectations and perceptions that I set and just go for it!

Growing . . .

I strongly believe life changes are life lessons in learning more about myself and growing into a better version of myself! I am becoming a believer of what will happen will happen when it is meant to happen. I am learning that life is about a process and not about doing everything right and perfect. Bear with me, but I want to be and do things in my life that make me feel energetic and make me want to get out there to experience it!

The 2 biggest life lessons I have learned recently are . . .

  1. I have a voice and need to believe in myself more.
  2. I have a choice and need to trust in myself more.


I have a voice and a story to share! I have to believe in myself more by trusting my instincts as well as forgiving myself way more. I have to be more open to the possibilities and opportunities. I need to be more accepting of change in my life and not always fight and resist it. Who knows it could be for the better and be the best thing for me in my life too!

I always have a choice! I need to trust in myself more by listening to my inner voice and by following my heart. I have to let go of what I have no control over and it is easier said than done at times. I really have to let go of what is not working and no longer serving me too. I will never give up, but have to work smarter at it not harder!

I just want to be me and the best me! I want to love myself as well as other people for who they truly are and let them be who they are too. I do not want to compare and compete with other people, but compliment each other and add to each other’s lives. I need to let what is inside myself out and to share it!

Taking It Step By Step (Photos by RSheridan)

Here’s to Having the Patience to Follow Your Heart as well as Live With a Grateful Heart!!! Life is Truly An Adventure, So Live IT!!!

Afraid to Ask for


How do you know which direction to go in? I know I can turn myself around and find myself lost, dazed and confused. Then you add to the stress and worry when obstacles appear in your path. Before you know it frustration is setting in on you too!

To the Left?

You do not know which way to go and all you really want is a way to get out of there!

Love this . . .

“The flow of life’s abundance brings me everything.” ~Unknown

How do you become more self-ware of what is going on around you? I am either practical and realistic or emotional and chaotic. I know I am chasing my own tail some days and sometimes that is okay. I have to focus inward when it comes to awareness and listen to what is going on from the inside out!

You will discover your sense of purpose and express your desires when you listen to what is on the inside!

How do you know where to focus your attention? Think about mindfulness versus multitasking by being in the moment and focusing on the task at hand. In being more aware and in paying attention you can find your possibilities, opportunities and intentions in your life. I want to live more openly and love more abundantly!

You will find that balance between nurture and release!

How do you know when to go with the flow? I am much better at rocking the boat then going with the current at times. I want to let go of the controls some days and see what happens. I need to learn how to just drift in my life!

To the Right? (Photos by RSheridan)

Let your mind slow down, let your heart be open and let your spirit go free!

Here’s to Finding Your OWN Way in Living A Life of Abundance!!!

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