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Keeper of the Keys

Taking Charge

I had to get a little uncomfortable with myself on this journey of self in order to get to know myself better! I learned that I need to acknowledge and address my emotions, feelings and thoughts. I feel that I am better able to handle the ebbs and flows in my life by tuning into my emotions, feelings and thoughts!  It does not mean that I have to fix or change me every time. It just helps me go with the flow more and move forward!

Ebbing and Flowing . . .

Where Do You Draw That Line Between Feeling and Thinking?

I know I feel different when I am feeling versus thinking in a situation! I feel as if I have removed myself from a situation when I kick the thinking into high gear. I feel I experience a situation more when I approach it with feeling! I feel more happiness and contentment too.

I have to STOP . . .

  • Taking everything so personal.
  • Breaking down my own personal space boundaries.
  • Getting involved and trying to resolve other people’s problems.
  • Letting people take advantage of my time.

How Do You Take Charge Of Yourself and Your Personal Space?

I am the keeper of the keys and if I give them to someone else I better be ready, right! I have to make the choices and decisions I need to live my life. I need to take charge and create the personal space I need!

Keeper of the Keys as well as the Driver

I think about what is acceptable to me when it comes to my time as well as my energy. I think about what is acceptable to me when it comes to my personal space. I think about how to become a better friend and a better listener. I think about what I can ignore when it comes to constant noise, interruptions and distractions. I think about things way more than I should at times too!

Hello! Happy Day

What Do You Want To Take Charge Of? ME! What Do You Want To Create Personal Space For In Living Your Life? Play, Travel, Exploration, Writing, Adventures, Reading, etc! Love to Hear, Please Share!

My Journey of Self – To Trust

In Taking Control of My Life

My Top 5

  • Taking back my life and experiencing some great results!
  • Controlling my emotions and stress has not been real easy lately.
  • Trying to find that balance and a “happy medium”.
  • Experiencing renewed energy in my life once again and it feels good.
  • Slowing getting rid of the crazy, angry person that lives inside of me!

You just feel so overwhelmed and unsure how to act/react, fight/flight or protect/surrender!

Breathing  . . . (Photo by RSheridan)

Out of Control

Letting GO of Self-Control

I am learning that part of self-acceptance is letting GO of self-control! I know I feel better when I am in control, however; sometimes that control can do more harm than good, especially to your body, mind and spirit. Learn to Stop, Pause and Take a Breathe at times!

Love this! “Giving up control is sometimes the only way to gain self-control”. Hard Lesson to Learn at times!

I am learning that part of self-control is learning the art of relaxation! Your body and mind have that push-pull thing going on with each other at times. Sometimes your brain just takes over. Stop That Already!

Start Relaxing NOW!

I am learning that part of self-acceptance as well as self-control is trusting your instinicts and five senses. I am hoping by tuning into my instinicts and 5 senses it will improve my body (health), my mind (productivity) and my spirit (happiness)! Self-control as well as willpower are a mind-body response, so instead of reacting and protecting learn to trust yourself through your instinicts and senses.

Like the saying goes trust your gut!

I am finding that feeding into the guilt and shame is just a destructive behavior and habit to have in your life. I would rather spend my energies focusing on being mindful and grateful in my life. I am also finding that being able to forgive yourself is a BONUS when it comes to self-acceptance as well as self-control. Give yourself a break and show yourself a little compassion when you experience a setback, which sometimes you have no control over anyway!

Stress, Anxiety, Temptation – Oh My!

Do I need to say anymore on this and what it does to your body, mind and spirit? I eat junk, cannot sleep, and certainly have a hard time shutting the brain off. I am just a mess having a meltdown, along with a pity party and playing the blame game! Instead I should be picking myself up and be focusing on nutrition, exercise and 8 hours of peaceful rest. Easier said than done at times!

Let’s Stop Beating Ourselves Up and Show Ourselves a Little More Compassion – YOU DESERVE IT!!!

(Photo by RSheridan)

One Vicious Cycle

Please Let Me Off Already!

There is one vicious cycle playing out in our lives every day! The never ending battle between stress and weight. It is everywhere and you may be able to ignore it, but you cannot hide from it. If you are not being faced with it yourself then you know someone who is!

Going Round & Round, Let Me Off, Pretty Please! (Photo by RSheridan)

Stress is plain ugly and SUCKS!!! That constant stress takes a toll on your body, mind and spirit. That constant stress affects your relationships and friendships. That constant stress affects YOU and who You ARE!

I have noticed a shift in the working environment and it is not pretty at times! The degradation, the beratement and the borderline harassing and bullying behaviors. It astounds me and is such a DEMOTIVATOR! I realize that not everyone gets along and the majority of us experience a bad day once in a while, but could we go a little easier on each other.

There are the stressors at work and then you compile those stressors with the ones already waiting for you at home. It can overwhelm you and have you breathing into a paper bag if you think too much about it. The emotions are like the rollercoaster of life at times. Stress is one monster you do not want to mess with for too long!

I feel in correlation to stress is your weight. You are either sick to the stomach or going in the opposite direction where the weight starts adding up. I know I tend to stress eat or crave junk because I feel that I have control over something in my life. I have also gone to the extreme with exercising to deal with stress and highly do not recommend. Scary and that is sometimes where the vicious cycle begins and grabs hold!

What Do You Do to Lessen the Stress in Your Life? Please Share, Love to Hear!

My Journey of Self

Continues for 2013

I have 3 things I would like to work on for my journey of self in 2013!

Being in the Present Moment

I just want to BE! Especially in the present moment. It is such a freeing experience when you can focus on what is in front of you! You can just relax into living your life in that moment.

I have learned that there is no such thing as multi-tasking because you usually end up doing everything half-arsed! Why not do one thing at a time and do it to the best of your ability instead. I actually find I have more energy in doing one thing at a time. I discovered all that busyness gets nothing accomplished!

I just feel more connected and grounded when I am in the present moment! My body and mind are in sync and focused in on the task at hand. I do not feel my mind racing at 90 miles an hour while my body is trying to keep up at 15 miles an hour! I certainly feel more in control of my emotions and stress.

Stop & Soak It In!

Pausing . . . (Photo by RSheridan)

Taking Control of My Life

I am trying to get my emotions under control and take control of my life once again. Not feed my emotions with the negativity and stressors in my life that I have no control over. I think it is okay to have feelings and emotions, but it is how you manage it that counts. I know I need to take back that control; it is my life!

I gave up on myself and the trust that I have in myself! That is one hard lesson to experience in your life. I could not find that “happy medium and it just sucked the energy out of me at times! It affected my entire being as well as those around me that I share my life with.

The hopelessness and hurt as well as the loneliness and insecurity can just bring you to your knees at times. You feel as if an essential part of you has just been torn out and replaced with this crazy, angry being! It impaired my good judgment and my overall behaviors. I was a little shocked what you will and can do when pushed to the breaking point!

You just feel so overwhelmed and unsure how to act/react, fight/flight or protect/surrender!

Breathing  . . . (Photo by RSheridan)

Living Life with Gratitude & Humility

I am trying to live my life with gratitude; giving and receiving it! A little humility thrown in there does not hurt either. It is really the small things in life that matter the most! Plus just sharing it and celebrating it with your greatest someones too.

Saying “thank you” is one thing and doing it with a comment of kindess is another thing! I am learning how to receive comments of kindness and compliments better. Just take it to heart and embrace the goodness in your life is an amazing experience! Being appreciative and humble is a great way to discover gratitude in your life.

Another discovery is being open to the possibilities, which includes being open to change too! Just open that level of trust and be more accepting. Life will just pass you by if you let it! Really grab on tight and hang on for the ride of your lifetime.

Do not take anything for granted in your life!

Laughing . . . Loving . . . Living . . . (Photo by RSheridan)

What Are You Working On? Please Share – Love to Hear!!!

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