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Testing My Limits

Would Like My Grade

To Move On

I have been experiencing multiple challenges lately and it is really testing my limits! When do I get my grade, so I can just move on. I am ready for change and will continue to be open and embrace the unknowns. Just bring it on already!

You can’t leave where you are until you decide where

you would rather be. ~from Find Your Happy by Shannon Kaiser

I do know that the place I am in is no longer working! I would rather be anywhere then there!

I am taking that leap of faith and going for it! I need to find a new lesson to learn and grow from instead of being stuck in this repeating pattern. I am done with the challenges and testing my limits and just ready to move forward once again. I have to be willing to change or my life will not change!

Coasting the Hills . . .

In a way I am waving the white flag because I have had enough, but I am never giving up though! I have to stop listening to my crazy mind and listen to my heart. I know when I have followed my heart in the past it has given me goodness! I have to believe and trust in myself when it comes to making the choices and decisions that are best for me too. I do not want to play into the hands of desperation!

I have learned what I do not want throughout this challenging time! I am still trying to figure out just how to go about getting what I do want!

With Challenge Comes Great Gains!

I am learning to be more patient and open and just to go with the flow more! I think sometimes life is just trying to take me for a test drive. I can either hang on for dear life or sit back and enjoy the ride! I think with a little practice I will start to make progress in getting to where I want to be.

Looking Past the Obstacles (Photos by RSheridan)

Like the side mirrors on my truck say, “Things look closer than they appear.”! Love to Hear Your Thoughts, Please Share!

Forward Motion

Hurtfulness into Forgiveness

When you are faced with a difficult and challenging moment are you able to find forgiveness! I really try to discover the life lesson. However, it is hard when it is hurtful and strikes to the heart! Especially pettiness.

I know life is a gift and to live it each day with a bow on top! I really try to find the gratitude in my life; receive it and share it. It is finding the courage in the fear, the forgiveness in the anger, the belonging in the isolation and the healing in the hurt and pain!

It is finding the hope, love and compassion for myself and others! I do not want to dwell on the hurt, pain and anger, so not healthy. I want the forgiveness and gratitude to shine from within myself and share it with others! I hope to learn and grow from the experience and just move on.

(Photos by RSheridan)

Here’s to Finding A Way to Forgive and Discover the Gratitude in Your Life!!!

Faced With – Part Deux

A Challenge

Check Out! – Faced With – Part 1

Think Outside of the Oh Crud Box

  • What Can You Control, Leverage, Influence?
  • What Are Your Options/Solutions?
  • Think Inside Yourself & Outside of the Box!

I take myself within in order to think outside of the box! I also like to form a plan of attack when being faced with a challenge. I feel like it gives me back the control in the situation. Just playing trial and error at times!

Life Can Be Messy! (Photo by RSheridan)


Seek Support

  • Phone a Friend
  • Write Down Options or Pros & Cons
  • Just Work Through It & Take the Time YOU Need
  • Think About the Other Times You Have OVERCAME a Obstacle/Challenge
  • Lean on Your Support Network – Just Connect with Others!

Remind Yourself that You have a Purpose –

That You Belong & Make a Difference in Your Life & To Others!

Reward Yourself

Give yourself a break – give your body, mind and spirit a time out to reboot! It may distract yourself so you do not become “Debbie Downer”. You can cry, laugh or have a melt down; have a good laugh! Give yourself a positive boost through laughter.

  • Let Go of Your Emotions
  • Get Relaxation & Rest
  • Eat Well – Nourish Your Body, Mind & Spirit
  • Get Moving – Exercise Your Body, Mind & Spirit
  • Release Tension & Stress
  • Get Calm and Assertive; Not Reactionary

Here’s to Strengthening and Adding to Your Bag of Tricks to Overcome Challenges!!!

Faced With – Part 1

A Challenge

Check Out! – Faced With – Part Deux

Do you find you inner warrior and whip out a can of whoop arse? OR Do you go inside yourself to deal? I sometimes think of stress as a test and a test to your body, mind and spirit, especially your emotions. Every test is different and sometimes you say “What now? Really?”!

I know I say this! Then I assess the situation and decide on a plan of attack as to how to deal and react. Sometimes it just plain sucks and feels like you are having an out of body experience. I know I feel this way at times! Sometimes my mind goes to the extreme and takes me right to the very edge!

Watch Out! (Photo by RSheridan)

Choose To Be a Warrior

“Be the heroine of your life, not the victim.” ~ Nora Ephron

How do you strengthen your coping skills muscle?

I know I take certain challenges/situations personal because I feel as if someone is trying to be hurtful towards me. Then other times I want to strike back and be just as hurtful. That is not a great reaction to have and is really uncool! Your reaction will make a difference in how long it takes to recover and move forward.

YOU have the POWER to CHANGE Things for the BETTER!

Is it possible that this just might change your life for the better or open new doors for you?

I realize that at times you have NO CONTROL over what happens in your life! However, how you handle and react to the challenge is UP TO YOU! Think in terms of a “Temporary Setback”! Think POSITIVE not NEGATIVE!

To Be Continued . . .

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