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Question for You Today!

Does peacefulness come from your state of mind or from your heart? Or Is it a combination of the two? 

In practicing to progress I have found myself tapping into my heart to heal instead of just tuning into my mind to clear it out! It was quite a wake up and peaked my curiosity. Are my decisions and choices decided by my mind or my heart? Will I act or react with my mind or my heart?


That play between perception and reality! How do I see things, especially from my mind’s point of view versus my heart’s point of view. Nothing is fixed and is in a constant state of flux, right!

That shift to opening my heart more, especially to myself and my whole being!

  • How to love . . .
  • How to communicate . . .
  • How to interact . . .
  • How to connect . . .
  • How to be . . .

To be loving and kind. To be appreciative and complimentary. To be caring and compassionate. To be grateful and thankful.

To communicate with your inner voice. To interact with your inner being. To connect with your inner guidance system.

To be mindful and present. To be a healthy and happy being. To be passionate and do what you love. To cherish our gifts and talents. 

To CRAVE this life we get to live each and every day!


How To Practice . . .

  • By breathing in and breathing out. Focusing on your breath to release and let go.
  • By taking it one step at a time and every once in a while just taking a big leap. Focusing on your sense of direction.
  • By being more mindful and present. Focusing on what is going on with you and around you.
  • By dreaming and visualizing peace and calm from the center of your being. Focusing in on what is filling your head. Focusing on filling your heart instead.
  • By being loving and kind to your whole being. Focusing on being gentle and keep practicing to progress.
  • By continuing to try. Pick yourself and start again. Focusing on the journey.

(Photos by RSheridan)

Here’s To Practicing Peacefulness and Focusing On Your Inner Calm Being! Love to Hear Your Thoughts, Please Share!

Never Give In

Get Out There!

Putting the brakes on is some times best in certain situations, especially the emotionally charged ones! I know I am impatient and the type of person that just wants to fix it and move on. Being in a hurried state is not helpful at all and not healthy for all involved! I do not think anyone truly enjoys confrontation and conflict, but there is a respectful and positive way to do it.

I am learning lessons in patience and humility. This includes finding the calm, taking the emotions out of it and making it not personal. You have to form a positive mindset! You have to figure out how to survive in the ever-changing environment that you live your life in. It takes work!

Life is One Wild Ride! You are either on it or off of it and it is never predictable! ~RSheridan

The hardest part is living in a world of instant gratification! Boy is that a wake up call when something does not work in your favor! You can either live with it or not. I am trying to learn how to take a more patient and positive outlook in my life.

When I take the time to slow down, I feel better about the choices and decisions I make on a daily basis. That makes me also feel better about myself. I am able to be in the present moment and give of myself. I am able to take the time I need and respond more effectively to what is happening around me.

One WILD Ride!!! (Photo by RSheridan)

I feel more connected and grounded as well as have a priority and purpose in my daily life! I feel more free and happy in living my life. I feel like I can take on the world and just be.  I enjoy finding that inner strength that gives me inner peace.

Just Keep Trying & Never Give Up – With Patience Comes Courage to Live Your Life Fiercely Every Day!!!

Slowing Down

So Not Speeding Up

The #1 thing I have learned while recovering from an injury is to slow down and way more than I already do! It is so important to tune into how you feel and listen to what your body needs, especially mentally and physically. I am also learning to do away with the guilt that comes with taking time out for myself and taking care of my needs! It really matters to find that pace and that balance with my whole being too.

Water Speaks to My Whole Being

I am so not lazy unless I want to be! In being able to relax I can better connect with myself from the inside out. I am able to turn off the stress mode and tap into my calm and collected self. Who knows you might like me a little more and want to be around me more too! I know I like me more when I give myself a time out and can put my feet up.

Popping a Squat (Photos by RSheridan)

I miss out on so much when I suck myself into the crazy busyness! It just zaps my energy and motivation. I am not able to tap into my creative side and lack inspiration. It is so not worth it to get so wrapped up!

R&R #19

Does It Really Matter Who Wins the Race??? As Long As I Have a #, I AM In!!!

Finding the Calm

In The Crazy, Busyness

Do You Try to Find the Calm and the Stillness Daily, Weekly or Monthly?

I do! I have a few things that work best for me. I am able to be more self aware and it helps me release the pressure, tension and stress. I feel less mental and emotional too!

Little Things

I find my calm and stillness in the little things I do for myself and my whole being! It is relaxing and refreshing. I can just let my mind wander and my body be!

  • Taking the time in the morning to wake up, lie in bed and just get a good stretch in.
  • Having a scheduled time frame to go to bed in the evening as well as taking that 15 to 30 minutes to myself before turning out the lights.
  • Taking a walk and watching the sun rise.
  • Having a meal or a glass of wine and watching the sun set.
  • Building a campfire and star gazing.
  • Being aware of my breathing.
  • Cooking, baking and eating.
  • Being open and embracing the simple and the beautiful!

Getting Outside

I find my center again in getting outside and becoming one with nature! I can just lose myself and still my mind. I love creating a green space in my daily life! I find renewal, hope and growth in having a green space around me.


I love to brain storm and brain dump! I find it clears my mind and lets me go on a bit of a tangent too. I find writing relaxing and calming. I feel more energetic and creative too!


I can get really lost and zone out while reading, especially if it is a page turner!


I see my world differently when I am capturing it! I have been putting the camera down to just soak it in. I am like a tourist as well as on auto pilot when I get into photographing my surroundings! I become more aware and observant of those surroundings too.

(Photos by RSheridan)

Love To Hear How You Find the Calm and the Stillness! Please Share!

Your Calm

Centered Place

What makes you cool, calm and collected?

My Top 3

  1. Creative Writing
  2. Photography
  3. A Good Read

My calm usually comes from within myself. Finding that quiet place and a little personal solitude. Sometimes I want to refrain from the action for a bit and just be! Just focus on recharging and reenergizing.

Do you ever let your mind just wander instead of thinking at 90 miles an hour in every direction? I usually find my CALM when I let my mind just wander and be FREE! I can really center and focus on one thing. You know that whole multi-tasking thing is a myth, right!

Sometimes exercising helps because you really have to focus and tune in. Especially in working something out that has been bothering me. At least I can get my frustration out if nothing else! Healthy for your overall body too.

(Photos by RSheridan)

So . . . How Do You Find Your Calm in the Storm of Life? Please Share – Love to Hear!

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