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You Are Grounded

Feeling the Burn Out!

When living the crazy life becomes too much just ground yourself for a while! Your whole being will thank you for the much needed break and down time.


Your physical self as well as your mental self need to escape and get away from it all! Especially when I start losing myself  as well as my grip on reality. I think this is one reason I travel, adventure and explore. It gives me the opportunity to escape and escape I do at least once a month!


It is so important to know how to breathe! It can be healing to your whole being too. I know when I connect with my breathing I start to feel more grounded from the inside out. When I feel grounded I find my perspective and I know that everything is right in my world once again (or at least okay)!

I know at times I all need is a break to just breathe! I enjoy taking my hour lunch break away from my desk during the work week. I love having 30 minutes to myself in the morning and then again in the evening! I have found a great outlet and an even better release by getting my exercise on too.


You are no good to yourself let alone anyone else if you do not take time for yourself to rest and heal! I feel so much better when I take the time for myself to unplug, uncharge and unwind for a bit. I feel rested, recharged and reenergized. I can focus on my overall health and make sure I am making those healthier choices too!


I prefer to be around others who motivate, inspire and energize me when feeling burnt out! When I am feeling on edge and burnt out that last thing I want to deal with is unnecessary drama confrontation or conflict. It is just one more thing I do not need to add to my already full plate. I also prefer to connect with myself and take the time I need for myself, my needs and my whole being!

When I am connected with myself I am able to be aware and act with mindfulness! I can use my energies to motivate and inspire myself and other people. I really want to spend quality time with my greatest someones, my passions and my life! I start craving that connection, interaction and communication at times.

(Photos by RSheridan)


I need to share compassion and kindness with myself as well as with others, especially my greatest someones! I want it to be a give and take as well as helping and being of service to others. I know when I am not being a loving being that I need a good grounding to find that love, kindness and compassion from within myself again! I believe I am more open to the opportunities that come my way too.

Here’s to Blowing That Tunnel Vision Wide Open – Ground Yourself, Slow Down and Just Enjoy the View!!!

Hitting the Pause Button

Breath, Reflect, Evaluate

Have you ever been wrapped up or in so deep that you just need to call a time out? Just take a break and have time to breathe. Why do we get bogged down in the day to day or the drama going on around us? Just take a break and reflect. What do we get out of being involved? Just take a break and evaluate the situation.

Take a Break (Photo by RSheridan)

Somedays hitting the pause button sounds like the way to go! Too bad human beings are not equipped like electronics though.  You could really mess with someone that is equipped with an on and off switch though – ha! Remember that you cannot be all things to all people.

I really feel that when we are caught up in this thing called LIFE you have to retain the genuine you and not keep changing who you are depending on the situation at hand. By doing this you are taking care of yourself; body, mind and spirit. We really need to be kinder to ourselves and at times get out of our own way. You start to become a more proactive instead of reactive person in situations and life in general.

Reflect & Evaluate (Photo by RSheridan)

You really learn your own way through this crazy thing called LIFE! It will suck you in if you let it! Really make learning a priority as well as focusing on your passions, beliefs and values. Who knows it may make the path your on a little easier to handle along the straight and narrow as well as the twists and turns as well as the curves and bumps!

Breathe & Take IT In (Photo by RSherian)

Here’s to Putting Life On the Down Low and Learning the Art of Relaxation!!!

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