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Walking On

The Wild Side

In Sawgrass Lake Park again. Can you tell I like to go here to explore and adventure.

The Wild

We encountered a gentleman on the boardwalk and he introduced us to Mama Gator. He stated she has about 24 babies. I saw one of the babies.

Mama Gator

Mama Gator

The Flora



These are Beauty Berries

The Unusual

I could not figure out what species of bird this was, so I sent a picture of it to the local Audubon Society to help me identify.

Let me introduce you to a Limpkin. Looks like a cross between a crane and a rail. However, this wading bird does not have any close relatives. I got to see not 1 but 2 Limpkins! These birds are usually solitary.

An unusual bird of southern swamps and marshes. These birds like to eat apple snails hence the shape of their long bill to extract the snails from their shells. This bird enters into Florida and Southern Georgia to satisfy its dietary requirement for apple snails.

I encourage you all to do an internet search for the “Limpkin Call”. Its screaming call is like a haunting banshee wail. This bird was too busy searching for food, so it did not make any noise when around it. In my research I found out these birds mainly call at dawn or at night. I cannot imagine traipsing through the swamp at night and hearing this bird scream – gives me goose bumps writing that!

The Fauna

The Birdlife





The Exotic

Do you see the snake?

(Photos by RSheridan)

Have You Taken A Walk On the Wild Side? Happy Exploring & Adventuring!

Crescent Lake Park

A Community Green Space

Crescent Lake Park is located at 1320 5th Street North in St. Petersburg, FL. Opens 30 minutes before sunrise and closes 30 minutes after sunset.

  • 52.5 acres
  • Wilderness area
  • Playground and dog park

Crescent Lake

Green Spaces

Bird Life

The Water Tower

Bird Life Continued

(Photos by RSheridan)

Get Outside & Connect to the Natural!

Walter Fuller Park

A Community Green Space

Walter Fuller Park is located at 7891 26th Avenue North in St. Petersburg, FL. Hours:  Open 30 minutes before sunrise and closes 30 minutes after sunset.

  • 133.3 Acres
  • Exercise Trail with 3 Observation Decks
  • Picnic Shelter
  • Playground
  • Walter Fuller Pool and Recreational Center
  • Baseball, Football and Soccer Fields
  • Basketball Court and Tennis Courts
  • Dog Park
  • Skate Park

Jungle Lake



Birdlife Continued

This is called the Art of Bird Blending – Can You See Me Now!

(Photos by RSheridan)

Happy Exploring!

Sea Birds

By the Seashore


Check Out the Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary!




Looks Almost Like This Bird Is Wearing a Tux!


Striking Pose!


(Photos by RSheridan)

Happy Bird Watching!

The Roseate Spoonbill

No, Not a Flamingo!

I finally was able to photograph a Roseate spoonbill while exploring Gulfport, Florida! I have spotted a few Roseate spoonbills over the past few months. A wading bird of the Ibis and Spoonbill families. The Spoonbills bright pink coloring leads people to think they have seen a Flamingo! 

  • Immature Spoonbills have white, feathered heads, and the pink of the plumage is paler.
  • The bill can be grey, pink or yellow in color.
  • The Spoonbill’s spatulate bill allows it to sift easily through mud.
  • The Spoonbill feeds in shallow fresh or coastal waters by swinging its bill from side to side as it walks through the water.
  • The Spoonbills pink color is diet derived. The colors can range from pale pink to bright magenta, depending on age and location.
  • The Spoonbill feeds on crustaceans, aquatic insects, frogs, newts, and very small fish.

(Photos by RSheridan)

Watching the Bird Action!


The Exotic


Finally found the gators at Sawgrass Lake Park!




(Photos by RSheridan)

Happy Exploring!

Sawgrass Lake Park

The Green Of Nature Is Calling

Sawgrass Lake Park. Open every day from 7 a.m. to sunset.

Sawgrass Lake

400 acres of maple swamp!

  • Education center
  • Boardwalk and nature trail
  • Observation tower
  • Birds (Herons, egrets, ibis, wood storks, etc.)
  • Gators
  • Fauna and Flora
  • Butterflies and Insects

There is a mile-long boardwalk to keep visitors out of the water and away from the gators.









Need to go back because the gators were hiding!

No Gators Basking in the Sun!


This grasshopper was big as well as colorful.

Close Encounters With the Creepy! These spiders are true engineers with their web building – WOW!



A raccoon was here.


Loved the reflections!

(Photos by RSheridan)

Happy Exploring and Becoming One With Nature!

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