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IS A Beautiful Word

How Do You Live For Today?

I am learning to be more present than I have been in the past and really live for TODAY! Life is happening and constantly changing and it is a bit challenging to keep up at times. That happening comes with change as well as growth, which can be scary, but can also be the Greatest Gift of Life EVER! I am one that SCREAMS change and then tries to RUN from it when change happens.

The Sun Is A Rising

Wanting and Needing

I do not know how I manage to get anything done in being indecisive on a good majority of things! It swings from one extreme to the next at times. I want or need this and when I have it I want or need something else. I do not know how I enjoy life being in a constant state of flux!

The nice thing is I do not have to set limits and the possibilities are pretty much endless too! I can be open and embrace that state of flux as well as the possibilities and opportunities. I can try new things and step out of my comfort zone. I can live it how I want to live it!


Exploring and Discovering

What Do You Do On A Daily Basis To Seek Out and Soak Up The World Around You?

My Top 3 Answers

  • I appreciate being given another day to conquer!
  • I like to look for the good and the positive throughout my day.
  • I am so lucky and grateful for the life I do get to live.

I think about what gets me motivated, what brings me joy and what makes me passionate! For me it is mostly the simple things that make my day!

Hello! Morning Sunshine

Giving, Sharing and Connecting

What Do You Give and/or Share On A Daily Basis?

Have You Connected With Yourself or Other People Today?

“Happiness, like love, increases when it is shared.” ~ Unknown

I feel happiest when I am giving, sharing and connecting with other people! I feel like I get an added bonus in being able to share life and its many experiences with other people. I learn and explore as well as grow and expand my experiences and my world when giving, sharing and connecting with other people! I connect with myself and my whole being in so many great ways too.

BIG World Waiting Out There . . . (Photos by RSheridan)

Here’s To Exploring and Growing and Connecting To Yourself and Your World!!!

Know Everything There

Is To Be Known

Think about this . . .

Sometimes, if you stand on the bottom rail

of a bridge and lean over to watch the river

slipping slowly away beneath you,

you will suddenly know everything there is to be known. ~Winnie the Pooh

Sometimes stillness is BEST in being where you are and not about thinking where you should be! I remember my grandma telling me to be patient, but I usually was in too big of a hurry to listen let alone understand what she meant. I remember wanting things to happen faster and wanting to just go, go, go. I was tired of waiting, especially when I felt like I did everything right and there still was no results for my efforts!

I get it now grandma! I CANNOT dictate how, when and what I want to have happen in my life. I am learning that control comes from being able to make decisions and choices in living the life I truly want! I really need to just slow down and let things happen on there own time.

That is not necessarily easy, especially with technology and pretty much anything and everything I want or need is right at my fingertips for the taking. Basically if you want something you pretty much can get it!

That way of thinking leads to setting high expectations and gaining misconceptions as well as losing perspective at times! Would I like ultimate control in living my life? Well let me think, YES! However, that is not going to happen because there is really no such thing as having ultimate control. I think it would be more of a burden and not really healthy for my whole being either!

I am not going to get what I want, especially when I want it right then and there! If I take a really good look I already have all that I need and sometimes it is literally staring me in the face. Do I want more? Of course I DO! I want more of what I already have and to take the time to experience the process more.

If I get too greedy or impatient, I usually have life take me down a bit and sometimes it is a smack down! That is okay though because it really puts my life into perspective and reminds me to reflect on the way I have been thinking. It is my version of a wake up call! A reminder to be a little more humble when it comes to appreciating and being grateful for what I do have in my life.

I do want to be available, open and ready to take action when the time comes! I am a work in progress when it comes to having patience. I am trying to be more and just not keep moving onto the next thing until something better comes along. I need to remind myself to experience it ALL because sometimes life happens when you least expect it and it may be more than you could ever imagine too!

(Photos by RSheridan)

YOU Have to Find YOUR Pace and YOUR Balance When It Comes To Being the Best YOU and Living the Life YOU Want! Love to Hear Your Thoughts, Please Share!


Enjoy, Indulge, Splurge . . .

I am going for and doing EnjoyABLE in 2014! I want to do what is good for myself, what is best for my whole being and have fun doing it too!

I am done with restrictions and denial as long as I remember moderation!

Enjoy Getting Out and Connecting

I love my life more when I get out there and experience it! I enjoy my life more when I connect with myself and other people. I am all for asking questions, keeping myself challenged and stretching my comfort zone. I want to learn, grow and experience my life through myself and through other people!

Experiencing . . .

Indulge In Good Eats

I love fruits and veggies as well as lean proteins! I enjoy treating myself too. My top 3 treats are sweets (anything chocolate), cheese and wine! I enjoy a good sweet/savory treat.

Indulging . . .

Splurge On “Me”

I love taking time for myself! I enjoy pampering myself. I enjoy working out in the gym at least twice a week. I love taking 30 minutes to myself in the morning and in the evening!

Splurging . . . (Photos by RSheridan)

Here’s To EnjoyABLE, Playing and Having FUN!!! Remember to Thank Yourself and Appreciate Your Life. You Can Discover a Good and Positive Lifestyle.

What Do You Do For Yourself? Please Share, Love to Hear!

Hitting Your Stride

Does This Really Happen???

In the 2040’s I will turn 70 – Imagine that for a minute – YIKES! I am barely surviving my 30s some days. Before I know it I will be in my 40s. I am excited about being 40-something and it has to do with hitting that mid-point if I live to see 80. I know a lot of numbers to think about at times!

I was thinking one day about hitting your stride and does this really happen sometime in your life and when! I know it is a little morbid, but interesting too. I think I hit a mini-stride in my late-20s and again in my mid-30s. Maybe this is the way it is!

When I hit those mini-strides it was because I was doing what I loved and was just living my life! But I think about the challenges that resulted in some great outcomes in my life too. I know I take the good times for granted at times and then disappointment sets in when something does not go in my favor. Maybe that is what it means in hitting your stride!

Is this a Mini-Stride??? (Photo by RSheridan)

What Do You Think? Please Share Your Thoughts, Love to Hear It!

My Journey of Self – To Living

Life with Gratitude & Humility

My Top 5

  • Embracing the new adventures that are taking place in my life.
  • Finding a little more kindness and compassion and even trust.
  • Being open to change has been a PLUS with my crazy, busy life lately.
  • Celebrating the goodness and newness in my life.
  • Hanging on for the ride!

Do not take anything for granted in your life!

Laughing . . . Loving . . . Living . . . (Photo by RSheridan)

Good Expectations

Great Appreciation

Appreciate yourself and your talents! You make the GOOD happen in your life. Change your appreciation on WHAT you can do and NOT on what you cannot do! You will become a magnet of attraction for the good things in your life.

You are the one that adds value to your talents! You are the one that must accept your shortcomings, setbacks and struggles. However, you are the one that can CHANGE and turn them into VALUE! You are the one that brings out your POSITIVE Sense of Self.

Finding Appreciation Within Yourself (Photo by RSheridan)

You have to be open and aware. You have to tune into your strengths and tap into your talents. You have to be mindful as well as appreciative as to what you can offer in your life to yourself and others. Discover your wonderfulness!

What is One Talent that People Might Not Know About You? Love to hear it! I will share if you will. I think I am a pretty good cook – make a great tasting lasagna.

Here’s to Performing at Your Personal Best! Here’s to Creating a Lifestyle that is Value Added!!!

Your Role Model

That Someone You Look Up To

I have multiple role models in my life. Some that are here in the present and others that are here in spirit. I have had multiple people shape and guide me throughout my life. It is nice having someone to look up to and admire!

Someone You Admire

There are a few people in my life that I admire! They are the women who are the closest to me within my family unit. Each of these women has shared and passed on the meaning of family and family traditions. It can be an interesting dynamic when you add family through marriage and blend or create new traditions as a family. It is Well Worth it Though!

Someone You Appreciate

When I think about the people I appreciate I think about what has been added to my life through these people. Those growth experiences. Those people who guide and shape you as well as support and protect you. Those life experiences gained. Those great people you meet along the way that you can call family/friend. Show Your Appreciation & Remember to Give It Back Tenfold!

Someone You Emulate

When you have someone you emulate in your life it really is about becoming your own person and being a better version of yourself! There are times where I wish I had the style like someone or the decorating sense like someone. You can emulate that someone and admire and appreciate what they bring and add to your life. However, it is about learning and making it your own; putting your personal stamp on it!

Thank You From the Bottom of My Heart – I Look Up to You, Admire You, Appreciate You and Emulate You – Thanks Again for Being There and Adding Something Special to My Life!!!


The Little Things in Life are BIG!

“Enjoy the little things in life,

for one day you may look back

and realize they  were the big things.” —Robert Brault

I am so blessed for what I have in my life! Funny that I have to remind myself of that at times as well as share that appreciation with others in my life. I do not want to take someone for granted, so not acceptable! Life is way to SHORT not to LIVE it each and every day.

LIVE LIFE BIG!!! (Photo by RSheridan)

I do not want to take LIFE for granted either!!!

Will appreciation and gratitude bring me happiness? I think so. Happiness is a part of this whole thing called living life! I would rather live life on a positive note because the alternative is not a good place to live, especially on a daily basis.

Natural Beauty Makes Me Happy (Photo by RSheridan)

I feel more connected to myself and others when I am appreciative and show gratitude. I really strive to have that as a healthy habit in my life; it is not easy and sometimes gets pushed to the back burner at times. I do not seem to be as reactionary and argumentative either. Funny how that works!

Sometimes I just have to hit RESET and gain a NEW PERSPECTIVE! I do not prefer doing something half-arsed, so I try every day to be appreciative and grateful for what I DO HAVE!

Stop Hiding – Gain a New Perspective! (Photo by RSheridan)

How Do You Voice Your Appreciation and Gratitude? Please share, love to hear from you!

The Power to Choose


How do YOU Handle a Not So Nice Experience or Setback?

Are you going to have a good hair day or a bad hair day? Are you going to act your age and be the bigger person or have a tantrum and act like a toddler? Are you going to take the experience as a life lesson or throw one heck of a pity party and whip out the blame game? You Choose! The Good, Bad and even the Ugly!

For me . . .

  • Reflection/Stillness/Meditation
  • Become One with Nature
  • Get Creative
  • Forgive Yourself (at least give yourself permission to move forward)
  • Have that Moment (accept the sitution at hand) and Move On

Growing (Photo by RSheridan)

Sometimes you have to experience heartaches and setbacks and lean into the discomfort of the current situation. DO NOT forget the Joys in Life though! We are all human and we all know what that means. We make mistakes; however, chose to be alive and connect to others in good times and bad times too.

Hanging Strong (Photo by RSheridan)

Be Humble and Find Gratitude & Appreciation Every Day!

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