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2014 Is The

Year I Turn 40!

Who Else Is Turning 40 . . . Drum roll please . . .

  • Hello Kitty
  • Pop Rocks
  • Post It Notes
  • The Rubik’s Cube

I want to share a few things with myself and my readers! I was a Dodo bird landing awkwardly into my 20’s. I worked on my landing and slid into my 30’s. I hope to nail the landing into my 40’s though!

Biggest Life Lessons

My biggest life lessons were handed to me at 17 years of age, 27 years of age and 37 years of age! I look back fondly and laugh at myself at times. I did a lot of self journeying last year. I also let go of the excess baggage I have been carrying around, especially the things no longer serving me. I have no regrets in how I have lived my life so far!

I learned about putting the ego and attitude aside and just being open to adjusting my perspective! I am learning to take charge and be in control of my life. I am learning to let go of those things I have no control over either. I love that I am believing and trusting in myself once again and it feels so good!

I will continue to ask questions, challenge life and seek out the answers I am looking for! I do not know all the answers, however; I do want to learn and grow as a person. Being humble and having humility and of course laughing at myself has helped me out many times over! I just have to love myself, be kind to myself and give myself a little break now and again.

The hardest lesson has been being more open with my heart and letting people in! I really try to see the good in other people, but I also really try to see the love, the respect and the trust that is there too. My heart has been broken a time or two, but I have survived. I survived by learning to forgive myself and not be treated or harmed like that again. I want to see the best in myself and other people because we can learn, grow and experience life with and from each other!

Learning . . . Experiencing . . . Living . . .

The Greatest Gift

The BEST lesson and GREATEST gift I have been given was at the age of 37! I gave myself to me and that matters more to me than anything.  I am truly more than me and that just fills me up with LOVE for myself and for my greatest someones. There is only one of me and this one me needs to live for TODAY!

Being . . . Loving . . . Growing . . .

NEW! Adventures

I am excited to turn 40 and start a new chapter in my life story! I think about being 40 as well as about the next 40 years of my life. I will continue to have hopes, make wishes and just dream of what will be! I want to be more open and accepting of my emotions, feelings and thoughts because that is very much a part of who I am.

  • Who Will I Become?
  • What Do I Want?
  • What Will I Learn and Experience?

I will carry the knowledge I have into my 40’s! I will also take my courage and my strength. Most of all I will take my sense of humor and LOVE!

I certainly want to say YES! to more adventures! I also want to play and have more fun too!

Traveling . . . Exploring . . . Adventuring . . . (Photos by RSheridan)

I Have Everything I Need, So Hello! 40!

Adventure Awaits

Go For It!

Do You Get Curious and Explore?

I love learning and a big part of learning is being curious and exploring to know more about things in general! It motivates, engages and challenges me in so many ways. It makes me feel good and young at heart. I want to seek out and soak up life each and every day!

Do You Go On Adventures?

I love a Great Adventure! I enjoy all types of traveling, especially arm chair traveling. I love reading to adventure and expand my world. I enjoy getting curious, exploring something for the first time and trying new things!

Do You Play, Laugh and Have FUN?

I love getting the giggles or the laughing fits! It makes for a good time. It makes for a great change of pace. Life is way too short to take it or live it so seriously!

(Photos by RSheridan)

Do You Feel Foolish at times? I know I do!

The BEST is the memories I make when I put myself out there, especially if I make a fool of myself doing it! At least I can laugh at myself. With great risks come greater rewards!

Here’s to CRAVING Adventure and LIFE!!! What Has Been Your GREATEST Adventure? Mine has been Adventuring with My Greatest Someone (P.S. Love Ya Sweetie). Love to Hear, Please Share!

Yes! to Adventures

Happy Adventuring

I think Winnie the Pooh said it BEST!

You can’t stay in your corner of the forest,

waiting for others to come to you;

you have to go to them sometimes. ~Winnie the Pooh

I believe you have to adventure to experience life and it certainly helps having a friend to adventure with!

Hello! Are You My Friend? (Photo by RSheridan)

I know there are times when I need to get out of my shell and stretch my comfort zone more than I already do! I could wait in my corner and let other people and life find me. But . . . Why not just get out there though and experience it first hand!

Taking the 1st Step! (Photo by RSheridan)

I love adventuring and exploring what life has to offer me! I enjoy being an active participant and being a part of all that is going on around me too. I think it is way more FUN!

Exploring . . . (Photo by RSheridan)

Happy Exploring!!!

Rolling Along

Escapes, Adventures, Travels

Most of my readers get me, so for the rest of you just go with me on this post!

A Story . . .

I remember purchasing my 1st rolling suitcase. I had to have the massive, mid-range priced one out there at the time! This was before airlines started charging for bags. Of course on one trip to a tropical island paradise my rolling suitcase was not there waiting for me. I was told too big and not enough room left in the cargo hold, so my rolling suitcase would be on the next plane or the next plane or the next plane!

I learned 3 valuable lessons on that trip! #1 Purchase a smaller rolling suitcase. #2 Pack a change of clothes in your carry on. #3 Does everyone own a black rolling suitcase!

I remember purchasing my 2nd rolling suitcase. I have had many escapes, adventures and travels with my much smaller companion! I sorta wish the roller came with a mileage counter, so I knew exactly the amount of miles I have put on throughout the years. It is still in pretty good shape for all the journeys it has been on with me. It is like a familiar shadow rolling behind me!


Have you given much thought to the meaning of a suitcase? Be it Empty to Filled to the Brim and Everything in between. The possibilities of a suitcase are endless, especially one that rolls! Escapes, Adventures, Travels . . . Moves . . . Storage.

Is your suitcase ready to go or collecting dust? I see an escape in your future, so get packing and go! Remember to shake the dust off the baggage every once in a while. It will do a body and mind GOOD!

I travel, adventure and explore every chance I can ESCAPE! I love the freedom; no norm, no schedule, no alarm. I enjoy doing what I want to do or at least feel like doing! I have to break free of 40 hour work weeks, especially when you are in for 20+ years.

Never Enough

I was that child that was rarely satisfied and wanted MORE of just about everything! I was great at 20 questions and could pretty much play all day long. I was curious and loved to explore and use my imagination. I still do!

I am always up for a Great Escape! I love to travel, crave adventure and enjoy exploring. I have dreams of giving up the 9 to 5 and just traveling for the rest of my life. That would be Great, right!

The travel bug bit me early on in my life! I crave it even more now. I am so lucky to travel at least once a month, but at times it is still never enough! Well I have to go and escape now. See Ya Out There!

Adventure Awaits People – Get Out There!!!

A Tradition

One Generation to the Next Generation

Camping is very much a part of me! My parents shared their tradition of camping with me and BroCraves. As a child I thought of camping as an adventure and a “weekend escape”! I started out tent camping and then transitioned to a tent trailer just like my parents did when I was growing up.

“The participants (known as campers) leave urban areas, their home region, or civilization

and enjoy nature while spending one or several nights outdoors, usually as a campsite.” ~ definition of camping

Mr. Craves and I moved out West and delved into camping once again. Camping on the West Coast is an ADVENTURE! The variety of experiences is endless as well as the landscapes for camping. The West Coast takes camping to a whole NEW level!

Desert to Mountains to Forests. Lakes to Rivers to Ocean. Events to Festivals to Fairs. Then you have the AMAZING wine regions in California and Oregon to explore. Trying to PICK one is hard let alone PICKING a favorite camping destination!

I enjoy hitting the open road, especially with the tent trailer on behind! I am on hyperdrive to adventure and explore as well as capture the action with my camera, which is usually right next to me. I love adventuring through life with my Greatest Someone! We have been on many adventures over the past ten years and for the most part enjoying every moment of it too.

When you have traveled as much as we do there can be some friction at times, but we deal with it and move on to the fun and adventure! I am navigationally challenged and do not really see that as a bad thing. Think of all the places you have seen when you are lost and trying to find your way! It is call an adventure for a reason.

(Photos by RSheridan)

Get Out There People & Find Your Adventures!!!

Friday Feature – Adventurer Guest Post

Belizean Caves Adventure

This Adventurer Guest Post was written by Tali Wee. Check Out Tali’s Blog Wee Picket Fences!

Bio:  This post was written by Tali Wee who currently lives in Seattle and blogs about life in the northwest.  She owns Wee Picket Fences where she writes about being a new homeowner and foodie.  Tali works at Zillow where she handles the community outreach for Charlotte, NC.  She enjoys family, food, travel, writing and spending time on projects around the house.

Let’s Go On a Belizean Caves Adventure!!!

I adore travel because it inspires new perspectives.  Getting out of town and jumping into new cultures helps travelers shift their attention from the daily hustle to the surroundings of their environment.  Nature is all around, but sometimes it takes a vacation to really grasp how awe-inspiring nature can be.

I recently traveled to the Cayo district of Belize which is an agricultural area in the West portion of the country, bordering Guatemala.  Along the Caves Branch River there’s a system of naturally-formed caves, once used as ceremonial grounds by ancient Mayans.  The sheer magnitude of the cave’s chambers and natural formations were breathtaking.

Artifacts #1

Artifacts #2

Stalagmites jutted up from the floor, some as tall as buildings.  Stalactites dripped down from the top of the caves, even meeting some stalagmites forming columns.  These pillars were incredible obstacles to squeeze passed, around, over and under.  The remnants of fallen stalactites lay piled on the ground reminding me of the potential danger I was surrounded by.  Relics of human sacrifices, small fires and tools lay in Mayan ceremonial chambers which created an eerie atmosphere in some areas.



The caves have been around for thousands of years, creating massive formations one drip at a time.  Countless people of many cultures found sanctuary in the exact locations I was hiking through.  I felt so minute, so small amidst such scale.

Everything was moist, even the air.  Some of the formations dripped actively, but each looked alive like the flowing water and minerals that created them.  Some edges were covered with what appeared to be millions of slimy drips but they were actually solid straw formations.  In order to get to the next chamber, I climbed a wall made of slippery clay.  Even these walls graduated like rolling hills, slick with moisture. The entire cave was like a living, moving being.

Beautiful formations created pools of aqua-blue water like the most luxurious man-made pools imaginable.  Some were only a couple inches deep, and others more than 7 feet deep.  I swam through dark water, jumped off waterfalls into pools and climbed steep cliffs – all inside a massive cave system.  It was unbelievable.  Nature is remarkable.

Natural Pools

The cave was quiet at first.  As I hiked deeper into the cave, the sound of rushing water became louder and louder.  It seemed as though a wave of water was approaching at all times.  If it had, there would have been no escape.  When I reached the waterfalls, the sound was so loud it resonated in my chest.  I could not be heard shouting by the person right next to me, but it was peaceful.

Hidden Chamber

Originally, I feared the mysterious darkness of a wet cave.  Beforehand, the idea of squeezing through small spaces in the habitat of bats, catfish and scorpion spiders seemed inconceivably creepy.  Once inside, the beauty of such ancient formations captured my attention.  The bats made the space feel alive and I welcomed their screeching as it broke the thundering sound of water in the distance.  I’m afraid of spiders, but inside the cave the massive scorpion spiders seemed docile and nonthreatening.  I did have a couple panicked moments of claustrophobia which were followed by immense relief as I would discover the next massive chamber with bats and a light breeze.

Scorpion Spider – CREEPY (Photos by Tali Wee)

The marvelous aspects of nature changed my perspective.  To this day, the two mile hike and waterfall climb through the caves in Belize was the most amazing adventure in nature that I have ever experienced.  I was challenged physically and emotionally, and inspired by the tremendous yet concealed creations of nature.  I felt closer to nature than ever before.  My experience was magnified because it was in a mostly unexplored area of this Earth.

There are few aspects of nature less photographed than caves or the deep sea because they are so dark and deep.  Tons of lighting equipment needs to be transported to capture the true beauty of these dark places; and with lighting, the entire mood changes.  A photograph cannot truly capture the mysterious beauty of a cave.

As I hiked out, I collected as many mental pictures of the cave as possible.  It was truly stunning.

Thanks so much for sharing your Belizean Caves Adventure!!!

Travel Confessions

Of a Travel-a-holic!

Anita from Travel Destination Bucket List tagged me for a series on Travel Confessions. Thank you for thinking of me!

Here are the Rules:

  • Post a photo (or photos) and description(s) of your confession(s) in a new post.
  • Tweet your post with hashtag #TravelConfession and follow/tweet @Travling9to5.
  • Tag 3 other travelers you would love to see.

Travel Confession #1

I am one of “those people”! I either have the camera at the ready or strapped around my neck. I scream “TOURIST” when I travel! I can easily take 600 captures in one trip.

(Photos by RSheridan)

Travel Confession #2

DO NOT ask me to navigate, you will NEVER get there and if you do you will be STRESSED OUT and maybe a little pissed off too! I drive Mr. Craves to the brink literally on road trips. You really want me to freak remove or change a landmark that I use for navigation. Good Luck with having me as your passenger navigator!

(Photos by RSheridan)

Travel Confession #3

This traveler makes frequent stops, so do not follow me too closely! If there is a winery or a brewery or something local going on, I will be stopping to check it out. Love Scenic Overlooks & Anything Out of the Norm! Sometimes it is the journey and sometimes it is the destination that makes a trip memorable.

(Photos by RSheridan)

Let’s Keep the Travel Confessions Going! I nominate the following 3 bloggers!

Meg @ Meg Travels

Karen @ Back Road Journal

Ingrid, Al & Bear @ Live Laugh RV

Please Share Your Travel Stories and Confessions! Love to Hear!

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