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At Sawgrass Lake

Enjoying the Lake View . . . ahhh . . .



Mama Gator and Her Babies


Look at that tail!

Gator Babies – oh so cute!


I finally saw an armadillo in the wild. Just use your ears to hear all that rustling about and rooting for food.


Natural Beauty


Colorful Catepillar


Fierce Bird

Looking right at you!


Get my good side. (Photos by RSheridan)

Here’s to Walking On The Wild Side!


Bird Curious

Watching the Birdies


This Anhinga was funny to watch doing its bird dancing!


Love the circles these birds make in the water.



There is a balance between the birds and the alligators. A nesting bird in gator territory has built in security in the gators keeping away egg thieving bandits like raccoons and opossums.

Catching Some Rays! (Photos by RSheridan)

Are You Bird Curious or A Bird Watcher? Love to Hear, Please Share!

Wandering with the Wild

Hitting the Boardwalk


The Birds that is! Hello! Spring Migration of Florida Birds!

I am more bird curious than a birdwatcher. 

Many birds pass through Florida during the seasonal migrations. April is the month when birds reverse their route. The Keys and South Florida are the first safe place to land after all that flapping their way from either Cuba or the Yucatan. Some are putting on their best breeding plumage to shake a tail feather to attract a mate to create offspring.

White Pelicans

White pelicans are not completely white. Their wings are white and black. At times groups of pelicans will work together to herd fish into the shallows for easy feeding.

Watching these birds soar and then land was such a graceful experience to see. Then watching them work together to feed was another great experience to see.

A ballet of birds!

A Great Blue Heron in the Mix

I love Great Blue Herons and how majestic they look. Sometimes I do a double-check to make sure it is a real Great Blue Heron instead of a statute. They stand so motionless.

They are all stealth when it comes to feeding. Then they strike – got it!

Beautiful sight to see in action or in flight!

One Brown Pelican with a Flock of White Pelicans

Now the Brown Pelican feeds by plunge-diving from high up to use the force of the impact to stun small fish before scooping them up.

I love watching them glide over the water.

Coming in for a Landing . . . You can see the white and black wings.

A Spoonbill

In Action . . .

Saying Hello! to the Feathered Friends.


Hiding in the Mangroves.

A Masked Bandit

Another raccoon out in broad daylight.

(Photos by RSheridan)

Here’s To Walking On The Wild Side! Enjoy!

Watching the Wild

At Sawgrass Lake Park

This is the place to walk on the Wild Side and see the Florida Natives! Saw Plenty of Bird Species and oh so much MORE!

Finally a Limpkin Sighting Again!


There were plenty of Ibis to Spot!

One . . .

One, Two, Three . . .

One, Two, Three, Four and Five . . .



Look at the Pompadour!



A Sunbathing Gator

Warm on Top, Staying Cool Underneath

A Unique Sighting – A Raccoon Out in Broad Daylight

Mama Gator and Her Babies

Fauna & Flora

(Photos by RSheridan)

Happy Exploring! What Have You Spotted Lately? Love to Hear, Please Share!

The Tall Ship Lynx

Sails Into Town

The two masts tower above all others at Harborage Marina. The tall ship Lynx is a replica of a Topsail schooner used during the War of 1812. 80 feet long with a 23-foot beam and draft of 9 feet.

Took in the free deck tour on Sunday, February 21st. I would have loved to see the tall ship sail in or out of the harbor with its full sails out. What a sight that would be!

The Lynx Exterior

The Lynx Details

The Living Quarters

The Kitchen

The Harborage Marina

The Tall Ship Lynx is the one with the U.S. flag flying!

Old Southeast Neighborhood

Driving out of the marina area discovered a new neighborhood that have not been in – love when that happens!

(Photos by RSheridan)

Here’s To Getting Out & Exploring! What Have You Been Up To? Love to Hear, Please Share!

What Can You Spot?

At Sawgrass Lake Park

There is a lot of blending with the natural surroundings going on and it keeps you on constant lookout! You know there is always something worth looking at when a crowd forms in a particular spot along the boardwalk! 





(Photos by RSheridan)

What Have You Been Exploring? Love to Hear, Please Share! Happy Exploring!!!

On the Island



Observation Tower Area

The Bartow Plant



For some reason these crabs were scurrying up the trees.


Water View

(Photos by RSheridan)

Here’s To Getting Out For A Walk About!

Mama Gator

Sawgrass Lake Park

“Mama Gator”

Ready for her closeup!

Her Babies

Closeup of her babies. (Photos by RSheridan)

Happy Exploring!!!

Pass A Grille Beach

A Little R&R

Pass-A-Grille is at the southernmost end of St. Pete Beach.

This beach area balances between laid back to crowded and everything in between! A great place to kick back and let the daily stresses melt away. A little piece of paradise!

The Beautiful Blue


aka Boat Rush Hour (Photos by RSheridan)

Best Channel Without the Need for Technology – Tune In, Kick Back, Check Out, and Get Your R&R On!

Nature Walk

Connecting To The Natural



Hanging Out!


After the Rain

Capturing a Great Heron


A Blending In Ibis

The Boardwalks

Water Views

(Photos by RSheridan)

Have You Gone For A Walk About Today?

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