Who or What Inspires You?

Continuing to work an art or craft that you are passionate about.Creating something NEW! Getting a great idea and running with it. Finding that creative inspiration and tapping into it each and every day!

My Top 3

  • The great outdoors and nature.
  • Being around other creatives that are passionate about their arts and crafts.
  • Reading, writing and photographing.

I am an observer so I am constantly seeing things that inspire and motivate me! I have had the need lately to delve into framing. There are so many new ways now to frame photography. It makes me passionate about my photography and makes me want to learn how to make my photographs just pop and project right off the walls! 

I have found a balance in being creative and tapping into my creativity! I love getting outdoors and wandering, especially with my camera. I enjoy a book in my hands to read, but prefer to write using a computer. I love using my hands as well as using technology!

That balance helps me live a healthier and happier lifestyle! There is a time and place for old school and new school. I like that I have information right at my fingertips. However, I do need to unplug and take a break from being in front of a screen at times too. I can tap into my tech side as well as my creative side!

One of My Favorite Cities

Wandering . . . Exploring . . .

One of My 1st Photos of the California Coast that Still Inspires Me! (Photos by RSheridan)

How Do You Tap Into Your Creative Self? Love to Hear, Please Share!