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Your Life Path

Discovering Your Destiny

Each and every one of us has our own destiny and life path! You need to be open to the possibilities and opportunities to experience what life has to offer to you. You will learn along the way to experience personal growth. You have to find the map and learn to navigate to discover your path!

“Don’t get too comfortable on any single road. Your job is direction, not route.”~Jedidiah Jenkins

Discovering . . .

You need to get curious! This will help you be open and mindful in going after what you want.This will help you find your gifts and talents. This will help you discover what you are passionate about and love to do!

You are the one in control in taking charge of your destiny! You make the decisions and choices every day. Especially the ones that are best for you! The ones that stay true to who you are and where you want to be (i.e. beliefs, values, goals, successes, etc.).

You need to follow your life path, journey along and discover you! Find that inspiration and motivation. Discover that passion and love. Use your time and energy to your best advantage!

Journey Along  . . . (Photos by RSheridan)

Here’s to Leaping Down Your Path Today! Love to Hear Your Thoughts, Please Share!



I am a non-traditional meditator! I have little patience for sitting still. I meditate in the great outdoors and connecting with my surroundings! The ground beneath my feet. The sun upon my face. The wind breathing across my skin. The motion of movement and being active. That is mediation that works best for me! 

It is good for my health and happiness as well as my wellness and well being! I feel the stress melting away and becoming more energized. I feel more productive and motivated. I feel calm, centered and balanced again!

The greatest gains for me are presence and mindfulness! I can quiet my whole being. I can get out of my head and unplug from technology. I can be present with me, myself and I! 

Some of my best thinking is done in the great outdoors or sleeping! I think I have more “a-ha!” moments while sleeping. However, my creativity comes alive when I am out exploring and adventuring!

I become more observant when I am out in the great outdoors! I am alert and exploring my surroundings in detail. I am engaging my senses. I am more aware and present!

(Photos by RSheridan)

Does life not seem simpler when you are relaxed and rested! 

What Type of Meditator Are You? Love to Hear, Please Share!

What Can You Spot?

At Sawgrass Lake Park

There is a lot of blending with the natural surroundings going on and it keeps you on constant lookout! You know there is always something worth looking at when a crowd forms in a particular spot along the boardwalk! 





(Photos by RSheridan)

What Have You Been Exploring? Love to Hear, Please Share! Happy Exploring!!!


How To Connect To Yours

I want to learn more about Chakras and put them into practice.

My Top 3 Chakras To Practice

#1 – The 6th Chakra, the 3rd Eye Chakra (wisdom and insight)

I am a questioner looking for answers!

I am a thinker looking to ponder and wonder!

I am a challenger looking for action!

I really feel this is where my self awareness center is! Believing in myself and trusting my intuition. Learning more about myself and my whole being, especially in practicing more self awareness. That questioner, thinker and even challenger that lives inside me!

What would I like to know or better understand about the world I live in? Where do I want to focus my time and energy?

Having that insight to know I am right where I need to be on my path in journeying along!

#2 – The 2nd Chakra, the Chakra of Creation (aka where your passion lives)

I really want to focus on my Chakra of Creation in 2016!

What am I going to create in 2016?

#3 – The 4th Chakra, the Heart Chakra (love, compassion, gratitude)

I want to focus more on my Heart Chakra too! I think about how I direct my love internally as well as externally; both inward and outward.

Am I open to love and receiving and sharing love? How is the love I give to my greatest someone(s)? How do I strengthen and deepen that love?

Additional Practicing . . .

7th Chakra, the Crown Chakra (connects you to something more)

Whether you call it consciousness, bliss, the universe, or another word! Whether you call it unplugging, recharging, resetting, refreshing, resting, or relaxing!

This is a BIG one to practice too! Finding that quiet and solitude. Finding that calm and balance. Just being more, especially present and mindful! 

What practices or activities can I do to feel more connected, especially to my whole being? What do I need to make time for to take care of myself and my needs?

1st Chakra, the Root Chakra (aka foundation of your vitality)

What do I need in 2016 to feel more grounded and secure?

3rd Chakra, the Chakra of Willpower (drives your action and your purpose)

I need to drive my power more!

Who am I? Where am I going? What am I doing? What do I want to achieve?

5th Chakra, the Throat Chakra (communication and expression)

I feel I communicate well, but could do better in expressing myself and my needs, my ideas, my thoughts, and my messages! I need to work on strengthening that weakness to make it stronger and show some muscle. It creates stress, tension and anxiety I do not need. It will help me have a healthier and happier mind set and well being!

Everything is Connected, Right

(Photos by RSheridan)

What Are You Practicing To Progress? What Do You Really, Truly Need To Connect To Or To Learn? Love to Hear, Please Share!

Strolling Along

Buddy Up!

Have you taken a break today? If not, grab a buddy and go for a walk!

There is nothing better than going for a walk and talking with someone you love and love to be with! Make it a daily practice. Communicate, interact and connect. Stretch and move!

Remember to leave your devices behind and really connect to the person walking side by side with you!

Here’s to Strolling Along! 

(Photos by RSheridan)

Making Time

For a 1:1 With Yourself

Do you schedule one-on-ones with yourself?

  • Making time for yourself.
  • Loving yourself.
  • Caring for your whole being.
  • Taking a break.
  • Relaxing and resting.
  • Moving and stretching.

My Top 3

  1. Being outdoors and becoming one with nature.
  2. Being active and moving the whole being.
  3. Being positive.

Being outdoors is grounding! I can tune into my surroundings and tap into my senses. Being in the quiet and stillness is refreshing! I can reconnect and recharge my whole being.

Being outdoors is a great way for me to be active and move my whole being too! I tune into my breathing to find my balance and pace. I can move freely! I am no longer behind the wheel or sitting at a desk. Remember to add movement throughout your day because that sedentary thing is not good for you and your body after hours and hours! Walking, using the stairs, playing . . .

Being positive is a good practice! It is not hard and it is not easy. Some things take time and others do not. Some things take energy and others do not. Keep practicing to progress and see what works best for you!

I feel better when I think good and positive as well as healthier and happier! I do not feel that push and pull and tension and frustrated stress. I am learning to release, let go and move on. Getting out of your head and following your heart! 

Love yourself and love what you do! Finding that inspiration, motivation and passion. Finding that balance between saying yes or a strong no in order to do what is best for you. Finding those healthy boundaries and creating the space you need. Finding the best use of your time and energy. Quality vs. Quantity!

(Photos by RSheridan)

All of these things helps in getting ample relaxation and rest too! An added bonus!

Remember to Schedule You In! Love to Hear Your Thoughts, Please Share.

Counting Your Blessings

Saying Thanks!

Take a moment to reflect on how much you have to be thankful for daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly!

Being Grateful

Think about how you feel in being grateful! Health and Happiness. Good and Positive. How does your mood and attitude change for the better, right!

The people you love. The experiences you are grateful for. The memories you cherish.

(Photos by RSheridan)

What Are You Loving Today? Love to Hear, Please Share!

Out & About

Exploring at Brooker Creek Preserve

Finally able to explore more of this preserve. Due to the rains this Summer this part of the preserve was not accessible.

Welcome to the Swamp!

Like a Jungle Out Here

Unique Ground Cover

Now In A Pine Forest



Maple Leaf

Tree With Many Branches

This tree was massive with many, many branches.

Air Plants

(Photos by RSheridan)

Happy Exploring!!!




Do you treat the New Year as a Starting Line or a Continuing Line?

I treat it as a continuing line in journeying along and creating my story!

2016 is a leap year, so there are 366 days to open up and gift to YOURSELF! Let’s make it count by conquering today and making it happen each and every day!

2016 Word: Create

In 2016 I am . . .

  • Ready to put down roots and nest for a bit.
  • Much clearer about the path I want to walk; slow and steady.
  • Going to experience major growth with smart, hard work.
  • Thinking quality versus quantity.
  • Needing solitude and serenity as well as dream and create time.
  • Looking for adventure of course and newness.

2015 Word: Hope

I made the time for myself and my whole being to reset in 2015! I am taking risks and learning to come from a place of love. I am challenging myself and gaining life experiences. I am continuing to enjoy more, play more, laugh more, love more, live more . . .

(Photos by RSheridan)

Here’s To Creating Abundance and Gaining Life Experiences! Love to Hear Your Thoughts, Please Share!


Your Smile

Have you shared your smile with someone today? Maybe even made them chuckle or laugh!

I know I feel better and my mood lifts when I smile throughout the day! People want to approach you and to be around you. Having that positive, inspiring and happy approach. It is the best share!

There are many ways to share! A smile. A compliment. A small kindness.

Here’s to a Good Day – Enjoy!

(Photos by RSheridan)

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