Being Tested

Practicing Endurance

Your endurance comes from the physical and mental as well as the emotional and spiritual! It can be felt as a positive or negative depending on the situation. It can be freeing or challenging or both at the same time from an external as well as internal level!

It is one skill that is worth practicing to lead a good, happy and healthy life!

I think about neutrality when it comes to endurance. That tendency to not side in a conflict. Being neutral. The mental against the physical. Being unbiased. The self control and self discipline that one tunes into as well as taps into when dealing with a challenge or a conflict in their lives.

Physical Endurance

Heightens Awareness within your whole being!

Practicing to progress. . . There is going to be discomfort and even hurt and pain at times. You can find that place within you to fight or flight in order to overcome the physical as well as deal with the mental and emotional. Finding that self discipline to strengthen your endurance. Being aware and in the present moment. Being open and embracing the learning, the growing and the gaining of experiences.

Mental Endurance

Helps You Deal!

Practicing to learn. . . Finding that self control. Finding the ease among the pushing and the pulling. Taking the time to make good and positive choices and decisions. Knowing when to engage the brain or the heart.

Emotional Endurance

Builds Your Character and Strength!

Practicing to grow. . . Tuning into our emotions, feelings and thoughts. Tapping into our emotional strengths and weaknesses. Listening to your inner voice, following your heart and trusting your gut. Being true to who you are and believing and trusting in yourself. Discovering your strong! 

Spiritual Endurance

Helps You Explore Your Inner Self! 

Practicing to release and let go. . . Finding that balance between discipline and devotion. Being positive in your mind and coming from a place of love by following your heart. Experiencing freedom, joy and happiness. Being mindful, aware and present. Believing and trusting in yourself that you are right where you most want to be in living your life fully!

 Never Giving Up

If you feel like giving up, pause and/or stop and be in the moment! Be open to change, especially your perspective and your mindset. Find what drains your energies. Discover what gives you ultimate strength to move forward!

Know when to surrender, release and let go! The negative. The self defeating thoughts. The limiting beliefs. Practice to progress . . .

  • Come from a place of love in order to overcome your fears.
  • Change weaknesses into your greatest strengths.
  • Being able bodied and open minded.
  • Engage and explore with your whole being to journey along and create your story!

Your surrender to the perfected self in having everything right as well as the ego self in having to be right! No one can do it all. It is okay to lean for support and ask for help! It is better to surrender than collapse or plain just give up. It is finding what works best for you and discovering yourself on all levels! Most of all love and happiness.  

CELEBRATE the successes . . . the experiences . . . each and every moment . . . making memories!

(Photos by RSheridan)

How Do You Practice Endurance When Tested? Love to Hear, Please Share!


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7 responses to “Being Tested

  • Minnesota Prairie Roots

    You have packed so much good advice into this post, Renee. Letting go of the negative and focusing on the positive works. Realizing that many things simply are not worth worrying about is another. So much to ponder here from your insights. Thank you for writing this post.

  • Sue Slaght

    In life we always have to keep practicing and working on our goals don’t we. Loving photos with your encouraging words, Renee.

  • stormy1812

    Trusting myself is so hard – I can’t seem to find the right time to trust my brain versus my heart and vice versa; it feels like I always get it wrong. I really love how you say come from a place of love to overcome fears. My fear of my age and what not has me crippled right now but perhaps if I ever truly learned to love myself then perhaps I wouldn’t be so fearful…what do you think? Maybe. Who knows. And changing weakness into my strengths…that’s a tall order but you’re right…it’s important. You always have not only such lovely things to say but very sound advice! I hope you’re doing well and that your adventure just keeps getting better. 🙂

    • cravesadventure

      Remember practice . . . to progress, to learn and develop, to grow and to gain experiences. Practice . . . to believe and trust in yourself. Practice . . . self love and self acceptance. Practice each and every day to see improvement, gains, blessings, rewards, celebrations, etc. Wishing You the BEST 🙂 Happy Week – Enjoy!

  • badfish

    very lovely photos, very lovely words!! But I have to say, I just hate “enduring”…it’s just so hard!!!

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