Doing the Shuffle

Shuffleboard That Is!

St. Petersburg Shuffle Board Club. 559 Mirror Lake Drive North. A great sense of community with people of all ages playing! Family-friendly night of FUN.

The St. Pete Shuffle happens on Fridays from 7 to 11 p.m.! A St. Petersburg tradition since 2005. FREE, first come first served and weather permitting.

This is the hip and happening place to be on a Friday Night! Plus it makes a great date night activity too. I have never seen so many shuffleboard courts in one place! 

I enjoyed trying it! We asked a volunteer to help us get set up on a court and show us how to play. Playing it is a whole new game once you have mastered the rules and scoring!

  • Tangs are the cues to push the biscuits (aka weighted discs), which sends the biscuits gliding down a narrow and elongated court.
  • There is one tang (cue) for each player.
  • There are 8 biscuits (discs); 4 yellow and 4 black.
  • The purpose is getting the biscuits to come to a rest within the triangular marked scoring area at the far end of the court.
  • NEVER step on the court. Use the walkways along the court.
  • The game is played in matches of 4, 6 or 8 frames (a frame is both players or teams taking their turns. OR There is also the 75-point-match in which the player that reaches 75 points first is the winner.
  • The competitive nature of shuffleboard is in deflecting the opposition’s biscuits out of zones with a positive value as well as increasing your own points by landing biscuits into areas of high point value.
  • The biscuit cannot touch any part of the borders of the triangle. This is a loss of 5 points.
  • The top of the triangle is worth 10 points with the second section of the triangle worth 8 points with the third section of the triangle worth 7 points. The bottom of the triangle is a minus 10 points.

The St. Petersburg Shuffleboard Club

A Shuffleboard Court is 52 feet over all in length, 39 feet from baseline to baseline and 6 feet wide. Those dimensions were standardized in 1928 when the four-year-old club realized that it was time to end the confusion of rules that varied from club to club across Florida. A club committee worked out a standardized set of rules that governed not only the play of the game but the specifications of disks and cues, and the dimensions of the court.

Image result for shuffleboard pics

Interesting Fact:  The center line running through the scoring triangles became informally known as Central Avenue, named for St. Petersburg’s main street.

Shuffleboard arrived in St. Petersburg in 1923. In 1924 the St. Petersburg Mirror Lake Park Shuffleboard Club began with two shuffleboard courts in Mirror Lake Park.

In 1927 the first clubhouse was built.  By 1929 the club had 2,588 members. The clubhouse was expanded in 1931. The membership roster in 1931 listed people from 41 states and two foreign countries; Canada and Scotland. In 1932 the club changed its name to the St. Petersburg Shuffleboard Club. In 1937 another building was added to accommodate the bridge club and social gatherings. In 1938 a new clubhouse opened for the club. The club reached 5000 members in 1944.

In 1994 the city’s historic preservation office designated the club, its buildings and courts a historic landmark.

Club membership was down to 35 members ten years ago from 6,000 members.

In 2005 a group of young artists, known as the The Artillery, took up the game and joined forces with preservationists to host Friday night games. The public was invited to play for free on Friday nights. Today the club has hundreds of members by introducing the game to a new generation.

I felt like I stepped back into time to the 1920’s! The strings of white lights dangling over a set of courts. Taking that first step into the club house to get some tangs and biscuits. Walking to the court for the first time with a volunteer helping us out and showing us the ropes. The green benches and chalkboards at each court. There is even a grandstand! 

I am all for adventuring, especially when it is free and I can bring my own cooler! It is quite the workout too. I was sore the next day in finding new muscles while trying/playing shuffleboard!

Who is Up for Trying Something New & Adventuring On? Yes, Please! 

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