Your Path

Navigating The Many Paths

In Living Our Lives

Where are you . . .

  • Are you on the path?
  • Are you off the path?
  • Have you hit a rut?
  • Have you become stagnant and stuck?
  • What route are you on?

I need to clean house every so often! I need to pick up the mess, clean and just get rid of the clutter. It is a reflection of where I am currently and where I need to be heading and going in living my life!

Are you . . .

  • Journeying along.
  • Creating a new path.
  • Changing direction.
  • Taking the scenic route.
  • In the weeds or even in the ditch.

I have to realize that my life is in a constant state of flux! I have to get on board and go with the flow. I have to be open and embrace change and transitions instead of resisting, fighting or hiding from it. I need to come from a place of love and live a life I love!

When I am not going with the flow it just sucks the energy out of me and exhausts me! So not a good place to be. I know I need to take a break to rest, relax and reenergize. I need to take time for myself and my needs and make myself a priority again!

How do you . . .

  • Navigate when you get off course.
  • Become more aware and mindful.
  • Stay on track.
  • Look for signs.
  • Stay in the present and not look back or too forward.

How does one get pass the “OVER” anything and everything and just live the simple life! I am really good at adding pressure, anxiety and stress to the “OVER” too. Instead I need to find balance and that happy medium for myself, my needs and my whole being! I need to not linger, make a change and keep moving forward again. Get Back On My Path and Journey Along!

(Photos by RSheridan)

How Are You Doing? Love to Hear, Please Share!


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12 responses to “Your Path

  • Minnesota Prairie Roots

    Your photos today are perfect for illustrating your words. That last image with that road stretching into infinity is fabulous.

  • stormy1812

    I’ll shoot you an email with details, but during the last couple of months, I ended up finally letting go of the anger (mostly) and started to move on from all that crud that happened last April with that “friend” of mine. She was recently let go of at work (the company is downsizing) and I felt bad it was just before her birthday, so I offered to take her out for dinner for her birthday. Again, this individual took advantage of my kindness and that angered me so much! I hit a moment on Saturday and finally said to myself – let go, let love in and move on. What I did was instead of focusing on how frustrated I was on her taking advantage of my offer, I decided to move my focus to feeling the “love” I have for my friends who are very good to me instead. I came up with a little project I want to do and will do my best to get on track with my monthly theme on my own blog “The Love Month” for February so I quit with the negative energy and focus on the positive. I find that’s the best way to deal with negative. I haven’t figured out how to beat all my bad habits yet lol but I’m working on it…perhaps tonight I’ll be sure to take that time. I have joined the book club at our local library and am reading more..already! All good things for me…I have a long ways to go but again, I’m slowly making progress. 🙂

    • cravesadventure

      I am so happy you are moving forward – Kudos to YOU 🙂 Love the part in your comment about “let go, let love in and move on” – AMEN! Here’s to practicing to make progress my friend – remember to do for you and let the good and the positive in as well as share your shine and sparkle with yourself and others. Happy Week!

  • stormy1812

    p.s. – another great post! Always loving the photography 🙂

  • K. / Pure & Complex

    I am definitely on the path. It’s hard staying on it, but I am definitely keeping steady. Great post

    Please don’t forget to take my Readers Survey

  • Woman In Thrisis

    Trying to get reacquainted with my blog buddies! 🙂 I have been a MAJOR slacker! Nice to see that you, on the other hand, are posting away like always. Ahhh consistency 😉

  • Minuscule Moments

    Renee have not had time to comment on your posts lately because my path shoots off in all directions at the moment. I am writing a blog post on that very thing. I have too many projects on the boil at the same time. yet I have tried to do just one and it does no work…so slowly I am doing them all. NUTs? Yes. Love your pictures here too.

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