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Being Present


Remember being in school and having to check in with your home room teacher!

“The most precious gift we can offer others is our presence.

When mindfulness embraces those we love they bloom like flowers.” ~Thich Nhat Hanh

Some days I am either present or present, but not really there! How do I find awareness and mindfulness amongst the craziness and chaos every day? The piling on and the packed schedule. The checking of the inbox way too many times throughout the day because it seems to never be empty. The constant action along with the disruptions and distractions. I feel like I am getting nowhere fast at times!

Tuning Inward

I need to tune into my needs and my whole being! I need to nurture and nourish myself. I need that inspiration and motivation to feed and fuel me. I need to be aware of what is going on inside of me, so I can be more mindful of what is going on around me!

Making It Matter

I want to conquer today, be in the present moment and make the most of my day each and every day!

  • I tend to lose my perception and my perspective and need to bring it back to the forefront again.
  • I tend to lose my gratitude, give appreciation and be thankful for what I do have.
  • I tend to lose myself in the land of technology and the time sucking e-mail and internet.
  • I tend to lose myself with the worry and stress that I cannot keep up let alone increase my speed. That is not healthy or a way to live.

It is changeable and doable though! I need to look at what I am gaining in seeking the good and searching for the positive in living my life on a daily basis. I certainly feel more motivated, energized and productive! I feel like I am using my time more effectively and efficiently.

Escaping . . . Wandering . . .

My two favorite things to do is to escape and to wander, especially with no destination in mind! I love exploring, adventuring and just letting my curiosity go wild. I enjoy creating the space and the time I need for myself. I like pondering and puttering as well as wondering and wandering to my heart’s content!

I like to do these two things when I need a break from the routine and the four walls I live and work in! Running here, running there and running errands. Checking this and that off the to do list. There are days I feel productive and accomplished. There are days I feel like I ran nowhere and got not much done.

There are days I just want to be! Pausing, breathing and just being with myself. No alarm clock, no schedule, and no routine. I love just being able to do what I want with no destination in mind!

Slowing Down to Journey Along

I am enjoying slowing down and finding that slower pace in going about my day! I feel more connected, engaged and productive.  I feel more balanced and centered. It is freeing, calming and relaxing to my whole being!

(Photos by RSheridan)

What Are You Doing To Be Present In Living Your Life? Love to Hear, Please Share!


Going Within Yourself

To Live From The Inside Out

What Does Inner Power Mean To You?

My inner power comes from being true to who I am! I have a voice to communicate with and express myself. I find it freeing and empowering. I am in control and take charge in living my life!

My inner power comes from having the potential to experience personal growth! I love being curious and using my imagination. I tap into the power of my curiosity to learn and experience. I tap into the power of my imagination to be a creative being. I feel constructive and productive in developing, learning and gaining experiences, especially in doing something new to me!

My inner power comes from tapping into my inner strengths and talents! I look for the possibilities and the opportunities. I look for the good and the positive. I look for the inspiration and the motivation. I listen to my whole being and live passionately!

My inner power comes from being mindful and being in the present moment! I enjoy the process, the practice and the progress I make when in those moments. I love making memories and life experiences. I feel more connected to my whole being and the world I live in!

“Attaining the ability to freely express our inner power

means we have learned how to harness our true energy.” ~Unknown

What Does Inner Energy Mean To You?

My inner energy comes from within my whole being! I am loving and passionate. I am driven and have determination. I share this with myself and others!

My inner energy comes from being as balanced as possible! Mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. I am energetic and have to work at being a calm and collected person. I am learning to listen to my inner voice, follow my heart and trust my gut instincts to meet my needs and my wants!

My inner energy comes from my inner happiness and inner gratitude! It feeds and fuels me. It nurtures and nourishes my whole being. My happiness and my gratitude come from within in me and that is a choice I make in living my life!

My inner energy comes from trying new things and stretching my comfort zone! I enjoy discovering new lessons and learning new things. I enjoy learning about people and cultures as well as places and history. I love developing, growing and gaining life experiences!

“When we live from the space of having and open mind and heart,

we can live out our dreams without any limitation.” ~Unknown

I want to be more open minded and open hearted than closed off when it comes to living my life! I find it freeing, calming and relaxing. I want to utilize and share my inner power and inner energy with myself as well as others! I find meaning, purpose and potential in myself and my life.

(Photos by RSheridan)

Here’s To Attracting The Inner Power and The Inner Energy In Living Your Life Fully and Completely! Love to Hear Your Thoughts, Please Share!

Journey Of Self

Teachable Moments

The BEST teachable moments have been:

  1. Listening to my inner voice, following my heart and trusting my gut instincts.
  2. Valuing, believing, trusting, and having faith in myself again.
  3. Being worthy and being enough.
  4. Loving my whole being again.
  5. Living to my full potential by being true to who I am and living a passionate life by doing what I love.

There is no better teacher than the love I have for myself and listening to my intuition! I need to use all my senses. My senses are my inner guide and a powerful resource to put into play! My senses center me and keep me calm as well as give me clarity, confidence and courage. My inner compass while journeying along on my path to create my story!

Becoming One . . . Getting In Touch . . . Exploring . . .

Lessons Learned

  • Nurture! Richness
  • Nourishment! Abundance
  • I am celebrating more, especially the simple.
  • Tuning into my passions and tapping into my potential and purpose.
  • Learning, growing and gaining life experiences.

There is no greater gift that I can give myself than the love I have for myself and being true to who I am in living my life!

Finding the Path . . . Journeying Along . . . Adventuring . . .


I love communicating, interacting and connecting with myself! The greatest growth for me has come from focusing on practice instead of perfection. I need to come from and experience growth from a place of love and compassion for my whole being!

I love “Discovering My Strong”! I do need to be in charge as well as be in control. My hopes and wishes as well as my dreams and desires. My potential, my purpose and my passions. I need to make a commitment to myself to take time for myself and take care of my needs. I do need to make myself a priority!

Loving . . . Being . . . Growing . . .

A part of that priority is doing what I love and what I want/need to do! Traveling. Adventuring. Exploring. Work/Life Balance! Being inspired, motivated and active.

I need to support myself and be there for my greatest someone(s)!


I am so blessed and lucky to live the life I do have! I am able to be more aware and mindful in order to just be and to be in the present moment. I am grateful for what my whole being does for me on a daily basis!

Experiencing Life . . . Creating My Story . . . Traveling . . . (Photos by RSheridan)

Here’s to Designing Your Life Plan, Heading Down Your Path, Journeying Along, and Creating Your Story!

Choosing Direction

Where Are You Going?

I love Dr. Seuss’s book Oh, The Places You’ll Go!. This book still speaks to me as an adult. This book is full of teachable moments, lessons and life experiences! This book taps into my feelings, emotions and thoughts. I see myself in certain aspects of the book!

Here’s a Great Reminder!

“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes.

You can steer yourself in any direction you choose. You’re on your own.

And you know what you know. And YOU are the one who’ll decide where to go . . .” ~Dr. Seuss

This book is about life’s ups and downs in humorous verse and illustrations! This book is about encouragement as well as courage. This book is about finding the success that lies within each and every one of us! I love that inspiration and motivation.

“Life may be a ‘Great Balancing Act,’ but through it all

There’s fun to be done.” ~Dr. Seuss

For me it is about seeing the details to the big picture to the great sights! It is about using my senses and trusting my intuition. It is about listening and communicating to myself as well as following my heart. It is about challenging myself by going within myself and living from the inside out!

For me it is about nurturing and nourishing my whole being! It is about my blessings and my gifts. It is about the good and the positive. It is about the inspiration and the motivation. I need to take time for myself as well as take care of my needs for my whole being and to live my life!

For me it is about finding my path, journeying along and creating my very own story of my lifetime! It is about facing the cliff and taking that giant leap. It is about being low and then climbing and maybe even soaring again. I think about being in general!

(Photos by RSheridan)

Life Is What You Make It, Right?!? So . . . Where Are You Going? Love to Hear, Please Share!

On Different Paths

Getting It Together!

There are times when my physical being is wandering down one path while my mental state is barreling down a whole different path! I have to remind myself to find my own pace and my own balance for my needs and my whole being. There are times I wonder what my crazy mind is trying to tell me or even TEACH me! I have to get it together and get my mind and my physical being back into sync.

When I am out of whack I stress out, close myself off and start building barriers if not walls! I stop being receptive and start being reactionary and defensive. Anything and everything feels like a personal attack! I have to stop thinking that everything is a problem and that everything is out to get me. I have to adjust my attitude and change the direction of my focus!

Focusing . . .

I need to focus in on what is of value and what matters! I am learning that I need to identify what needs my attention the most and just let the rest go. I also need to focus inward and take my time being in the present moment! I am learning that I need to be more open and to accept what is happening in my life.

I am learning new ways to respond as well as react to what is happening in my life and around me! I know a lot of my problems would go away if I did not respond let alone react. I know at times I just have to let things be and be okay with that! I really can just be myself when I tap into my whole being and that means my emotions and feelings too.

Pausing . . .

I have to remind myself to tap into my curious self and just explore again! I need to let go of my ego, my attitude and my control and laugh, play and just have FUN. I have the ability to see the big picture as well as the details and everything in between when I focus on the moment and I am fully engaged! I experience growth and gain life experiences.

Moving . . . (Photos by RSheridan)

Here’s to Heading in One Direction and to Keeping Life Simple!!!

The BEST Parts Of . . .


I love hitting the open road and seeing where it takes me! I enjoy getting on a plane to journey to far away destinations. It is about shifting into a much lower gear and slowing the pace down for a while. I enjoy escaping the four walls I live within in my personal life and especially in my professional life!

I love learning about new cultures, history, places, and people! I grow as a person and gain life experiences. I really try to ask questions first before just making judgments. It is okay to lean in, be open and experience the different, the interesting and the unique!

I love seeing the natural beauty that countries have to offer when traveling, adventuring and exploring! Yosemite and Yellowstone. The Coast of California and Oregon. Beautiful Cities to Bucolic Country Sides. Just takes my breathe away and leaves me in a state of shock and awe!


I love experiencing the NEW! as well as going back to places I have already been to adventure and explore some more! Adventuring is discovering what I am made of and discovering my strong.  Adventuring is growth in shaping who I am and what I want to become as I learn and experience life. It is about BEING in the moment, experiencing what life has to offer and making those memories that last a lifetime!

Sometimes adventuring is about the SIMPLE! A walk on the beach, a picnic lunch, strolling through green spaces, checking out an outdoor market, watching the sun set with a drink in hand, etc. I love getting away from the “tourist attractions” and going where the locals go to hang out!


I love being curious! I enjoy interacting and engaging myself and my whole being. I need to engage my five senses and be aware of what is happening to me and around me. It is about living for TODAY and just GETTING OUT THERE!

Do you talk to strangers, locals or other travelers when you travel? I have had some great conversations with perfect strangers. I never know who I will meet and those conversations make for some great discoveries and experiences! I discover more about a place by interacting and engaging the locals as well as other travelers who have been to that place before. I experience different cultures and ways of living and share my culture and experiences too!

I love experiencing the New! and stretching myself, my boundaries and my comfort zone! Like that saying, “Do Something That Scares You”. DO that and MORE!


Traveling, adventuring and exploring is a part of creating my story in living my life! It is about experiencing memorable places and people. It is about making memories that last a lifetime. It is about being open to experiences, stretching my comfort zone and just discovering more about who I am!



I love sharing my experiences through writing! I enjoy giving back to the communities I have experienced through my writing in telling others about the community and what there is to see and do. I also support the local businesses and stay within the community. Nothing better than armchair traveling!

(Photos by RSheridan)

Love to Hear Your Thoughts, Please Share!!!

The Heart Wants


Love certainly has its highs and its lows! Love certainly has its teachable moments in lessons of love!

My Top 3 Teachable Moments

  1. Love myself and my whole being.
  2. Follow my heart.
  3. Love living the life I do have.

The BEST teachable moment is that I need to love myself! It starts by believing and trusting in myself. It starts in valuing and being true to who I am. It is about  finding my voice and expressing myself. It is about being willing to learn, develop and grow!

I am working on following my heart more! It starts by communicating and connecting with myself. It is about being open, embracing and accepting when it comes to living my life. My heart is a powerful player and at times it speaks and wants more than my mind!

My Top 3 Lessons of Love

  1. Love is about being true to who I am.
  2.  Come from a place of love instead of fear.
  3. Love is a powerful player.

How do I protect myself, but put my guard down and open my heart to myself let alone other people? Talk about a loaded question!

The power that amazes me is loving again and again no matter the hurt or heartbreak! I may experience change and growth due to that, but I will survive to love again. I cannot lock the door and hide in the closet. That is so not living my life!

Those teachable moments become memories and life experiences!

(Photos by RSheridan)

What Is L-O-V-E Teaching You? Love to Hear, Please Share!


The Real You

Do You Put the Real You Out There?

For me being real and genuine is about simply living my life in a good and positive way each and every day! I prefer to be true to who I really am and put that me out there!

I am a pretty driven person and it comes from within me! I am an active person that likes to be in the action. I think, I question and at times I challenge in going after what I need or want. I love my confidence and my independence and the freedom it gives me to get out there to experience anything and everything!

I am working on my listening skills because I want to communicate, interact and connect better with myself and others! I want depth instead of drama. I want to build up not break each other down. I want to share, laugh and just have a good time in making memories and life experiences!

People in general fascinate me! What are they doing? Where are they going? What is their story and life experiences? I enjoy learning about people and cultures and places and history! It just opens my world up even more.

I love experiencing life! It keeps me curious to learn, grow and gain experiences. It keeps me connected to the pulse and what is going on around me. That is the main reason I travel, adventure and explore!

(Photos by RSheridan)

How Are You Journeying Along In Living Your Life? Are You Making Memories and Gaining Life Experiences? Are You Putting YOU OUT THERE? Love to Hear, Please Share!


So Want To

Embrace It More

I recently read something about embracing impermanence and wanted to know more about the definition of impermanence!

  • At peace with your life and that everything has a time and place.
  • Holding on versus letting go.
  • Releasing what no longer serves you.
  • A constant state of flux.
  • That time passes on no matter what happens!

Impermanence gets me thinking about birth, aging and experiencing loss. It gets me thinking about developing, learning and growth. It gets me thinking about changes and transitions. With that comes gaining life experiences!

Impermanence gets me thinking about abundance and richness in my life and in living my life. It gets me thinking about quality versus quantity. It gets me thinking about motivations and passions that ignite my whole being. Basically doing what I love and doing it with joy, happiness and pleasure! 

Impermanence gets me thinking about the choices and decisions that I can make every day. It gets me thinking about what I want to share with myself as well as other people. It gets me thinking about communication, interaction and connection. Basically finding that balance that keeps me grounded and gives me purpose!

How I Embrace Impermanence Already

  1. Self-love
  2. Self-worth
  3. Self-confidence

#1 Self-Love

For me self-love is not being selfish! I need to make myself and my whole being a priority. I need to take time for myself and my needs. I am learning that if I give to myself I get what I really need in my life!

#2 Self-Worth

For me self-worth is about valuing myself and who I truly am as a person! This includes my beliefs, my passions, my connections, my loves, my experiences, etc.

#3 Self-Confidence

For me self-confidence is about being a force of energy! Especially when it comes to going after what I want, especially my desires and my dreams. For me self-confidence is about learning to listen to my inner voice and my heart way more than I already do! I do struggle with rejection, especially if I take it personal. For me self-confidence is about liking myself! I need to love myself as well as forgive myself. I need to care about what I think plain and simple!

(Photos by RSheridan)

Here’s to Finding What Works Best For You! Love to Hear Your Thoughts, Please Share.


Yourself the Gift of You

By Living a Good Life

I have been thinking about . . .

  • Thriving versus living.
  • Monetary versus richness.
  • Letting go versus hanging on.
  • Releasing versus freeing.
  • Wanting versus needing.
  • Settling versus growing.
  • Comfort versus experiencing.
  • Chaos versus balance.

What Do You Give To Yourself?

I give myself . . .

  • Love
  • Compassion
  • Kindness
  • Forgiveness
  • Care

How Do You Give To Others?

I give . . .

  • Myself
  • Love
  • Communication
  • Interaction and Connection
  • Sharing and Experiencing

What are Your Gifts, Talents and Passions?

I am . . .

  • Natural
  • Creative
  • Active
  • Energetic
  • Genuine

How Do You Live the Good Life?

  • My “Home Sweet Home” is With My Greatest Someone.
  • Loving Myself, My Greatest Someone and My Greatest Someones.
  • Appreciating the Life I Do Have.
  • Communicating, Interacting and Connecting.
  • Making Memories and Life Experiences.
  • Celebrating More!!!
  • Hoping, Wishing and Dreaming.
  • Being Mindful of the Good and the Positive.
  • Being an Inspiration as well as Passionate.
  • Feeling Good in general.
  • Acceptance as well as Forgiveness to Myself and Others.
  • Learning, Developing, Growing, and Experiencing.
  • Being In the Present Moment and Enjoying the Process.

(Photos by RSheridan)

What Have You Been Thinking About? Love to Hear, Please Share!

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