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My ENJOYable List

Carve Out Time

To Play, Laugh and

Have FUN!

My Greatest Someone

I really enjoy spending a whole day with my greatest someone! Pretty much doing anything or nothing at all as long as we were together. I cherish that time together escaping, exploring and adventuring. That is pretty special to me!


“Me” Time

I enjoy taking time for myself to take care of myself, my needs and my whole being! I like spending time with myself. I love being able to do what I want to do and what I love to do too! It makes me happy and it fulfills and satisfies my whole being.

Yes to Chocolate!

The Little Things

I love taking pleasure in the little things throughout my day! A cup of coffee or a glass of wine. Reading a good book or a movie with popcorn. Anything that motivates and inspires me. It just boosts my mood and brightens my day!

Cheers & Celebrations!!!

Connecting and Sharing

I have been reaching out more and connecting with family and friends! I did not realize how much I was missing that lately. It makes me feel good and gives me a much need burst of energy! I love sharing that energy and positivity with others.

Communicating . . . Connecting . . . Interacting . . . Engaging . . .


I am doing a lot of writing lately! I enjoy taking the time to brain storm and brain dump. I love reading to get ideas for blog fodder in creating blog posts. I find it to be such a fun process lately!


I enjoy a great creative streak! My best creation is my blog. It fuels and feeds my whole being. A great outlet to get myself lost in!

Creating . . . Writing . . . Reading . . .

Book Party

I love picking up a stack of books at the library! I cannot wait to decide which one to read first.


I have not fed this passion in a while! I need to start taking photos again.

Getting Outside

I love getting outside to walk and hike! It is relaxing and refreshing. It is great exercise too. I love soaking up my surroundings and reveling in the solace and solitude!

Becoming One With Nature

Trying New! Things

I enjoy being able to try new things! It breaks up the daily grind and gets me out of my daily routine. I get energy from being curious and wanting to do something new and different! I enjoy learning, exploring and experiencing.

Taking the Train for a Day Trip


I love that every day is a new day with a new start! I am in control of the day that I will have. I enjoy being able to take the time to focus on one thing and be in that moment. I love when I do that one thing that just makes my day and makes me happy!

Conquering Today (Photos by RSheridan)

Here’s to Relaxing, Recharging and Reenergizing Yourself By DOING the ENJOYable!!! Love to Hear What You Have Been Doing, Please Share!

Craving Water

Water Is Very Much A

Part Of My Whole Being

I have a dominant water personality! I have a water energy too! I know I tune into and tap into my emotions, feelings and thoughts way more than I should at times. I have to have personal space and set boundaries due to seeking out and soaking up things around me. I am curious about what makes me tick and how I operate as a person!

The Ocean and The Waves

The #1 thing that just baffles me is that I do not have a “go with the flow” personality and/or trait! I am so not self-contained either. However, I am very self-protective of myself. That is probably why I struggle with stability, balance and calm; my emotional power needs to be reigned in more!

  • I crave it and thirst for it.
  • I am imaginative and intuitive.
  • I am emotional, sensitive and empathetic.
  • I am nurturing as well as moody and secretive.
  • I ponder and reflect.
  • I am able to have that sense of self.

I love a great escape and I am especially drawn to places with water elements! I love connecting and becoming one with nature and natural elements. I find water to be soothing, cleansing and purifying to me!

Experiencing . . .

Love This!

  • Water mixed with fire creates steam.
  • Water mixed with air creates rain
  • Water mixed with earth creates mud.
  • Water can create as well as take away!

I am learning to nurture and nourish myself and my needs! I am blunt and working on being more tactful. I am discovering compassion by learning to be flexible and having the ability to adapt better. I am a wanderer that tends to get lost, but eventually I find my way again!

I want to better navigate my life in order to find meaning and purpose! Who I am? What I Want? Where Do I Want to Be? How Do I Get There? Finding my faith and my truth as well as being natural and real!

Navigating . . .

I am practicing and making progress in building a stronger foundation for myself in order to learn, grow and experience! I want to be engaged and motivated to find my imaginative and creative sides. I am finding my voice and expressing myself once again. I want to build and develop deeper connections with my greatest someones, especially my adventure partner!

I tend to be guarded, protective and hold back when I am around people I do not know! I am an introvert screaming to be an extrovert. I want to be part of the action and be around people. I am an inspirer and an encourager!

I Crave Water – It Fulfills Me and It Is A Source of Healing for Me! I Enjoy the Solace and the Deepness Water Gives To Me! I Love Gazing at the Ocean and Watching the Waves Come In and Go Out Again! I Can Just Be!

Beautiful and Shades of Blue (Photos by RSheridan)

Love to Hear Your Thoughts, Please Share!!!

Un . . .


I love unplugging from the every day grind by escaping to the great outdoors! I feel relaxed, refreshed and renewed when outside exploring and adventuring. I feel my pace slow down, my breathe connecting to my whole being again and find my natural balance from the inside out. I love being surrounded by nature to find solitude and solace!

I love standing in the water with my feet in the sand! I feel grounded and connected to my whole being. The sun warming my body! I feel a lightness radiating from my whole being that fills me up.

I HAVE TO unplug and take a break from technology! I start to feel overwhelmed and distracted. Then I feel anxious and stressed out because I cannot keep up the pace. I need to slow down and turn inward to communicate, interact and connect with my whole being!


I love when I can tune into my natural rhythm, especially on the weekends! No alarm clocks or set schedules. Go to bed when I am truly tired and wake up rested! No restlessness and tossing and turning.

I love unwinding through reading! I look at the written words to discover the symbols and overall moral of the story. Another great escape from reality! I enjoy the imagery that comes to me while reading. I love curling up with a great read or my favorite magazine!

I would love to get back into journaling and letter writing again! So cathartic! I do enjoy exploring the card aisle every once in a while. I enjoy picking out stickers and stamps too.

I make the following commitments to myself.

  1. Slowing down and turning inward every day for at least 5 minutes.
  2. Connecting to my breathe and my whole being throughout the day.
  3. Living an active and healthy lifestyle.
  4. Spending quality time with my greatest someone and adventure partner.
  5. Taking time for myself and my needs every day for at least 5 minutes.

(Photos by RSheridan)

How Do You Un . . . Every Day? Love to Hear, Please Share!

Yes I Can

Opening Myself Up To

The Possibilities,

The Opportunities,

The Surprises

I have sounded like a broken record lately with saying, “I can’t . . .”! I feed on my fear, especially the unknowns and the major changes. I focus on being lost, dazed and confused and use it as an excuse too. Sometimes the hurt, the anger and the pain is the only thing I can see and think about!

I am learning to take each day as a new day and as a gift to just be in it! I am becoming more mindful and aware of what is going on with me internally and externally. I am working on being grateful, appreciative and complimentary to myself and to other people. I am hoping, wishing and dreaming for what I love and what I love to do and most of all what I want in my life!

Growing . . . Giving . . . Engaging . . .

I am engaging and connecting with my whole being! I am listening to myself, taking time for myself and taking care of my needs. I am following my heart by having faith, believing and trusting in myself. I am going with my gut versus my mind on certain things. I am seeking out and soaking up . . . happiness and healthiness, love and joy, smile and shine . . . !

I am being true to who I am! That is so important and matters on so many levels in living my life. I remind myself there is at least two sides to every story! I have to put the ego and the attitude away or at least check it. I have to be willing to change my perspective because not everything is black and white or easy or hard!

Being . . . Doing . . . Living . . .

I am accepting of my whole being! I am loving my body again and getting more comfortable in my skin too. I focus on nurturing and nourishing my whole being! I am such a better person in doing that and want to share myself with other people.

I am learning to open my heart up and let my guard down to let myself and other people into my world! Love, kindness and compassion. Giving, sharing and receiving. It is all pretty amazing and makes me feel good, positive and happy!

The most eye opening moment is that I do have everything I need!

Blessings (Photos by RSheridan)

What Are You Opening Yourself To? It is about Creating Your Story and Experiencing What Life Has to Offer You! Love to Hear, Please Share!

2014 Adventures

 A Look Back


  • Explored Sacramento, California.
  • Attended the Capital Beer Fest for the 1st time.

SUPRISE! Snow Storm


  • Explored the Lodi Wine Region for the 1st time – checking off another wine region in California.


  • Attended the Spring Hopland Passport Wine Event.
  • Went back to the Lodi wine region to explore some more.


  • Attended Sierra Nevada’s Beer Camp – My Very 1st Beer Camp!
  • Attended the Amador County Fair and the Friday Night Wine Tasting Event at the Fair.
  • Attended Artown 2014 events.


  • Local Touring.
  • Exploring.
  • Biking.

Tomatoes FRESH from My Garden

A Favorite Place to Hang Out In the Summer Months.

Beautiful Lake Tahoe


  • Traveled, Adventured and Explored Ireland.

Charles Fort


Ireland Cows

Kilmainham Gaol in Dublin

Guinness Goodness

Blarney Castle

Looking for Pluckerstown

County Kerry – Beautiful and Natural Tunnel System


Ireland Sheep – Wanting the Road and Traffic to STOP!


  • Afternoon Tour of Breweries and Wineries in Santa Rosa.
  • Attended the Fall Hopland Passport Wine Event.

(Photos by RSheridan)

Love to Hear About Your Adventures in 2014! Please Share!


Comes From Learning,

Developing and Experiencing

I recently read an article that just jumped off the page and right at me! I heard that ding, ding bell going off in my head reading that article. I can be so clueless at times!

There is two sides, right! Mistakes and Failures versus Lessons and Growth. Do You Focus on the Mistakes and Failures? OR Do You Grow from the Lessons Learned? I know I focused in on the stress and fear at times more than the good and the positive!

How do I know what I have the ability to do and what I am capable of if I do not try and make an effort!

I know I set my expectations too high at times! I need to think in terms of possibilities and opportunities. Then be open to it and embrace it! I know I hold myself responsible and accountable to the highest standard. I need to think in terms of love, care, compassion, and kindness to myself and my whole being!

I do not live with regret though because I do try! I just talk smack and beat myself up a bit before moving forward again. I need to learn how to deal with myself and my needs when I make mistakes and experience failures.  Talk about testing myself and my limits!

I know there have been times where I make mistakes and experience failures that I hope to NEVER make again! Lesson Learned! I certainly learn how to make better choices and decisions to help myself have better solutions and results for the next time.

I need to respect and love myself and stop being so critical and judgmental! My life will ebb and flow, go up and down and be a bit of trial and error too. I need to listen to myself and my needs and trust my gut intuition!

I want to be challenged, but there is challenge and there is challenges! I need to find the comfort level that works best for me. Then I can ease into those challenges and have the time I need to work those challenges. I may be able to hold of my breaking point a little longer too. I call that true personal growth!

(Photos by RSheridan)

NEVER Stop Learning and Continue To Experience Growth In Yourself and In Living Your Life!!! Love to Hear Your Thoughts, Please Share!

Powering Through

Exercise Motivation

I do not always feel up to working out, but I make a commitment to myself to go at least two times a week no matter what! I really struggle on days where I am tired, in a foul mood or just had a negative, downer day. I use the motivation to go by telling myself I will feel much better after exercising and I do! I also find the motivation in putting on my work out clothes and my tennis shoes on. It is go time!

Getting Into Gear & Just Going . . .

I am constantly telling myself I can do this or that or at least give it a try! I grew up being active and pretty athletic. That helps when it comes to working out and exercising. I tell my crazy mind what I am doing and put my body into action!

I am learning that I am stronger than I think! I am creating that  foundation to build off of to get stronger and to develop my endurance over time. I am learning that there is a difference between my inner strength and my physical strength. I am discovering my strong and enjoying the process!  

Discovering My STRONG!

I am learning that I have to continue to challenge my whole being! I need to stimulate my mind, engage my body and tune in from the inside out. It certainly helps me in all aspects of my life too! I use to think repeat and repeat. Now I think practice and repeat, which leads to challenge and results in change. I love seeing the results and gaining the rewards!

I am pushing my body and my whole being to new limits and actually like it! Challenging and different are good for me. I am okay with sweating now because I know I am working hard! I can do anything for at least 20 seconds when pushing my body, especially in doing something new. Just dig in and get it done already because then it will be over!

One Step At A Time  . . .

I am my biggest cheerleader and supporter! I motivate, inspire and encourage myself. Yes, I talk to myself when working out. Yes, I make a few noises when working out. Yes, I can laugh at myself and have a good time doing it too!

Nothing Better Than the Outdoors Version of the Stair Climber (Photos by RSheridan)

Remember To Find That Motivation or Inspiration That Helps You Power Through In Every Aspect of Your Life! What Are You Powering Through? What Is Your Motivation? Love to Hear, Please Share!

Testing My Limits

Would Like My Grade

To Move On

I have been experiencing multiple challenges lately and it is really testing my limits! When do I get my grade, so I can just move on. I am ready for change and will continue to be open and embrace the unknowns. Just bring it on already!

You can’t leave where you are until you decide where

you would rather be. ~from Find Your Happy by Shannon Kaiser

I do know that the place I am in is no longer working! I would rather be anywhere then there!

I am taking that leap of faith and going for it! I need to find a new lesson to learn and grow from instead of being stuck in this repeating pattern. I am done with the challenges and testing my limits and just ready to move forward once again. I have to be willing to change or my life will not change!

Coasting the Hills . . .

In a way I am waving the white flag because I have had enough, but I am never giving up though! I have to stop listening to my crazy mind and listen to my heart. I know when I have followed my heart in the past it has given me goodness! I have to believe and trust in myself when it comes to making the choices and decisions that are best for me too. I do not want to play into the hands of desperation!

I have learned what I do not want throughout this challenging time! I am still trying to figure out just how to go about getting what I do want!

With Challenge Comes Great Gains!

I am learning to be more patient and open and just to go with the flow more! I think sometimes life is just trying to take me for a test drive. I can either hang on for dear life or sit back and enjoy the ride! I think with a little practice I will start to make progress in getting to where I want to be.

Looking Past the Obstacles (Photos by RSheridan)

Like the side mirrors on my truck say, “Things look closer than they appear.”! Love to Hear Your Thoughts, Please Share!


A Happy Place or

At Least a Happy Medium

For me my happy place is not structural! It is the place I put the daily grind, the worries and the stressors on the down low and/or away for a while. I just want to have a moment to myself!

It is a place that I can . . .

  •  Just be.
  • Be myself and be with myself.
  • Take time for myself to take care of my needs and my well being.
  • Connect with myself and my whole being.
  • Unplug and unwind.
  • Relax and rest.
  • Be creative.
  • To escape reality and dream.
  • Get cozy and curl up with a great read.
  • Release and let go.
  • Recharge and reenergize.
  • Feeling good by connecting with myself and loving myself.

(Photos by RSheridan)

What Do You Do For Yourself, Your Needs and Your Whole Being? Love to Hear, Please Share!

Getting Into the Spirit

Tuning In,

Tapping Into It

Some people call it soul! Other people call it faith!

How Do You Tune In and

Tap Into Your Spiritual Side?

I am not the best at it, but I try! I call it listening to myself and following my heart. I call it paying attention to my gut and my intuition. I call it believing in and trusting in myself!

How Do You Act On That Connection

With Your Spiritual Side?

I either act and go or I resist and ignore when my spiritual side is trying to guide me! I usually get that feeling of persistence in that I should be aware of someone or something. Sometimes I get that ding, ding alarm bell. Other times I just feel as if it is speaking directly and loudly to me to wake up and pay attention already!

I know at times I end up in more trouble then I imagined because I did not listen to myself from the inside out! My mind is taking charge and taking over control instead. I need to tune in and tap into my soul/spirit and my faith a little more, especially in reconnecting with my whole being again! This is one reason I feel a disconnect with myself at times.

I have lost that connection in living from the inside out and believing in my faith! I am lost, dazed and confused. I do not like the feeling of being out of touch and not being able to find that middle ground. I find myself searching and seeking for more in living my life, especially in my wants. It is sad to say, but it happens!

How Do You Know What Is Best For You?

I am navigationally challenged, so I tend to focus on landmarks instead of signs! I am starting to pay more attention to those signs though. Sometimes the meaning means nothing to me and it makes me stop to think! It can be a clearing of the mind, opening up the heart, freeing of the spirit experience.

Who and What Do You Listen To?

I do not do well with being uncomfortable and uncertain! Especially of the unknown and the final outcome. I am learning to lean into that discomfort. I am finding that love trumps fear if I open up and listen to my whole being!

How Do You Find The Direction You Need?

I try really hard not to fall in the trap of could, should and would! I feel like I give myself the excuse to not be committed. I like can and will better! I feel like it is possible to believe in myself and give myself a 100%.

(Photos by RSheridan)

LOVE to Hear Your Thoughts, Please Share!!!

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