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Fall Road Trip

Santa Cruz, California

Leaving Santa Cruz and Taking the Coastal Route.

Into the Bank of Fog.

Pigeon Point Light Station and Lighthouse

Half Moon Bay, California

Crab Season

Tall Ship

Flora and Fauna

San Francisco, California

I fell in love with San Fran in 1998 and then in 2005 I left a piece of my heart in San Fran. I celebrated my 1st wedding anniversary in San Fran in 2005 and shortly before turned 30. This year we celebrated 10 years of wedded bliss and on this trip I celebrated turning the Big 4-0. It is AMAZING how life comes FULL CIRCLE!

Into the Fog to San Fran.

The Fog + Sunrise = Eerie

Finally Capturing the Windmills in San Fran.

Golden Gate Park

The Golden Gate Bridge – Taken Over By the Fog.

Going Through Sacramento

(Photos by RSheridan)

Adjusting the Settings

Cold, Medium or Hot

Does Every One Have a Different Setting When It Comes To Their Temperament?

I am really trying to find that balance or that happy medium again!

Taking It Personal

Why do I feel at times that anything and everything is a personal attack? I do not know why I feed into that mindset at times. I am working on it and slowly making some progress on it. I know better and need to use some of my common sense and smarts!

I am still learning to find my calm and collected self. My mantra lately is, “If I have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all”!

The Littlest Things

Why does the littlest things just get to me? I am really trying to pause, take a breathe and focus on the present moment. Why do I feel at times inconvenienced, disappointed, disrespected, and even at times just defeated? I need to use my power and my energy to take back control of the situation.

I need to be aware of my feelings, emotions and thoughts in these situations and have my wits about me! My tone of voice and my body language need some polishing at times.

A Negative Into A Positive

How do I turn a negative experience into a positive experience? It comes down to changing my perspective and seeing the good and the positive in a negative experience. It comes down to not focusing on the “OVER” anything and everything feelings, emotions and thoughts. It comes down to forgiving myself, letting go and moving on again!

I let the most insignificant things bother me the most!

Letting Go and Releasing

What Stays? What Goes? What Gives?

I do think about the distractions, the disruptions and just the fast pace day in and day out! I do get annoyed in not being able to just focus on one thing at a time. I do think my multitasking skill set has been pushed to its maximum limit! I do get to that breaking point if one more person or one more thing needs my attention I am just going to lose it and need to check into a padded cell for a while.

I feel lost, dazed and confused when I cannot keep up! I feel like I am not carrying my fair share of the weight and that I am doing anything and everything half-arsed too. I feel like I need to do a brain dump and reboot because I cannot maintain, learn and retain any more information. It is just one crazy cycle!

I know STOP already and get a life, right!

“OVER” Anything and Everything

I am trying not to do the “OVER” anything and everything and I know I cannot do it all either! I am trying to be more aware. I am trying to make tweaks, adjustments and changes. I am in control when it comes to what I let ruin my day!

Sometimes I am too busy looking for answers and cannot see what is right in front of me! I am a fixer. I am a perfectionist. I am a want everything right person. There is a time and place to reason, challenge, ask questions, problem solve, and come up with answers and resolutions! Especially if I remove the emotions, feelings and thoughts from the equation. Action vs. Reaction! Reward vs. Regrets!

STOP! Rocking the Boat Already

I know my whole being will thank me if I would stop rocking the boat! Sometimes life is not fair and cannot be planned. Sometimes I have to take the good with the bad and just go with the flow! I have to let go of the fear and the expectations to let the love in and hopefully the goodness.

(Photos by RSheridan)

Here’s to Learning to Adjust and Shift Into Gear In a More Positive and Healthier Way! Love to Hear Your Thoughts, Please Share!

A Happy Medium

Finding IT!

Last year I was struggling to find a happy medium in my life! It took me some time, but I found it. I found it by looking within myself! I am discovering that when I am seeking answers that a good place to look is from within myself.

I created some much needed practices for myself too!

  • Loving my whole being and who I am.
  • Spending time with myself.
  • Taking time to read and/or write.
  • Getting back to the basics, especially in working out.
  • Keeping it simple or simpler that I have been doing.
  • Stretching my comfort zone by trying new things.
  • Letting go of what no longer serves me.
  • Making changes when something is no longer working for me.
  • Hoping, Wishing and Dreaming.
  • Adventuring and Exploring.

In living from the inside out I am learning and growing as a person! I am challenging myself more and more. I am making new experiences in living my life. I am expanding my world!

I am finding my fierceness and fearlessness! I am discovering my strong and leaning into my weaknesses. I am learning to be humble and to have humility. I am being more in the moment, making memories and celebrating life!

The hardest step has been opening my heart and letting people in again! I find it hard to let my guard down and find it even harder to trust. I am discovering through this process that I am more open, more accepting and more loving to myself! I need to love myself and I deserve love and to be loved in my life.

I needed to come to terms that I am enough! I had to change my mindset, release that emotional crap and get rid of the excess clutter and baggage. I had to make change and let go of what no longer was working for me. I want to get out there and conquer today!

The greatest gift you can give yourself is YOU! I love being on a journey of self and finding my direction in living my life. I love clearing a path and creating my story. I started small and continue to work from the 1st step!

(Photos by RSheridan)

Here’s To Being Your AMAZING Self! Here’s to Making Your Day Better By Being a Healthier and Happier You! Love to Hear Your Thoughts, Please Share!

Nourishing Yourself

Fueling and Feeding

Your Whole Being

The greatest lesson I have learned through this process of creating a healthier lifestyle is to do what is best for me and my whole being! I cannot stress that enough because you are unique and you have your own version of what is healthy for you!

I am making myself a priority and it is important that I put my health, my well being and my fitness at the top of my list of things to do on a daily basis! I need to take time for myself and care for my needs. I am certainly a healthier and happier person when I do that. It motivates me to get out there and grab life to gain experiences!

One BIG World Out There!

I hold myself accountable when it comes to making better choices with my health, wellness and fitness! I am being aware and being mindful in the choices I do make! I enjoy eating whole foods, nutrient-rich foods, real foods, especially the seasonal offerings of fruits and veggies. I have embraced eating lean proteins three times a day and eating smaller portions frequently throughout the day. The BEST part is seeing my hard work pay off and my whole being loves the changes I am making too!

  • I am doing it and I am creating a healthier lifestyle.
  • I am nourishing me and my whole being.
  • I am fueling and feeding my body and it feels great.

Creating a Healthier Lifestyle . . . Making Better Choices . . . Eating Healthier . . .

Exercising . . . Toning . . . Strengthening . . .

I love having a partner that wants to get healthy with me and be active together! I stated in my vows to my partner in health, etc. I know that it is a shareable and doable commitment to each other. To be there for each other through thick, thin and everything in between!

  • I am learning to love my body and appreciate what it does for me in living my life.
  • I am finding that balance in exercising and discovering my strong again.
  • I am discovering what I love to do as well as what truly works best for me to stay active and be on the move.

Loving . . . Caring . . . Supporting . . .

I choose ME to be my BEST self! I am open and embrace every day as a new day with endless possibilities and opportunities for me to choose from. I choose to commit in creating the life I DESERVE! 

  • I will be successful and celebrate life.
  • I will make mistakes, fail and fall down.

That is okay though!

I choose to love me, be kind to me and care for me! I choose to feel great and look great. I choose to forgive, let go, release, and move on again. I choose to learn and experience as well as grow and become!

My Top 3 Ways to Nourish Myself In 2014

  • DO the ENJOYable.
  • DO Good Things for My Whole Being.
  • DO Life and Live It Every Day.

DOing . . . Being . . . Experiencing . . . (Photos by RSheridan)

Here’s To Putting Your BEST Self Out There Each and Every Day! Love To Hear What Your Are Doing, Please Share!

Boosting Your Confident Self

The Ability to Cope and

Face Challenges Head On

I have had the chance to learn and to get to know more about myself on this journey of self! I did not realize that confidence is more than just being confident with myself. I am learning that coming from and living from a confident place within myself and my whole being opens many doors! It makes such a difference in my power and my strength. I have the ability to cope, face challenges and make changes! It certainly helps my perspective in living my life from a good and positive mind set.

My Extroverted Self

I am not a true extrovert or a true introvert, but have a bit of both in me!

Extrovert:  A person who is energized by being around other people.

I do need human conversation and socialization! I am friendly and outgoing, but I need to be around other people to be this way at times. I enjoy being around people as long as the group of people is not too big! I am pretty good with small talk if the person is not a complete stranger to me. Then my social skills are put to the test and I hope I do not make a fool of myself!

I love being around strong women, especially when we just get each other too! I need good, positive communication, interaction and connection with other people, especially with the women in my life. It is about building each other up and not breaking each other down, including myself. I just feel more confident as a person when I am around people who are comfortable in who they are!

My Introverted Self

Introvert:  A person who is energized by being alone

and whose energy is drained by being around other people.

My mom instilled and inspired me to be an inner thinker and explorer! She knew it would do me good to be alone with myself. She knew I needed down time to rest, relax and recharge my batteries. She also knew I did not have a medium button!

I am doing some work as an adult now! I am working on my social skills, especially communication, interaction and connection. I am working on reigning in and dealing with my emotions, feelings and thoughts. I still need time to myself to take care of myself, my needs and my whole being!

My Confident Self

I am a confident person, however; there are times I do not use my confidence to my benefit! I also need to believe and trust in myself more. Sometimes my confidence gets me into trouble though! I get the ego and the attitude going a little too much for my own good. I am learning to find that balance!

Ways I Boost My Confident Self!

  • Taking Control of My Choices and My Decisions.
  • Learning to Pick My Battles.
  • Being a Better Communicator and Listener.
  • Learning to Cope Better In ALL Aspects of My Life.
  • Living From Within and From A Place of Love.

I really try to make those choices and decisions that make me feel good every day! I consider and weigh the pros and cons. It gives me a sense of accomplishment that I am doing good things for myself! It gives me a sense of happiness and joy. I am nurturing and nourishing myself, my needs and my whole being!

I own my self worth and I am enough! I do not want to feed into the negative talk and be critical of myself. I do not want to be around people who are negative and not fun to be around. I choose to be loving, kind and compassionate to myself!

My Complimentary Self

I am still a work in progress when it comes to accepting compliments and giving compliments! Why do I turn compliments into the negative or even an insult at times? I am discovering a smile and a simple “thank you” goes a long way in receiving a compliment! What a difference that makes in my interactions with other people. Now to working on giving compliments to other people way more than I already do!  

How about giving compliments to myself! I think it is perfectly fine to like/love myself and who I am. I do not consider myself selfish or even bragging about myself. I DO consider it important to own my confidence along with my values and my image from the inside out.  I want to feel good about ME; myself and my whole being!

(Photos by RSheridan)

Here’s to Positivity and Abundance In Yourself and In Living Your Life!!! Please Share With Me The #1 Thing That You Like/Love About Yourself, Love to Hear!

The Daily Grind

Switching It Up

I will not mention her name, but she told me chores are more fun when you make a game out of it! I was still moldable at that young age. When I got into my teenage years cleaning was NO Risky Business with Mr. Tom Cruise either.

I do actively think about creating action, motion and movement though on a daily basis! Wandering, Walking, Stair Climbing . . . I enjoy a great song that makes me move and gets my toes a tapping. I love playing and having fun!


I do love to get outside to explore nature and to adventure the Great Outdoors! I enjoy finding those green spaces and becoming one with nature, especially with a camera in my hands. I enjoy getting outside to work out, like walking, hiking and biking. Nothing more relaxing for me than to be outdoors where I can breathe and connect with my whole being!


I do make an effort to move throughout my day while acting as a desk jockey at work! I park as far out as I can. I take the stairs throughout the day. I get up at least every hour to stretch and move; physically and mentally. I take the stairs throughout the day!

I do have to get away from technology on a daily basis, especially staring at a screen! I love reading a good book or writing a creative piece. I enjoy calling family and friends to have a chat. I enjoy going to the gym or getting outside for a change of pace!

Exercising & Nature (Photos by RSheridan)

How DO You Make The Daily Chores More FUN? Love to Hear, Please Share!

Dream BIG


I do really well dreaming, imagining and visioning! I usually lose my place when it comes to taking action. I do a lot of starting and stopping and not much focusing and finishing! I tend to focus more on the next thing instead of the task at hand. I do not take the time to enjoy the process!

Motivations and Drives

I wonder and ponder about my motivations and my drives when dreaming! My motivations are either about getting through my daily life and focusing on my wants and needs. My drives are either introverted or extroverted selves. In knowing myself better I can tune in and tap into my hopes, wishes and dreams!

I want to interact and connect with myself on a deeper level! I want to be involved and be integrated to a bigger part of my little world. I want to find that balance between being and doing. I want to be true to who I am and honor myself by going after what I want in living my life!

Nourish and Nurture

I wonder and ponder about how I feed and fuel my passions! I seek out inspiration to spark my creative side. I seek out adventure to tune into my curious side! I seek out opportunities to learn and grow as a person. I seek out what life has to offer me by being open and experiencing it!

I want to take action and make it happen! I need to move forward and not get stuck in one place for too long. I want to make good choices and decisions to find the directions to keep me moving ahead! I am hoping it will help me clear a path on this journey of life.

Receiving and Reflecting

I wonder and ponder about what I have received and what I will continue to receive in my life! I want to be more aware and more mindful when in the present moment. I need to slow down and enjoy the process more too. I appreciate and I am grateful for what I do have in my life!

I have been taking the time to reflect on my day! I can release, let go and move on. Tomorrow is the start of a new day!

Lessons and Living

The hardest lesson I had to learn is believing in myself and trusting myself and my intuition once again! I lost myself there for a while and stopped using the talents and gifts I have been given. I did not stop questioning and challenging myself, but I was not listening to myself for the answers either. I had to create the space I needed to find that part of myself and it feels good to have it back!

(Photos by RSheridan)

What Is ONE of Your BIGGEST Dreams? Please Share, Love to Hear!

Way Too Many Questions

Not Enough Time

It is pretty bad when I start playing 20 questions with myself on a daily or weekly basis! I am a work in progress when it comes to asking myself the right questions. Way too many questions and way too many answers! I know for me part of this comes from stress, frustration and boredom with myself.

Thinking and Feeling

I think at times I dwell on how I think and how I feel about myself and my life! Which one is more important or do both have a time and place? I hope most days that my mind and my heart play nicely with each other! What is my whole being trying to tell me and am I listening?

Wanting and Needing

These 2 are constantly trying to trip me up! What is a want and what is a need? I need answers and I just keep questioning and challenging myself instead. The million dollar question for me is, “Am I living the life I want by doing what I love?”!

Learning and Growing

I love learning and growing as a person! What can I learn to experience growth? I love exploring and adventuring, especially experiencing the NEW! What can I do to stretch my comfort zone?

Forgiving and Accepting

I find it necessary, but difficult to forgive and accept what is in my life at times! How do I love and forgive myself? I find it necessary to deal with my emotions, feelings and thoughts! How do I accept and surrender to myself? I find it necessary to let go! How do I provide release to myself?

Loving and Living

I want to practice being in the present moment more! What am I focusing on? I want to practice loving myself and who I am more! What am I doing for myself, my needs and my whole being?

You are probably wondering if I ever ask myself simple questions! Yes, I do that too!

(Photos by RSheridan)

What Questions Do You Ask Yourself? Any Good Ones Lately? Love to Hear, Please Share!

Keeper of the Keys

Taking Charge

I had to get a little uncomfortable with myself on this journey of self in order to get to know myself better! I learned that I need to acknowledge and address my emotions, feelings and thoughts. I feel that I am better able to handle the ebbs and flows in my life by tuning into my emotions, feelings and thoughts!  It does not mean that I have to fix or change me every time. It just helps me go with the flow more and move forward!

Ebbing and Flowing . . .

Where Do You Draw That Line Between Feeling and Thinking?

I know I feel different when I am feeling versus thinking in a situation! I feel as if I have removed myself from a situation when I kick the thinking into high gear. I feel I experience a situation more when I approach it with feeling! I feel more happiness and contentment too.

I have to STOP . . .

  • Taking everything so personal.
  • Breaking down my own personal space boundaries.
  • Getting involved and trying to resolve other people’s problems.
  • Letting people take advantage of my time.

How Do You Take Charge Of Yourself and Your Personal Space?

I am the keeper of the keys and if I give them to someone else I better be ready, right! I have to make the choices and decisions I need to live my life. I need to take charge and create the personal space I need!

Keeper of the Keys as well as the Driver

I think about what is acceptable to me when it comes to my time as well as my energy. I think about what is acceptable to me when it comes to my personal space. I think about how to become a better friend and a better listener. I think about what I can ignore when it comes to constant noise, interruptions and distractions. I think about things way more than I should at times too!

Hello! Happy Day

What Do You Want To Take Charge Of? ME! What Do You Want To Create Personal Space For In Living Your Life? Play, Travel, Exploration, Writing, Adventures, Reading, etc! Love to Hear, Please Share!


About Writing

Some of my favorite quotes!

“Either write something worth reading or

do something worth writing.”~Benjamin Franklin


“Writing means sharing. It’s part of the human condition

to want to share things – thoughts, ideas, opinions.” ~Paulo Coelho


“Writing is an extreme privilege but it’s also a gift.

It’s a gift to yourself and it’s a gift of giving a story to someone.” ~Amy Tan


“I’m writing a book. I’ve got the page numbers done.” ~Steven Wright


“To me, the greatest pleasure of writing is not what it’s about,

But the inner music that words make.” ~Truman Capote




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