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Forward Motion

Hurtfulness into Forgiveness

When you are faced with a difficult and challenging moment are you able to find forgiveness! I really try to discover the life lesson. However, it is hard when it is hurtful and strikes to the heart! Especially pettiness.

I know life is a gift and to live it each day with a bow on top! I really try to find the gratitude in my life; receive it and share it. It is finding the courage in the fear, the forgiveness in the anger, the belonging in the isolation and the healing in the hurt and pain!

It is finding the hope, love and compassion for myself and others! I do not want to dwell on the hurt, pain and anger, so not healthy. I want the forgiveness and gratitude to shine from within myself and share it with others! I hope to learn and grow from the experience and just move on.

(Photos by RSheridan)

Here’s to Finding A Way to Forgive and Discover the Gratitude in Your Life!!!

The Ultimate Forgiveness

Is Forgiving Yourself

Do you make forgiving yourself a daily practice or at least a weekly or a monthly practice?

I know it is a challenge for me, but it is also necessary to do for myself too! I can stew and dwell. I can hold a grudge. I can play the blame game, throw a pity party or go on a gulit trip!

Reflecting . . . Contemplating . . . Forgiving . . .

What is the point? There is NO point! Where does it get me in doing so? NOWHERE! All that holding in and negativity is not a healthy or happy way to live my life. I will just end up driving myself nuts!

Going Up

I need to practice forgiveness and move on, especially in forgiving myself! I cannot go backwards and rewrite the script. I can start again the next day and do the best that I can do! I am human and I make mistakes. What has happened, has happened! I need to live in the present, accept it and let it go.

It certainly is not my intention to hurt people! I need to better my communicating and listening skills. I want to have happy and healthy relationships with the people in my life! In practicing forgiveness with myself I am able to use my skills in forgiveness with other people and situations.

Baby Steps (Photos by RSheridan)

TODAY is a NEW! Day and Day of NEW! Beginnings!!!

Do You Feel The LOVE?

Especially From Yourself

When You Are In The Moment Are You Listening To Your Heart and Coming From a Place Of Love?


Is The Mind Trying To Take Control and Take Charge In That Moment?

I know when I am in the moment love is usually lagging behind in last place at times! I see RED, but it is anger not love. I am working on getting love into the first position though. I want and need to come from a place of love, especially with myself!

Loving . . . Learning . . . Experiencing . . .

My mouth opens and inserts foot as well as my ears close shut in certain moments! More than likely I have “la la la” running through my mind. I am quick to react and pass judgment. I just want to hear what I want to hear and have it be the end to the discussion!

How close minded am I in those moments! Very, that is for sure. I need to start listening from my heart and come at it from a place of love instead though! I imagine life would be much simpler if I did just that too.

Being . . . Listening . . . Developing . . .

I may just be more aware and mindful in my interactions with myself and other people! I need to own what I create and take responsibility for my actions. Why not create the good and the positive instead of the bad and the negative! I think there may be less emotion and hurt feelings. I think that it opens the lines of communication and lessens the confrontation and conflict. I think that it may result in a better if not healthier resolution too.

I need to be supportive in the way I love myself before I receive that support from other people, especially my greatest someones! I know I feel in being supported that I can take risks and be open to trying new experiences. I am able to work through my doubts and fears and insecurities. I can be who I am and that feels pretty good and loving!

Caring . . . Supporting . . . Growing . . . (Photos by RSheridan)

What Are Your Thoughts On This? Please Share, Love To Hear! 



To Not Plan

Your Day Today!

I arise in the morning torn between

a desire to improve the world

and a desire to enjoy the world.

This makes it hard to plan

the day. ~ E.B. White

(Photos by RSheridan)

Good Luck – Enjoy!

Getting The MOST

Out Of Living Your Life

How Do You Take Intention and Make It Motivation For Yourself?

I know I intend to do certain things and then discover I have little to no motivation to get those things done! I think for me part of it has to do with setting too big of a goal to achieve and accomplish. It just seems unattainable and then overwhelms me! I think for me part of it has to do with setting intentions on the bad and negative and not the good and positive. I go after what I dislike, despise and even hate, especially about myself! I need to go after what I want from a place of  love.

How Do You Turn Hate to Love For Yourself and What You Want?

I am done going to battle with myself, fighting myself and beating myself up! I am done with setting hard, fast rules for myself. I am done with the negativity, the perfectionism, the shame, and the guilt. I am done with limiting or even depriving myself, especially of what I want or need!

That is so NOT the way I want to live my life!

I need to be supportive and loving to myself, my needs and my whole being! I am learning to think in terms of moderation and in terms of processes to make progress. I am so grateful for my mind and my body and what it does for me every day. I want to be one with my whole being and just OWN IT and ROCK IT!

I need to be nurturing and nourishing to myself, my needs and my whole being! What motivates me? What do I love? What feeds me? What do I want and/or need?

How Do You Support Yourself In a Loving, Kind and Compassionate Way?

My Top 10

  1. Feeling Good About Myself and My Whole Being. Asking Myself, “How Do I Feel?”
  2. Looking For Fulfillment First and then Going After What I Want or Need.
  3. Living My Life To The Fullest.
  4. Creating a Healthier Lifestyle.
  5. Making Plans and Setting Goals.
  6. Communicating, Interacting and Connecting With Myself and Other People.
  7. Being Creative and Passionate to Learn and Grow.
  8. Experiencing Life.
  9. Being of Service and Giving Back.
  10. BIG Dreams and BUCKET Lists.

(Photos by RSheridan)

Remember to Give Yourself YOU More and Get the MOST Out Of Living Your Life!!!

Living Your Life

By Being Curious

I love being curious, especially about things I know nothing about!

  • Traveling to new places.
  • Adventuring by trying new things.
  • Exploring the people, the history and the current state of affairs in new places.
  • Being curious about anything and everything.
  • Learning more about anything and everything.
  • Learning to be more open to people and experiences.
  • Growing as a person in my knowledge and my experiences.
  • Gaining life experiences.

In being curious I am learning, growing and experiencing life and opening up my world!

By Being Open

Just Imagine the People You Meet and The Experiences You Make By Being Open!

  • Making connections with people from all over the world by blogging.
  • Arm chair traveling to places I hope to visit one day.
  • Sharing my travels, adventures and explorations with my readers.

I am open on some things! I am open to changing my perspective, however; it matters to me to be true to myself, my beliefs and my values. I am learning to be more open on some things too! I know when I form a judgment or an intolerance it is because I do not know enough about the matter.

It comes down to educating myself and broadening my world!

Leave the Gate Open

By Learning

Just Think About What You Learn in 1 Day!

I love learning, especially the new and know nothing about types of things! I soak up as much information as I can. I am curious and open to learning from other people too! I enjoy interacting and collaborating as well as connecting and sharing. I love getting to know people with similar interests and especially love getting to know people who are the complete opposite of me too!

I broaden my knowledge and gain life experiences!

(Photos by RSheridan)

What Are You Curious About? What Are You Opening Yourself Up To? What Did Your Learn Today? Please Share Your Experiences, Love to Learn About What Is Going On In Your World!!!

Adventure Awaits

Go For It!

Do You Get Curious and Explore?

I love learning and a big part of learning is being curious and exploring to know more about things in general! It motivates, engages and challenges me in so many ways. It makes me feel good and young at heart. I want to seek out and soak up life each and every day!

Do You Go On Adventures?

I love a Great Adventure! I enjoy all types of traveling, especially arm chair traveling. I love reading to adventure and expand my world. I enjoy getting curious, exploring something for the first time and trying new things!

Do You Play, Laugh and Have FUN?

I love getting the giggles or the laughing fits! It makes for a good time. It makes for a great change of pace. Life is way too short to take it or live it so seriously!

(Photos by RSheridan)

Do You Feel Foolish at times? I know I do!

The BEST is the memories I make when I put myself out there, especially if I make a fool of myself doing it! At least I can laugh at myself. With great risks come greater rewards!

Here’s to CRAVING Adventure and LIFE!!! What Has Been Your GREATEST Adventure? Mine has been Adventuring with My Greatest Someone (P.S. Love Ya Sweetie). Love to Hear, Please Share!

Taking Conversation to a NEW Level

For the Better,

Better Connections & Better Interactions

I am so guilty of saying “use your words”! However, sometimes silence is best!

I have been working on being a better listener. I struggle with it and some days are better than other days. I am an interrupter and like to get my two cents into the conversation. I also find myself jumping to the conclusion that I KNOW what that person is going to say. Annoying, right!

In working on being a better listener I learned an important lesson! I tuned into my senses! I am working on being more self-aware of myself and other people around me. Interesting, right!

Some powerful communication as well as conversation going on without words! I am more aware of my body language and tuning into the body language of other people. I prefer to look a person in the eye when speaking to them, so imagine doing that without speaking. I found a calmness and collectedness about myself, which was just akwardness before!

I also found a connectedness that I have hid deep within myself! I love just being with no words exchanged. I enjoy reveling in that quiet and silence and stillness. I am discovering a new way to connect, to interact and to share.

I envision standing in the forest in the snow with nothing but silence surrounding me. I envision the sand between my toes with the waves coming in and going back out again. I envision becoming one with nature with the light coming through the trees. I envision sitting by the campfire with the stars above me.

(Photos by RSheridan)

I have the ability to find peace of mind when feeling overwhelmed, overstimulated and on overload! I have the ability to protect myself when how I am feeling is reflected in the way I communicate and interact with other people. I have the ability to preserve my energies when I take a “time out” to reset, recharge and reenergize. I have the ability to find the simple life once again when being appreciative and thankful for what I do have in my life!

Here’s the BEST part! I love myself more when it comes to connecting more deeply, interacting more fully and sharing myself, my gifts and my love with other people. I find my calm, my solitude and my peace of mind. I enjoy putting the BEST of me out into this crazy world!

Remember to Pause, Breathe & Reflect Before Using Your Words!!!

Top 5 Qualities

The Attraction of Self

What Are Your Top 5 Qualities? Those qualities that are attractive to you and your sense of self. Those qualities that you love about yourself! Those qualities that make you who you are and make up your unique self.

That sense of control, power and energy!

#1 – Integrity

I need to be true to who I am and live my life by believing and trusting in who I am! It is about being honest with myself and other people. It is about listening to my intuition to make sound choices and decisions. It is about being aware of my strengths and weaknesses, my challenges and my successes and my mistakes and learning lessons. I am able to grow as a person and gain life experiences!

#2 – Strength

I love discovering my strong! I am so lucky to have strong women in my life.

#3 – Adventuring

When I say adventuring I mean being present, having a purpose and finding direction in living my life!

I am practicing to be in the present moment more! I want to be able to connect myself to the here and now. I need to engage my other core by listening to myself, following my heart and trusting my gut way more than I already do!

I am still working on the purpose driven life. I do love the process of discovering who I am and what I want and where I want to be in living my life! I want to interact, connect and share with myself and with other people. I love tapping into my wishes, dreams and passions! I enjoy taking time to play, laugh and have fun.

I am not a navigator. I find myself and my direction by wandering and getting lost! I want to get out there, do it, experience it, and live it each and every day. I will find my direction to the path to journey on!

 #4 – Creative

I love to fuel and feed my creative side! I am trapped inside the box in my 8 to 5 professional world. I am passionate about writing, reading and photography. I enjoy being able to stimulate and engage my whole mind and my whole being through creativity!

#5 Humor

I get my sense of humor and can certainly laugh at myself! I find that it helps put me in a better mood. I find that I can control my emotional self through my humorous self! I feel lighter and happier as if a weight has been lifted off of me through laughter.

(Photos by RSheridan)

What Are Your Top Qualities? Please Share, Love to Hear!!!

A Challenge of Love

Give Yourself L-O-V-E

Each and Every Day

Here is a Challenge for You!

Do 1 Nurturing and/or Nourishing Thing for Yourself Daily?

Taking Care of Myself and My Needs

I love creating a self care routine for myself throughout the day! I find it to be a great way to give myself love and take care of my needs. I consider it essential to my whole being!

Loving Myself

I want to EMBRACE me and LOVE my body! I am a confident person that needs to be more comfortable in my own skin. I need to stop perfecting, pressuring and beating myself up. I am so grateful for what my whole being does for me in living my life!

Relaxing and Resting

I want to relax and rest more throughout my day! I do not find pleasure in running around like a crazed person and being stressed out. It just drains my energy and burns me out. I need to feed and fuel myself better!

Enjoying Myself

I want to discover the ENJOYable! I need to laugh, play and just have FUN. I need to stretch my comfort zone and expand my little world more. I want to live a passionate life that inspires me to create, learn, grow, and experience what life has to offer me!

Expressing Myself

I need to express my gratitude to myself and my greatest someones! It makes me feel good from the inside out and brings me joy. I am truly thankful for who I have and what I do have in my life! I feel more caring towards myself and others. I feel more like sharing myself with others too!

Taking Control

I need to take control of my life! I am done giving my time, my energy and my power away. If something is no longer serving me, I need to let it go. If something is no longer working for me, I need to change it. I have to create what I want and I have to start doing more of what I love!

(Photos by RSheridan)

Are You Ready to Challenge Yourself? If Yes, Then Go . . . Please Share, Love to Hear What You Are Up To!

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