The Writing Process

One Word At A Time . . .

I LOVE writing, especially creative writing! I receive so much pleasure from authoring my blog, Craves Adventure. My blog gives me lots of practice in writing. Who knows all that writing may produce that book I dream about one day!

The two hardest and greatest aspects of writing are . . .

  1. It takes hard work to write, especially creatively.
  2. It takes courage to put myself out there as a writer.

The Writing Process

First and foremost identify what you are passionate about!


Adventuring – Hang On!


I am passionate about traveling, adventuring and exploring. I wanted to write about my travel experiences and share those experiences with other people.

  1. Prewriting
  2. Writing
  3. Responding
  4. Revising
  5. Editing
  6. Publishing and/or Sharing

#1 – Prewriting

I have two favorite parts of the prewriting process. I find that inspiration that sparks my creativity and speaks to me on pretty much every level. I enjoy doing the research on a subject. Prewriting helps you identify the purpose, form and audience.

Then comes the brain dump. I dump the data and start the writing and creative process to formulate a post. I find this method most helpful in minimizing writer’s block. I find the creating part more free flowing.

#2 – Writing

The actual writing is where the organization of the post comes together. I also find my voice along with the fluency of the post.

#3 – Responding

I do a self review and evaluation of the post. I usually read through the post and then set it aside for a day or two before reading again.

#4 – Revising

Then I start the revising process of the post. I think I spend too much time in the revising process. I like to refine and reorganize the post multiple times. However, this gives the post clarification in that it reads well.

#5 – Editing

I am pretty good when it comes to the editing of post. This is when I pull the post together and add photos that help tell the story of the post.

#6 – Publishing/Sharing

I enjoy the sharing of my writing now. When I first started I struggled in putting myself out there, especially my true self. I like to take the time to create and develop my website as well as add in the social media aspects to share and reach a boarder audience of readers.

Thank You WordPress!

I love that I can schedule my posts. It really helps me in having a writing schedule to determine how many posts a week I want to publish and share.

Please Share Your Writing Process, Love to Hear!


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I love to adventure to new places to create new life experiences. View all posts by cravesadventure

11 responses to “The Writing Process

  • Minnesota Prairie Roots

    And I am so glad you decided to become a blogger. You have much to offer in reflection and personal growth, Renee.

    My content is based on whatever pops up since I write primarily about the places I’ve been, things I do, people I meet, etc. I also write in advance and let my piece sit for a day or so before publishing. I don’t revise a lot, simply tweak as needed. I think this comes from my days of working as a newspaper reporter. I didn’t have the luxury of time and rewrites.

    That said, whenever I enter a writing competition, whether poetry, creative nonfiction for fiction, I allow my work to sit for awhile. Always, I can improve it. But, eventually, I need to just stop and say, “This is done.”

    Here’s to your dream of one day publishing a book.

  • Kate

    Hardest part — keeping my butt in the chair until I’m finished with the piece. I can get easily distracted.

  • Minuscule Moments

    Renee good luck with the writing, it is something that burns away at you and at least when you go to publish you will have all your own beautiful images too. Keep us posted.

  • Ingrid

    Writing has always been a struggle for me but has gotten easier through blogging. There’s no way I’d attempt writing a book even though I’ve thought about it. So is there a self published book in your future?

  • timkeen40

    You have nailed it, of course.
    It’s the thing that no one understands unless they have tried it. Writing creatively is hard work. It takes time and patience. No story worth reading just fell into the lap. The idea may have, but the story did not. That takes work. Hours and hours of work

    As hard as the writing is, the second part is even harder. Putting yourself out there. Laying your soul bare for all the world to see. If the story is well received, then the story is great. If it is not well received, then it is just ridiculous. There is no middle ground. It is like a joke that falls flat except it takes hours – sometimes hundreds of them – to complete.

    The writer has worked the proverbial ass off to feel like an idiot.


  • itscoralynn

    Quite happy you are writing as well, I love checking out your posts!

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