I Am So Happy

For You

I was talking to a friend recently about being jealous rather than being happy instead for another person, especially a good friend!

When and where do we learn this bad habit of bursting someone else’s bubble to make ourselves feel better?

BIG & Hairy!

Here Is What I Do Know Though

  • I know for certain I have enough stress and enough drama in my life without creating more of it.
  • I know for certain I was taught to express myself, including my emotional self. I am learning to reign my emotional self in now as an adult!
  • I know for me it comes from wanting something similar to happen in my own life.
  • I know sometimes it triggers the competitive person that lives inside of me.

Why can we not be happy for that person and avoid having the green monster rear its ugly head? It is just envy and jealousy overriding happiness. It is hard to find the happiness when all you want to see is GREEN!

Do NOT break that person down and take away their happiness and SHINE!

Shining . . . Smiling . . . Seeking

Changing Perspective

Why not make their happiness as important as my own happiness! I feel in being happy for myself as well as others that I am more open to the opportunities in my own life. I know it is not easy, but it is DOABLE! I feel it is to my benefit to use my energies for the good and the positive in living my life. It certainly helps in living with a healthier and happier mind and heart!

Why not live vicariously through others at times? I want to be able to do that as well as see the good and positive of myself through others. Why not, right! Does that not give myself delight and pleasure as well as happiness and joy. I can give it and share it with other people too.

I would rather have a partner and/or pals to adventure through life with instead of alienating those around me and being lonely! I know I need to take care of myself and my needs and my interests. However, I know living my life is much bigger than just me, myself and I too. I choose to not live my life in a bubble!

Seeing Bark or a Rainbow of Color?

Value Added

First and Foremost I need to STOP Discounting Myself! I think it really comes down to being aware of how I value myself!

I need to STOP the . . .

  • The Negativity
  • The Judging and The Perceiving
  • The Comparing and The Competing

I find it hard to be open and accepting of others when I feed into that! I need to connect with my self worth and who I am, especially from within myself. I need to put the ego and the attitude aside and deal with any deficiencies I feel about myself first before putting them on to someone else. I need to be more self aware and think before taking action, especially when it comes to emotions, feelings and thoughts!

I am just trying to live my life as I journey along! I choose the way I want to live my life as do most people. I really want to seek out and soak up the world around me!

Bright . . . Bold . . . Beautiful (Photos by RSheridan)

Love To Hear Your Thoughts, Please Share!


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13 responses to “I Am So Happy

  • lauramomma27

    Story of my mission. Like that post I wrote about “the house that no one lives here anymore” (something like that) people do that to avoid their own problems and because they are afraid. Or when that young blogger was getting bashed, in my Women aren’t treating each right post I took a silly quote I got from FB about there are more good than bad, that only the bad stuff gets the front page. This also fuels negativity.

    The best thing I know to do is to try not to get sucked in (easier said than done) and the only thing you can change is how you let those negative people affect you. I try to brush it off, sometimes though it resonates. I guess we’re still human. :))

  • lauramomma27

    Reblogged this on Beginning Life at 43 and commented:
    Great Post and Great Blog. Questions we all need to ask ourselves, things we need to remember. The world really doesn’t care about your problems, all you can do is change how you let them affect you. Sometimes you have to “fake it” till you make it, but it’s a reward like no other when you can walk away from a negative person and still be smiling. Have a great day, and know wherever you are, I’m going to work. 😉

  • Minnesota Prairie Roots

    As always, you provide some great insights. I recently shared a success with someone. He promptly shifted the focus to himself and something he’d accomplished. So not the right thing to do.

  • Emily @ Adventures of a Dog Mom

    I for one have put myself in this same spot before and I think it all boils down to being jealous. So when I feel something like that coming up I try to stop it because it’s not fair to me or to the other person.

  • Minuscule Moments

    Renee there will always be people who will burst your bubble. I try hard to wish even my enemies well, I secretly wish them joy and success. A happy person is a nicer person.

    For you, it is photography, you have a gift. These images are beautiful and lift my soul. (Frangipani my favourite flower and scent but it is too cold to grow them here)You should be making cards with them. Your words and images are needed out there.

    ps when I do succeed, the people who did not believe in the beauty of my dreams eventually will. But it won’t matter any more.

    • cravesadventure

      I am so with you on the scent of Frangipani and seek it out when in Hawaii – a true love 🙂

      So loving your comment and you have great insight to share! You are such a SWEET & LOVING person – you make me smile and make me want to share my smile and shine with others. Thank you my friend.

      Happy Day 🙂

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