Exploring the Emotional Side

In More Detail

I have been exploring my emotional side on this journey of self! Why am I an emotionally charged person? Do I add fuel and feed the fire within myself and my emotions? I know I do even if I do not want to admit it!

 I am in the phase where I want to know more and more and more about it! I have been reading about emotional intelligence, emotional intimacy and emotional literacy.  I feel at times that my emotions and my mind do battle with one another. I would prefer that my emotions and my intelligence work together in a more cohesive and complimentary way!

Defining the Three

Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify, assess and manage the emotions of yourself and others.

Emotional intimacy is the ability or capacity to be intimate with your emotions.

Emotional literacy is the ability to understand your emotions and express your emotions in a productive manner.

Emotional Intelligence

I am envious of people who can just read others or command attention from a room of people! I am an in betweener because I do not strive or thrive in being the leader, but I also do not see myself as much of a follower either. I have a need to be competitive, but it is usually a competition with myself. I like to be a part of the action, especially observing what is going on!

Emotional Intelligence and Its 5 Parts

  • Self Awareness
  • Self Regulation
  • Social Awareness
  • Empathy
  • Motivation

I have some work to do when it comes to my self awareness and self regulation! I either tap into or tune out my emotions, feelings and thoughts. I need to build up my strengths and work more on my weaknesses. I want to find my purpose, achieve my full potential and be successful in doing the best that I can in what I do!

I do not tap into my gut instincts enough when it comes to my self awareness. I just react instead of self regulate at times! I am working on controlling or at least redirecting that reaction, especially with my emotions and impulses. I am also working on adapting better to changes and transitions.

Then there is the social awareness that is more like social awkwardness at times! My social skills along with my social manners just flounder or fall flat. I am all over the place when it comes to empathy versus sympathy or vice versa. There are times I do not really care either; “Whatever”! Then there is the whole motivation aspect. I can tell you I am more motivated to do something I love or want to do than something I do not want to do or could care the least about!

Emotional Intimacy

How to . . .

  • Identify emotions
  • Experience emotions
  • Express emotions

I feel a need to become one with my emotions, thoughts and feelings because it is very much a part of my whole being! However, I need to work on expressing my emotions. I also need to learn how to experience my emotions in a healthier way. It is not the emotions that are negative and unhealthy, but the way I act or the way I do things with those emotions that can be negative as well as cause harm!

I know my main struggle with my emotions is being stressed out and being on OVER everything and anything! I want to have a deeper connection to myself. I want to communicate and interact better with myself and others. I want to build and develop the relationship I have with myself as well as with my greatest someones.

I know I need to work on expressing myself better in my verbal and non-verbal communication! However, that can be difficult to practice with others when they really do not understand your struggles and how to really help you. I struggle the most with TRUST; in myself and with others! The opening of my heart as well as my emotions, feelings and thoughts with another person. It can be scary and hurtful. However, it can be the BEST thing too!

Emotional Literacy

I recently discovered a little thing called emotional literacy!

Emotional Literacy and Its 5 Parts

  • Knowing your feelings
  • Learning to manage our emotions
  • Repairing emotional damage
  • Having a sense of empathy
  • Putting it all together; emotional interactivity

(Photos by RSheridan)

I want and need the ability to understand my emotions, feelings and thoughts in order to put that reactive self on the down low and find my calm and collected self. A major part of this is the ability to express my emotions in a productive, healthy and safe manner! I want and need to listen to myself, my needs and my whole being. In doing that I can listen and relate to others with their emotions, feelings and thoughts.

I really want to create, develop and build those relationships with my greatest someones! I am a loving person, but I do not always show that side to other people due to social awkwardness, fear of rejection or lack of trust. I want to have a sense of belonging with myself and others. I want to communicate, interact and connect better with myself and others.

I find it interesting that emotional literacy touches on emotional difficulties and emotional damages! In a way it is part of the experience in living your life. It helps you learn, grow and transform as a person. It is looking within yourself in order to know how you tick as a person!

The 2 Questions I have for YOU!

What is the one emotion that you handle really well?

I will keep you posted, since I am very much a work in progress still!

What is the one emotion that you struggle with?

I need to stop feeding and fueling my anger because I do not care or even like my angry self!

Please Share Your Thoughts on Emotions and Exploring Your Emotional Side, Love to Hear!!!


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