Finding Your Clear Path

Is Like Hugging

The Middle of the Road

  • Do you ever feel inspired AND overwhelmed at the same time?
  • What Do You Focus On?
  • What Direction Do You Go In?

I DO! My mind and thoughts are racing with my emotions and feelings. Sometimes I feel like it is within reach and other times I feel like it is unattainable. I feel like finding my clear path on this journey of life is like hugging the middle of the road!

DO NOT go too far right or too far left and WHATEVER I do, DO NOT OVERCORRECT! If I go to slow I get stagnant. If I go to fast I do not get to enjoy the process. I just may find myself stuck on OVER everything and anything too. It is very much about seeking out that happy medium when it comes to living the life I do have and wanting MORE of it!

Here’s a Sign

Putting The Pieces Together

I strongly believe that I already have a good amount of the pieces in my life! I just have to figure out how they fit together to complete a part of the puzzle. I know the right pieces will seek me out if I am open and patient enough. Once I do that I can continue on my journey because I have found a clear path once again!

What talents and gifts DO I have? I need to look at my strengths, my weaknesses and my limitations! Where DO I spend my time, energy and of course money? I need to look at my passions, especially when it comes to what motivates and drives me.

I really want to do what I enjoy or at least build it into my life! I know even if I cannot make a living doing what I enjoy it still adds to my life!

Exploring . . . Discovering . . . Experiencing . . .

What Matters Most To Me

  • I want to get involved in my life; try new things and stretch my comfort zone.
  • I want to communicate, interact and connect with myself and others, especially my greatest someones.
  • I need to learn, grow and gain life experiences.
  • I need to live the life I do have and want more of it.

I have been on this journey of self for a year now and it has been quite the experience! I am learning to take time for myself and listen to myself in what I want in my life. Most times I know what I want. Sometimes I have no idea how to go about getting what I want and other times I have no idea what I really want.

I need to stop focusing on perfection and putting unnecessary pressure on myself too! I do want to find my purpose and discover my passion. I do want my life to be meaningful and make it count each and every day. It does take time as well as patience!

Journeying Along . . . (Photos by RSheridan)

Remember Life is a GIFT To Be Treasured Every Day! Time is PRECIOUS, so DO NOT Waste a Minute of it!


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5 responses to “Finding Your Clear Path

  • Minnesota Prairie Roots

    Your strong last sentence is something we all need to imprint upon our minds. Do not waste a day. Life is, indeed, precious.

  • thecompletebook

    Carpe Diem!
    Have a beautiful love filled happy day Renee.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  • Lilly Sue

    I love this post and especially your last words!! I am not wasting a minute of my life right now and it feel incredible 🙂 I feel so free right now traveling in Europe. At the moment I can’t imagine it ending and I do not want it to but I know there will be plenty more traveling in my life as long as I constantly remember my passion. It is easy to not waste time here but I know when getting back into the daily routine it is easier to lose track of what is really important in life 🙂 Thanks Renee!

  • Sue Slaght

    The last two lines say it all for me. Thank you!

  • missndc

    Life is definitely what we create it to be and your thoughts resonate wholeheartedly with me. I believe the Universe attracts like and like attracts the same so your thoughts are my thoughts and the Universe is letting us know we are never alone and we are headed on the right path, because it’s our path. The path we have chosen to follow and if somewhere on the path’s journey it does not resonate with what you or I have been doing or would like to do, we’ll change it. These are moments of reflecting and contemplating on our life’s purpose and being open to its possibilities of it being never ending. So, be kind to yourself and enjoy the show. I just read recently a thought for the day as it stated in so many words that perhaps the show is not ready. There is possibly an act to begin and you can see something stirring behind the curtains, but the curtains are not quite ready to be opened. In the meantime, we can speculate, envision, or contemplate however the show is going to be. Though, it’s anticipating it with enthusiasm, thrill, excitement knowing it is going to be a worthwhile adventure. Enjoy it!
    Peace, and Happy Journeying!

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