The Game of Sorry!

I Am Sorry . . .

I apologized way more than I needed to in my 20’s! I did a whole lot of apologizing for just who I was. I know there were times I apologized for apologizing! I probably looked like a flake with commitment issues in my early professional life as well as my personal life. Such an unhealthy mindset!

I have managed to put the apologizing on the down low. I want to be genuine when I apologize and really mean it from my heart! It is right up there with those thankless thank you’s.

Seeing the Light

What Do You Need To STOP Apologizing For In Your Life???

My Top 3

  1. My Self, My Body
  2. My Emotions, My Weaknesses
  3. My Choices, My Wants

My Self, My Body

I truly want to be happy in who I am and the body I live in! I went through that “awkward” period at 15 (my mom would tell you I was full of it at 17), in my mid-20’s and in my early 30’s. Is not one “awkward” period enough in my lifetime? I wonder what the 40’s, 60’s and 80’s have in store for me.

I never knew how much I took what my body did for me for granted until I had an injury that sidelined and sidetracked me! I also learned that the size number I am and the numbers on the scale really do not matter. What matters most is my whole well being!

I need to be who I truly am and be true to who I am! It is about the physical, the mental, the emotional, and the spiritual. It is about the love, the respect and the acceptance that I have with myself from the inside out. I no longer want to fight with myself and beat myself up, especially about my self and my body. I am ready to fight a new fight and discover my strong!

Discovering My Softer Side and My Loving Self

My Emotions, My Weaknesses

I am unique in my self expression, especially when it comes to emotions, feelings, and sensitivities! I want to explore my emotions as well as embrace my weaknesses. I see weaknesses as opportunities to learn, grow and experience life in general!

I am still a work in progress when it comes to difficult conversations, conflict and confrontation! I do believe in getting it out in the open instead of holding it in though. It can be a hurtful process. It can also be a freeing process!  

I have to remind myself at times that I am in control of my actions and emotions as well as my reactions and weaknesses! I can control just how open I will be with myself, my heart and others!

Seeing Beauty . . . Seeking Connection . . . Searching . . .

My Choices, My Wants

I also have to remind myself at times that I am in control of my needs and my wants and the choices I make! I am responsible and accountable for those choices too.  I need to celebrate my achievements, my milestones and my successes. Life is way too short to not experience it or celebrate it!

I have to support myself in being open and embracing the opportunities and the changes in order to experience growth and expand as a person! Otherwise I am limiting and holding myself back. I want to give myself the freedom to explore, adventure and experience. I want to live the life I do have and want so much more of it too!

I want my choices and my wants to come from my hopes, my wishes and my dreams! I do not think I would tap into my full potential or even my purpose if I did not do this!

Opening Up and Expanding My World (Photos by RSheridan)

Please Share Your Thoughts, Love to Hear!!!


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14 responses to “The Game of Sorry!

  • lauramomma27

    Great post…I used to be that way too.. I lost the sorrys when I found myself and learned to love her. You don’t see confident people apologizing for themselves all the time, you know? I tell you though, regarding your pondering life in your 40’s… from what I can tell you at 45, its really the best time of your life (unless you have kids late, I had them early, lol). That is because while you are finally have enough notches under your belt to really understand life, you ARE still young enough to do anything. Truth! 🙂

  • Emily J.

    I used to do this, too, and I’ve noticed my young daughter doing it. We’ve had a good talk about not apologizing for “existing” and being proud of who you are. I think young girls and women are more susceptible to this than others.

  • Angelia Sims

    I was thinking the same thing on the 40’s as Laura Momma. I LOVE my 40’s. I am who I am. I accept it and embrace it. I think when I hit my 40’s what anyone else thought just didn’t matter anymore. It’s been GREAT! I did a lot of self-discovering/self-love at the end of my 30’s and that helped me so much. All in all life is journey to be enjoyed and nothing to be sorry for as we all learn from our mistakes. I love this post. I love that you are opening up and discovering all those parts of you to be proud of and show the world. I see the celebration. I see the joy. Good for you!

  • Sue Slaght

    Wishing you strength and confidence. It wasn’t younger years when I was constantly apologizing. Not so much now. 🙂

  • Minuscule Moments

    Renee we all carry a certain guilt, some more than others. I say sorry when I know I am in the wrong, even to my kids as they get to see every side of my personality and I am far from perfect. I fall short on any given day as a mum. But I do apologise and in this way, my kids learn to say sorry too. Great post. Great pics too.

  • Ondine-am

    Everything about this is true and I plan to weave it into my life so that I’m a more happy and me person. Thanks for writing that, it was really inspirational 🙂

  • itscoralynn

    This is a truly inspiring post and it is good to know that these feelings eventually go away or atleast subside. I am 23 years old and having a major identity crisis and listening to myself, my wants, my desires, my needs and my body is probably one of the hardest things I have ever done and still trying to do. I look forward to reading your posts as I set out on my journey to become okay with who I am and what I want. – Namaste

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