Stealing More Than Time

Cutting Back On

Technology Usage

Technology is a major aspect in living your life! It has its pros and cons as well as its time savers and time wasters. I find technology a little competitive at times from having the latest technologies to the number of friends you have on that one social media site!

How much time do you think you spend with technology and on social media sites? You might surprise even yourself if you track your usage! I want to be more mindful of my time as well as mindful of what makes me a happier being too.

I feel like my communication and socialization skills are slipping due to interacting more and more through technology! I NEED and CRAVE human interactions. I enjoy being able to stay connected through technology, however; I enjoy the face-to-face interactions too. I do not text right now because I want to connect as well as have others connect with me by calling. Nothing better than real communication, interaction and connection with others, especially a “Hello” and a “Goodbye” as well as a “Miss Ya” and a “Love Ya”!

I can honestly say that technology does help me in building relationships and networking with other people around the world! I just have to start asking other people for help and advice again instead of conducting a full out internet seach. I find technology helpful, but overwhelming in the amount of information available and what you can really trust too! I find myself reaching out to other people who have been through similar experiences when looking for help, advice or guidance lately.

I actually use an alarm clock to wake up in the morning! I think I am desensitized to the noises my smart phone makes to set the alarm clock feature on it. I am an adult and no longer require a stuffie to sleep with and I am not going to start sleeping with my cell phone either! Plus that alarm clock is enough tecnology in that living space.

I do not know about you, but I find myself more lost with the use of technology at times (i.e. GPS, smart phone, etc.)! I usually just try to figure it out.

I love to ESCAPE to the GREAT OUTDOORS when I need a break from the fast paced technological world! I do miss the boob tube at times, but the rest of the technology I can leave behind. When I am biking and hiking there is NO multi-tasking going on!

It is bad enough I have a camera stuck to my face! I am working on putting the camera down more. It is ALL about enjoying the moments, making memories and gaining life experiences!

Here’s To Putting Your Energies Into Yourself and Other People Instead of Draining Those Energies With Technology!!!


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16 responses to “Stealing More Than Time

  • thecompletebook

    Pete will often say to me, “Why aren’t you photographing this, you are missing everything.” and I reply to him that I am enjoying everything just being in the moment and that sometimes photographing what ever it is will take away from it all.
    Have a super day Renee.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  • Ingrid

    It’s not always easy but I think important to find that balance between technology and the real world. I’m glad I don’t rely on my smart phone to help get me around. I still use old fashioned maps and asking folks on the street for recommendations or directions. I’ve met the most interesting people that way. Although I sure do like my blogging ‘friends’ as well thanks to technology 🙂

  • Sue Slaght

    Oh this is definitely written for me. I will ponder your words as I am definitely hooked on technology and social media. thank heavens for the mountains to draw me away.

  • Britt Skrabanek

    Technology rules our lives these days, for sure! We’re going out of town to Seattle this weekend. I keep my phone around for emergencies, but I don’t check-in like I usually do on social media, email, etc. Looking forward to the mini-break.

  • Minnesota Prairie Roots

    I am working on putting the camera down, too. Tough for us to do, isn’t it?

    I’ve purposely stayed away from Facebook and I don’t have a smart phone. My cell gets turned off every night, except the last few when the son was in Montreal.

  • tommyshaw

    Great post, I couldn’t agree more with the texting vs calling point. Even if I receive a text from someone I will generally just call them back, we need more human interaction in this day and age…

  • claywatkins

    I was recently sifting through photos I took 30 or so years ago… then, I was focused on taking photos of places instead of people.. I wish I had more photos of my dad and had given the camera over to my dad so he could’ve snapped some of me… who knows what he has in his collection…but I digress.. using technology needs a balance and I love being able to find something by asking Siri… but there are times when I hear it beep or hummm or buzz I want to know what’s happening. Thanks for the reminder to soak in the sun and nature and take it all in.. have a great week.

  • Browsing the Atlas

    This is a topic that my co-workers and I talk about a lot. I’m not one of those people who carry their phones with them everywhere they go. In fact, sometimes I forget to even bring mine with me. When I’m online, I’m online, and then I log off and read or exercise and spend time with family.

    Technology has definitely not taken over my life. It’s a huge part of my work life, but not home life. And I definitely prefer my home life — where I, too, use an alarm clock that’s over 30 years old!

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