For the Greater Good

I do not know about you, but there are times that the words schedules, routines, habits, and changes just has me gritting my teeth and bearing it with a smile upon my face!

Smiling . . .

Here is My Reasoning . . .

Point #1 – Why do I need to schedule my day? I really only want to do so much in one day and do I really need to add scheduling to it!

Point #2 – Why do I need to have a routine? I really only want to do what I feel like doing in one day and following a routine is not something I feel like doing!

Point #3 – Then you take that schedule and that routine and on top of the old habits you add new habits! Hopefully if you are lucky some of the new habits have replaced some of the old habits. Otherwise in a few years you will be kicking yourself while trying to break some of those habits once again!

Point #4 – I sense a vicious cycle to get involved in here people!

Do Not Get Me Wrong! I do want to be a better version of myself as well as change my life for the better too. For me the end goal is being able to make better choices that help me feel good about myself and the life I am living! I will always be a work in progress and I am okay with that.

There are benefits, rewards and payoffs with everything I do, especially when it comes to living the life I want! Sometimes this means having to switch up my schedule and my routine as well as creating new habits and making changes to improve for the better. I love when one improvement makes positive waves and touches multiple aspects in my life! Nothing better than being happy and healthy.

Any thoughts? Any suggestions?

I know I have to work to play, but sometimes I want to play before getting down to work!

Playing . . . Having Fun . . .

I struggle when it comes to finding my pace and my balance! I do not have the time to waste more of my time or my energy. I do not want to be sucked into a time warp! I prefer to be in the moment, focus on the task at hand and enjoy the process.

I am on the fence some days about being on autopilot! There are times where too much of being on a routine is not necessarily a good thing. There are times I am so on autopilot I have to stop, think and wonder did I just do that or how did I get here. Yes, it saves me time and energy, but I feel like I am missing something too!

I struggle when I cannot stop thinking about something I really want! That temptation kicks in and it is hard to resist. My crazy mind has me thinking if I get busy doing something else it will just go away. Yeah, good luck with that!

I like to think it comes down to self control, but how much control do I really have over my self control! I enjoy my creature comforts and sometimes it is easier to fall back on my habits too. I know I need to be more open and accepting of the process and not just stop when I do not like something or it gets tough! There are those beneficial changes and transitions that if you are open will have great payoffs.

The Present and The Positive

My Top Needs . . .

  • Living the life I do have!
  • Being more in the present moment.
  • Focusing on the positive.
  • Tapping into my willpower.
  • Becoming more self aware.

Soaking It In . . . (Photos by RSheridan)

Here’s to Living the Good Life and Going After What Matters and/or Is Important to You!!!


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14 responses to “Exchanges

  • Sheila Morris

    I know this one thing after being on this earth for 68 years. Life is short. Life gets shorter as you grow older.
    I think you should plan your time accordingly. just sayin’.

  • Sue Slaght

    Agree with living each day and every moment for that matter. The ticking of time brings that more sharply into focus.

  • Meg Evans

    We need our routines because it’s just not possible to be mindfully aware of all the details of every tiny thing we do. So, I would say life is always a struggle to find the right balance between creating useful routines and recognizing when we don’t need others!

  • Cecilia

    Gosh, I have no routine for half a year when my work is quiet…and while it’s more comfortable to live this way, I am wasting a lot of time (as in days and months). I like the idea of having a schedule but freedom within it. So, get x, y and z accomplished but I get to decide on the order. Good luck to you!

  • donna213

    Cute seal and happy chap. I think he meets your top needs.

  • The Guat

    Duuuuuude I hear you on this post! I’m constantly a work in progress … Constantly. But even though you have a certain routine you can always tweak it a little bit if it’s not working for you. You don’t want to get stuck like that Time-to-Make-The-Donuts Guy. Duuuuude autopilot is a little dangerous. I understand that it’s exhausting giving it all you got everyday, but if you are relaxing make sure you relax all the way too! You need rest to refuel 😉 Everyone struggles with balance a little don’t get discouraged just find a state of mind that works best for you just remember to leave your tank on E at the end of the day in whatever you do…that way you have no regrets. No worries you got this!! If you want just wrote a post on my “mental diet” check it out if you need a pick me up guide 🙂 wishing you luck 😉

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