Taking a Vacation Day

See Ya Soon!

I take every vacation day I earn! I love escaping every chance I get. I would love to be French and use my 30 days of vacation. How Sweet Is That!

Escaping . . .

The Great Escape

I have not met a weekend getaway that I did not like! I enjoy daydreaming about escaping and traveling. I love anticipating an escape or vaction! It just makes me happy and changes my mood for the better.

Adventuring . . .

I can break free from the every day routine in taking a day off, a long weekend or going on a week plus vacation! I do not miss the alarm going off. I do not miss being on a schedule. I do not miss the busyness and the running around. I love being able to do what I want to do when I want to do it!

Then when I do go back to the every day routine I feel refreshed and reenergized after taking time off! I enjoy disconnecting and catching up on my sleep. I feel a little more proactive than reactive when going back to work. I feel better about myself and appreciate what I do have in my life!

Refreshing . . . Reenergizing . . .

I strongly believe taking time off does a body GOOD! The stress starts to melt away and the blood pressure mellows out. Your body cannot handle being in constant stress mode 24/7 and wound up like a rubberband that may just snap at anytime! Step away from the technology, the constant interuptions, the instant gratification, and the pressure and tension. Just decompress and destress!

I love taking time off to reconnect with my greatest someone as well as my family and friends! I enjoy sharing new experiences and making new memories. I love spending time with my greatest someone and sometimes we get each other’s undivided attention too! That is what truly matters to me in my life.

Out & About . . .

The Staycation

For some people going somewhere on vacation can be stressful, but why not do a staycation then!

How do you vaction without leaving home? I would love to hear what people do on staycations!

I am not really the staycation type, but I do like to act as a tourist in my local community! I enjoy exploring my town, especially in the Summer months (i.e. farmer’s markets, concerts/movies in the park, wine walks, local events, etc.). I am so lucky to live in a town with multiple craft breweries and the number of food trucks is growing too! I enjoy checking out new districts and unique businesses too.

Local Touring . . .

I love being able to get outdoors as much as possible too! Nothing better than a great outdoors adventure and some much needed FUN! I enjoy packing a picnic lunch. I enjoy adding in some relaxation and lazy time.

Getting Outside . . . Exploring . . . (Photos by RSheridan)

Do You Do The Great Escape, The Staycation or a Combination of the Two? Love to Hear, Please Share!!!

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20 responses to “Taking a Vacation Day

  • backyardtreasuresblog

    I think I love both. I love travelling to different places but when I have to get back to reality I try see as much of my local beauties as possible. I try going to local places on weekends to keep me sane. But lots of travelling overseas when I can use up my vacation time.

  • Sue Slaght

    Oh yes a day out from the usual routine does the body mind and soul good. Living next to the mountains our stay-cations are many others trips of a lifetime. We are so fortunate to be able to hike, climb and ski while never leaving home.

  • Ingrid

    When we lived in Colorado Springs, during the summer we would take a day here and there to go ‘play’ tourist. It was awesome living in a place that other folks planned all year long to come visit for a week. Makes one feel pretty darn lucky 🙂

  • Minnesota Prairie Roots

    I NEED a real honest to goodness vacation. That’s what I need. Beautiful images.

  • Garden Walk Garden Talk

    Usually a couple of vacations a year, but not this year. Just trips back to PA to see family.

  • Meg Evans

    I’m back to work this week after a “staycation” last week. Did some rowing, swimming, holiday picnic fun, shopping, and caught up on a few things that needed doing around the garden and home, so it was all good. 🙂

  • char

    I love both. The longer vacations are awesome, but they do tire me out getting ready for and cleaning up afterward. The smaller weekend trips are probably my favorite, because they take hardly any planning and don’t wear me out…yet I can still see super cool things on a small day hike and am revitalized.

  • stormy1812

    I’m so excited to be going on vacation soon here. I’m headed to Denver for my birthday and I have some interesting plans. I do hope to see plenty of friends and getting out. One thought I had is that I want to celebrate my birthday in a slightly different way this year. I need to start looking into my options for spending a day volunteering somewhere (if you read my post about Rachel’s Challenge this will make more sense). That’s not something I’d usually do on my vacation but I think depending on how it goes this time around, it will become a regular deal for me – on weeklong vacations anyway. Short vacations/staycations probably won’t be like that because of time constraints. Anyway, I may try and get out and about and do low-key but also least expensive things as possible lol. I’ll be fairly broke when I go on vacation so I need to be cautious. As far as staycations are concerned, I can see the value there. I’m like you, I’d rather be out exploring somewhere new but there is something to be said about just relaxing, taking the time to do the things you love, enjoy a hobby that hasn’t been worked on in a while due to busyness or scheduling conflicts, etc. I love this post! I daydream about getting away frequently these days lol. 🙂

  • Browsing the Atlas

    I am not the Staycation type, either. I use every vacation day I get and am lucky to work for a company that let’s me buy an extra week. I’d buy two, if they’d let me. 🙂

  • Minuscule Moments

    Renee, now I want to go on another holiday. Your photo’s are stunning and I love all the different choices you offer as a vacation, because it is different for everyone…enjoy and I look forward too more stunning photo’s.

    • cravesadventure

      The majority of those pics were taken in my own backyard playground as a local tourist. The 1st pic is Beautiful Hawaii – love dreaming about the Island Life 🙂

      Happy Adventuring – Happy Weekend – Renee

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