The Beauty in Living

Your Life Without the Rose Colored Glasses

Do you see or look for the beauty that is around you while you are going about your day or week?

For instance! Do you see the weed or the beauty of the flower of the weed? Do you see the not so nice of a bee or the beauty of the bee and what makes it so unique? Do you go on the defensive with birds or watch and listen to the beauty of birds? Do you see the not so good in things or the sunny side of things?

Do you ever feel like you are chasing life or life is chasing you? Why can it not be more natural? I have a possible answer to that question. Human beings overcomplicate things and it is a race of competition between the rational and the emotional!

There are times I feel burnt out from working with the public, overstimulated from all the technology and just done with the fast paced environment. I have to remind myself in those moments to do something for myself, especially something that I love to do! I have to remind myself to go out to have some fun and experience life by exploring and adventuring. I seek out happiness that gives me pleasure, satisfaction and fulfillment that I am looking for in living my life!

Grape Goodness!!!

I want to be alert and aware as well as open when it comes to what is happening in my life! I seek out happiness by looking outwards. I am learning that I also need to seek out happiness from within myself too!

I want to be more attentive and be more in the moment! I prefer to focus in on the task at hand and take my time. I take pleasure from that, want more of it and it makes me happy too! I feel inspired and motivated to get out there and gain experiences. I feel reenergized to take on new things and new challenges.

I want to enjoy the process throughout the experience! I do not want to predict the outcome or end result. I want to wait and watch it unfold! I enjoy that high from being excited, especially when you are fully experiencing the moment at hand. I want to celebrate the accomplishments, the milestones and the successes!

The PRESENT Moment

I do not like being uncomfortable and out of place! However, I feel I benefit and am rewarded for experiencing the NEW in my life too! Those challenging moments are great life lessons in experiencing growth and gaining life experiences. I enjoy radiating in that goodness, richness and happiness!

I realize now that I have the ability to embrace ALL moments when it comes to experiencing and living my life! I feel more open and accepting of what is happening around me. I truly want to see the beauty and the positiveness in what I experience every day in my life!

Discovering . . . (Photos by RSheridan)

What Beauty Are You Experiencing In Living Your Life With Eyes Wide Open? Love to Hear!


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14 responses to “The Beauty in Living

  • Ingrid

    Several weeks ago we went on a short little hike with another couple. I found myself pointing out all the little things around us which was a pleasant surprise that I indeed am noticing the beauty surrounding me. Love the vineyard captures 🙂

  • sueslaght

    I am definitely one to look for the little things that make me happy: the goslings out waddling while I am cycling, the bunnies hopping around a parking lot, the dandelions from a distance when the yellow actually looks beautiful rather than a weed patch. It all makes life richer to look at for the good rather than focusing on the bad.

  • Cecilia

    Spending more time in nature…I had always been such a city girl before this new life. And just appreciating the really small and ordinary moments like a blue sky or a cool glass of ice water. Those small things really add up!!

  • Minnesota Prairie Roots

    “The challenging moments are great life lessons.” How very true.

  • whichwaynow101

    I’m certainly chasing life at the moment! Thanks for reminding me that it is a good thing!

  • stormy1812

    “race of competition between the rational and the emotional!” – yeah that just about hits it on the nail for me. It’s so hard to get the two to reconcile somehow. I also totally agree with the CHOOSING how you look at life. I can be a bit of a “realist” in that the glass is literally half full and half empty lol…just my peculiar way of looking at things I suppose. The thing is, I haven’t every really cared for being a realist any more than a pessimist. Realists are not much different and I much prefer to be an optimist and usually am, minus toward myself lol. I hope to get to where you are at some point – I just hit another pretty big bump in the road and so have to reset this weekend. It’ll happen but it’s coming more slowly than I’d like it to.
    p.s. – love the photos as always! 🙂 always charming and colorful

  • char

    Chasing life or life chasing you. That’s a good question to always ask so that we make necessary course corrections to regain peace. Love all your pics.

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