Putting It Out There

OPEN for Discussion!

I am touching on a tough topic today!

The world we live in is fast-paced and pretty much 24/7/365! Plus you have technology at your fingertips.

How does one find that balance and/or happy medium among the craziness and just trying to live life one day at a time?

I know I have days where I just do not want to deal with it! I want to hide my head under the covers and have a blue mood. Honey, just slip me a candy bar under the covers before you leave please!

Then there are those days where you feel like a cat on a hot tin roof, a dog chasing its tail or a chicken running in circles going nowhere fast! I am talking stressed out and overwhelmed as well as at times a little panicky and anxiety stricken. The last thing you want to do is plaster a smile on your face and solider on!

I know I stand in my own way when it comes to being positive and finding happiness in my life! However, I also know I need to take control of my life and give myself a break to recharge too; physically, mentally and spiritually. There is nothing better than giving yourself a “time out”. Sometimes you need that “time out” because you are not all that pleasant to be around!

The hardest lesson for me is letting go of control, especially when I have no control in a situation! I know my rational self and emotional self play mind tricks with each other and at times it is not a pretty sight. Another aspect that comes into play is when you do not listen to yourself, but what others think. Having an opinion is great as well as having differences just do not feed into it too much!

Remember to reflect what you want in your life and let the rest just bounce off of you! It is AMAZING what you do to yourself and your body and not in a good or healthy way at times!

Here is What I am Practicing In My Life:

  • Learning to LOVE Myself for WHO I Am
  • Cleaning Up My Emotional House
  • Becoming More In Tune With My Emotional Self
  • Focusing On What I Do Have – Appreciating It – Being Grateful
  • Letting Go & Just Being in the Moment

(Photos by RSheridan)

Let’s Have an Open Discussion on Just What Whelms (Over, Medium, Under) YOU!!! Love to Hear What You Have Going On In Your Crazy Life!!!


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16 responses to “Putting It Out There

  • Jodi

    I get overwhelmed by deadlines! Especially after a serious case of procrastination.

  • Minnesota Prairie Roots

    Can’t share what’s overwhelming me right now. Nothing I can really control (control is an issue I have, too), but still a major stressor.

    Slip me a fistful of candy bars, please.

    This was a really good post, Renee. Lots to ponder.

  • Jessica | Defining Wonderland

    I am currently overwhelmed with the unknown. I have a major life-changing decision that I have made and it is unfortunately in a holding pattern while the pieces come together. It’s frustrating and stressful, but luckily, I have found a great, new guy to take my mind off of things. Distractions are so much better than staring at the clock and waiting for a plan to come together. Great post, Renee!

    • cravesadventure

      Jessica –

      I love your comment, especially about distractions:) I need to do that more than staring at the clock or hitting the inbox every minute in my e-mail account – ha!

      Wishing You the BEST – Good Luck – Renee

  • Cecilia

    I get overwhelmed with work because my workload is very unpredictable and I’m always at the mercy my clients. Otherwise my own emotions and overanalyzing overwhelm me as well! I sometimes feel and think way too much and if I can get some perspective I think I wouldn’t drive myself as crazy 😉

  • Sheila Morris

    To quote Grandmama in Downton Abbey Sunday night: Life is a series of problems for which you must find solutions…and then you die.

    Now bring me an ice cream please.

  • stormy1812

    I’m overwhelmed with just trying to get healthy and lots of life changes. I’m a bit overwhelmed by my friend’s problems too to be honest. They’re not my problems but she’s a soon to be single mom of three, who’s in the process of getting out of a seriously toxic marriage (and that’s an understatement) and trying to support her as much as I can is hard – mostly because it’s frustrating that I can’t fix it all for her. She has no support out here, other than me just about, and just getting child care so she can work and avoid getting fired is the hardest thing right now. It just breaks my heart that she’s having so much to handle. I believe it’ll work out but boy it’s going to be difficult getting there.

    • cravesadventure

      Jennifer –

      Good for you in making those life changes for you! That would be an undertaking and your friend appreciates your support just hang in there together as best as the two of you can.

      Happy Thursday:) – Renee

  • char

    I get overwhelmed when life is busy. I don’t like a million things on my plate (or even a dozen). I don’t like multitasking, so when I have to, I get all jittery and nervous.

  • Mary Strong-Spaid

    When I recently went to Japan, I spent most of the time in Tokyo. I am sure some people love the stimulation of big city life, but it totally stressed me out. Especially the trains and all of the people trying to get on and off, everyone rushing to get where they are going…..Auuugh.
    If I actually lived in Tokyo, it would kill me in short order. Way, way, way too much for me. Up stairs, down stairs, round in circles! Didn’t take long before I wanted to find a corner, put a blanket over my head, and mentally leave the building.
    I prefer being in the country, with quiet and plenty of space!
    Each one of us has to find out where we belong, so we don’t end up trying to live in ways that are contrary to our souls. Glad to be back home, listening to the wind blowing through the trees in my own backyard! 🙂
    Tokyo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m6y6t0ZQn0A

    • cravesadventure

      Mary –

      Quite the experience for sure! It is one thing when it is fast paced and then there is people galore added into the mix. I think I would have probably wanted to crawl into a corner too.

      Have a Great Day:) – Renee

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