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The Chinese New Year

The Year of the Horse

I am curious about astrology and recently read an article that spoke to me!

What does “The Year of the Horse” mean to me? Well, first of all there is action and change, which I have been working on with my journey of self. Second of all, there is adventure! Thirdly, there is practice.


I love a Great Adventure and crave adventure! I enjoy escaping the daily grind for something exciting and new. This resonates with me because I have my passport ready to go for an international trip in 2014! I will start sharing details of this trip soon with all of my readers.

Where Will You Adventure To?


My Top 5

  • Continuing on this journey of self.
  • Taking back control of me, myself and I.
  • Being open to the possibilities and opportunities that come into my life.
  • Embracing change and letting go of what is no longer working for me.
  • Continuing to discover my strong and lean into my weaknesses.

What Will You Practice This Year?


Part of my journey of self was believing and trusting in myself once again. I want to delve deeper into my spiritual side and explore faith this year! I am also going for and doing ENJOYable in 2014. I am looking forward to the freedom in being who I am and doing a little more of what I want to do and love!

What Will You Do That IS Freeing To You?

“Horse year demands decisive action.”


I could certainly use more decisiveness in my life or at least stop doing a few things half arsed! I have taken back my control in order to make good choices and actions as well as good decisions and changes, especially to better myself. The one thing I plan to do differently is let it be more of a natural process! No more pressuring, stressing and beating myself up. I cannot bully myself into action and change, but I can certainly WANT it for myself and GO after it!

Remember to give yourself a self check every so often to make sure you have not fallen on the tracks!

What Action and Changes Will You Make?

Not Quite a Horse, Close Enough Though (Photo by RSheridan)

Here’s To Making Wishes and Your Dreams Coming to Fruition!!! Love to Hear What YOU Are DOING??? Love to Hear, Please Share!

Words to Live By

Today and Every Day

I recently read an article about 10 words to live by! I liked the idea and wanted to create my own 10 words to live by!

My Top 10 Words To Live By

#1 Love

Liking someone or something or doing something VERY MUCH! Simply love is love and needs no further explaination or definition.

#2 Truth

Being TRUE to who you are; the REAL you! To accept your self as is and be okay with who you are. That state or character of being true. A true quality pertaining to fact and/or reality. Sincerity in character.

#3 Craves

An intense desire for . . .! To need and/or want. To beg and/or yearn. To long for or want greatly!

#4 Creativity

Hello Imagination! Letting your inner child out to play.

#5 Adventure

The L-O-V-E of adventure! Getting out there to adventure and explore. Gaining experiences and taking risks; stretching your comfort zone. Finding your self through the spirit of adventure. To venture, undertake and/or dare.

#6 Travel

The possibilities are ENDLESS! To go on a trip, go on a journey, and/or go on an experience of a lifetime. To traverse, to go to a place and/or to go from place to place. Countries, States, Cities, Towns.

#7 Passion

An intense and/or compelling desire for . . . that is really hard to contain! It makes you want to squeal and jump for joy. It makes you want to burst from the inside out with so much excitement. Wishes, Hopes and Dreams.

#8 Present

To be focused and engaged in what you are doing right now! Being in the present moment and just being. Focusing on the task at hand. Finding mindfulness in your presence and how you live your life. Having gratitude to celebrate the present! NOT taking anything for granted.

#9 Sense

Your sense of self! The ability to think or reason. The capacity to appreciate or understand something or a particular quality. Being aware and perceptive; your 5 senses. Having sensations that give you appreciation, gratitude and pleasure. Using your intuition.

#10 Active

Being in motion! Exercising and working out. Physical exertion and energy. Being in a state of action.

(Photos by RSheridan)

Feel Free to Post Your Top 10 Words To Live By and Please Share!!!

Eyes Wide Open

Go For It!

Do you live your life with eyes wide open?

My Top 3

  1. Be Passionate
  2. Savor the Moments & Cherish the Memories
  3. Just Have FUN!!!

I need to do what I love and live the life I truly want! I can do that by being passionate in everything and anything I do. I enjoy sharing my life with other people, especially my greatest someones. I love feeling ignited from the inside out!

Ignited . . . Inspired . . . Present

I am a work in progress when it comes to being in the present moment! I so want to savor those moments though and cherish the memories with my greatest someones. I need to create, develop and build those healthy relationships in my life too. It is so worth the effort and I never want to take anything for granted!

I can tell you I do not live to work, but work to be able to play! I love adventuring and exploring what life has to offer, especially with my greatest someone sidekick along for the ride. I need to find that place inside me to draw humor and happiness from. I want to enjoy myself and have fun doing it!

Makes Me Smile and Laugh (Photos by RSheridan)

Wishing You the BEST! Here’s to DOING What You Love and GOING For the Life You Want!!!

The Believable Life

Go For It!

Be true to who you are or want to become! Remember no one else is like you. I know for certain I would not want to be an air-brushed cover girl, not even for just one day. I so want to be just me, myself and I!

I can tell you from experience that as soon as you let your body down that ungrateful way of thinking will take you down! You are given one body to live your life in, so grab it and take it everywhere. You are so LUCKY and imagine all the AMAZING things you can do! Just think of all the love radiating from your body.

Loving . . . (Photo by RSheridan)

A Little Goes a Long Way

Put your energies into practicing self love! Your whole being will thank you for the changes you are making. Stop the shame, stop the judging, stop criticizing, stop pointing out the flaws . . . Just STOP the “if-then”!

You are not living in the future, but the HERE & NOW! Find your self acceptance again and give it permission to live in the present. Find your self confidence again and give it the loving feeling it deserves. Find your happiness again and give it permission to radiate from the inside out!

Radiating . . . (Photo by RSheridan)

The Beast

I have to say this and it is not to be mean by any stretch of anyone’s imagination. Hate makes everything look and feel ugly. Perception is just that a perceived standard out there to trip you up. Do not go there & Do not let it in!

The Beauty

YOU are ENOUGH & YOU MATTER to YOURSELF!!! Again human being – beauty should include your beautiful. YOU are BEAUTIFUL and that BEAUTY comes from your whole being! Embrace what you see and live your beautiful self in the present.

Beauty . . . (Photo by RSheridan)

Be the BELIEVABLE You Can Be In Living Your Life!!!

Feeling Good

Righting What Has You Upside Down

My Top 10!

  1. Spend Time with Yourself and Your Greatest Someones
  2. Plan an Escape or Vacation
  3. Get Outside in the Great Outdoors
  4. Get Some Water Therapy
  5. Get Moving, Get Active, Get Exercising
  6. Watch a Sunrise or Sunset
  7. Take a Walk, Hike or Bike Ride
  8. Eat a Good Breakfast
  9. Make Healthier Choices in general
  10. Play, Learn, Explore, Experience

My Top 5!

Please Share What Makes You Feel Good, Love to Hear!!!

Stepping Back

Slowing Down

I am enjoying my new found freedom in stepping back and slowing down! I do not like when my body is screaming at me to pay attention to it and give it my undivided attention. I am tuning in and finally listening to my body and its needs. I am taking care of myself and it feels good!

I am learning that a Strong No is Better than a Weak Yes! I am done being pressured when it comes to doing things that I really do no want to do. I really need to focus on what I want to do and what truly matters to me when it comes to prioritizing my time. I know I cannot be and do it all!

I am discovering that I have certain habits that stress me out and waste my time! Why would I ADD stress to my crazy life? I am trying to put the perfectionist, over achiever, people pleaser, everything in its place person on the down low. I need to enjoy the process and take it one moment at a time. A little less doing and a little more being!

I am working on living a healthier lifestyle! I am learning more about taking charge of my self care and being my own health advocate when it comes to what my whole being needs. I am making better food choices, maintaining my weight and getting my 7 to 9 hours of sleep. I do not want to take my health for granted and truly appreciate what my whole being can do for me!

My health and wellness assists me in being an active player in my life! I know for dang sure STRESS will shorten my life if I let it get to me day in and day out. I need to be doing more of what makes me happy, gives me satisfaction and fills me up. My time and the freedom to do what I want is valuable to me in living a full life! 

I am finding a “new strong” by tapping into my inner strengths! I am learning to be patient and not so reactive. I am learning to be calm and not so defensive. I am learning to release and let go by experiencing my emotions, feelings, and thoughts. I am rediscovering my curiosity by being in the present moment!

I am so focused on moving on to the next thing that I miss what is happening throughout the process! That is what really matters the most at times too. I need to enjoy the life I do have by living the life I want. I want to appreciate what life has to offer me and not miss a minute of it!

(Photos by RSheridan)

Remember to Pace Yourself & SOAK Life In!!!

Tap Into It

Your Natural Rhythm

I have been enjoying my journey of self and it amazes me what I keep within myself at times! It is like you have discovered a jigsaw puzzle within yourself that you are slowly putting together piece by piece. Sometimes two or more pieces just CLICK! Then something you have been discovering or struggling with just becomes so much clearer due to that click.

Due to these CLICKS I have been trying to really tap into what already exists within myself! It is a little scary at times with a twist of excitement too. I feel that tapping into what already exists within myself is just finding that “natural rhythm” that I have put on the down low for years! Most of this has come about in trying to figure out how to lessen the stress in my life lately.

It is such a beautiful connection to make and have in your life! You become more aware on a daily basis. You find that “natural rhythm” that you DID NOT know was missing in your life! Talk about connecting with your emotions in a good way.

Have you ever thought about what the 4 seasons means to you and your body? Think of awakening in Spring, think of full of life in Summer, think harvesting and reaping (the rewards) in Fall, and think solitude in Winter. It is about connecting to that harmony and finding balance for yourself from the inside out!

Do you ever find yourself so stressed and so out of whack and maybe even a little out of control? It is your body’s way of telling you that you are out of sync! You have to tune into that, lessen the stress and get back on track. Otherwise that bad cycle will continue to wear on your body as well as your mind and spirit. That is not good and certainly not healthy for you!

(Photos by RSheridan)

Here’s to Nurturing Your Body, Stimulating Your Mind & Connecting to Your Spirit!!!

Increasing the Love

Self Love That Is!!!

I have decided to continue on my journey of self in 2014! I want to continue to give myself love by transforming and transitioning myself for the better and the healthier!

My Top 3

  1. Continuing to Create a Healthier Me.
  2. Becoming a Better Me.
  3. Finding a More Balanced Me.


I am the ONLY person who can love, respect, forgive, and accept ME! I am loving my whole being and what it does for me each and every day. I am finding my groove when it comes to working out and eating right for me. I love me for me and that feels GREAT!


I have 3 basic premises when it comes to becoming a better me! 1) I want to be who I am and love who I am and share that person with myself and others. 2) I want to do what I love to do. 3) I want to live life TODAY and the life I do have that I want more of too. In learning to do that and by loving myself I am discovering my value, my needs and my boundaries!


I want to let go of my perfectionist and release that angry person that lives inside of me! With a little kindness and compassion to myself I want to discover more calm, collectedness and just being in living my life. I prefer contentment and joy over chaos and turmoil. I need to lean in more and embrace the possibilities and opportunities that come into my life!

Here’s to LOVING Yourself , LIVING for Yourself and KNOWING Your Are In The Right Place Right NOW!!!

Reliance of Self

Becoming More Self Aware

I have been dealing with excess pressure, tension and stress over the the last year! I never thought to look at myself as the culprit, but I quickly learned that I was and should not have been all that amazed as to what I was doing to myself. I decided to become more self aware in order to clear my mind of the clutter and clean my emotional house! I lost that reliance of self by sabatoging my own self as well as my health and well being. Think about that, can you imagine that happening!

I now know why I was edgy and anxious and certainly not myself! I was either holding myself stuck in the past or fast forwarding to the what is next, what is in my future. I was not even in the present! I knew I needed to STOP the crazyness and busyness. I needed to find my way back to being in the present moment again!

I very much needed to take responsibility of my own state of mind and my own state of being and not let it fall into the wrong hands ever again! I had to find reliance in my self, be proactive with my whole being and believe and trust in myself. I really needed to start taking care of myself from the inside out as well as stay active and engaged. I needed to make myself priority number 1!

I discovered in becoming more self aware I was able to be more open! To the possibilities and opportunities. To embracing and  accepting change. To being able to cope better when things do not go my way. To keeping it simple. To learning, growing and gaining. To be one with myself and find the quiet. To relax, recharge, and reenergize. So many things to be open to when you are creating the life you want!

(Photos by RSheridan)

I am learning to slow down, be in the present moment and really listen to myself and my needs! I am starting and starting small and will continue to take baby steps every day.

Remember to Look and Listen Inside Yourself & Tap Into It! It Is NOT Something That You Have to Think About Going Out to Get! It Is Already There & YOU Make It Happen!

Throwing Down a Challenge

Here It Is . . .

Drumroll Please . . .

Make A Date With Yourself!

  • “Me” Date.
  • Work Out Date.
  • Spoil Date.
  • Etc. – Endless Dates!

What Do You Want To Fit Into Your Life?

  • Health, Wellness and Fitness.
  • Cooking and Eating Healthy.
  • Pampering.
  • Etc. – Endless Possibilities!

I schedule in my exercise time twice a week for me, myself and I! I need it, especially when I need a time out and some down time. I enjoy a little routine to help me stay on track as well as on balance with myself. Just getting 5 to 15 to 30 minutes is a BIG pick me up!

I love exploring!

  • I enjoy checking out anything cooking and eating related, including beer and wine tastings.
  • I enjoy keeping up to date on health, wellness and fitness.
  • I enjoy spending a few extra minutes in the library checking out the new books area.
  • I enjoy going window shopping.
  • I enjoy spoiling myself!

I spoil myself every morning and every evening by taking at least 30 minutes for myself! I tend to spoil myself when I achieve something or accomplish a milestone. I usually give myself a small gift of love and appreciation. I find it very motivating for me!

Ready To Take The Challenge! Then GO!!!

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