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Bodega, California

A Beautiful Town that has gone to The Birds!

You drive through Bodega (Sonoma County) on the Bodega Highway to Bodega Bay. Do not forget to STOP in Bodega! There is Saint Teresa of Avila Church, the Potter Schoolhouse (now a private residence) and the Bodega Country Store, which has the largest Hitchcock Collection on display.

I stopped into the Healdsburg Sonoma County California Visitors Bureau to get more information on Sonoma County. The lady I talked to was a wealth of information on the area. She had me at Bohemian Highway and Bakery!

Oh My Goodness, Wild Flour Bread is a must do on the Bohemian Highway in Freestone, California. The dark chocolate and raspberry scone was an AMAZING sweet treat! Their shop has painted birds on just about every wall and there is a painted swarm of sparrows above the wood fired brick oven. I almost felt like I was being watched by these painted birds – CREEPY!!! Do not forget to talk a stroll through their beautiful garden while there.

Interesting Facts:

  • In 1859, shipbuilders constructed Saint Teresa of Avila Church.
  • Saint Teresa of Avila Church appeared in Alfred Hitchcock’s film The Birds.
  • The Potter Schoolhouse (now a private residence) is the actual schoolhouse depicted in The Birds.
  • The Potter Schoolhouse was built in 1873 and constructed from locally harvested ancient redwoods. The schoolhouse was dedicated on October 31st.

Wild Turkey by the Potter Schoolhouse

Driving past the Watson School on the Bodega Highway peaked my curiosity, so I wanted to learn more about the school.

  • The Watson School opened in 1856 and closed in 1967.
  • The Watson School served the communities of Bodega, Valley Ford and Freestone.
  • The Watson School served as a public school for 111 years, longer than any other one room school in California!
  • The Watson School is now a Sonoma County Historic Park.

The Birds

I had a few nightmares after watching this movie years ago and had a few bird moments on this trip! There is just something about their beaks and beady eyes that gives me a pause for thought at times.

I enjoy a good Hitchcock movie even if I have to sleep with the lights on, look behind the shower curtain and be wary of birds! I would have loved to get inside that man’s head to see how he worked in coming up with his movie ideas.

Channeling Hitchcock

The Birds is a 1963 suspense and horror film directed by Hitchcock. The movie depicts Bodega Bay, California, which experiences a series of widespread and violent bird attacks over the course of a few days. This whole thing kicks off in a bird shop, really!

Mr. Mitch Brenner is shopping for a pair of love birds and the bird shop has none. Melanie Daniels (Ms. Tippi Hedren) meets Mr. Brenner in that bird shop. In a moment of intrigue, Ms. Daniels purchases a pair of lovebirds and brings them to Mr. Brenner in Bodega Bay, California. Ms. Daniels is attacked by a seagull on her way back across the bay from dropping off the lovebirds at Mr. Brenner’s house. Seagulls, sparrows, and crows . . . let the bird attacks begin!

Hitchcock was known for his calculated silences in his movies to build suspense and even terror! He wanted to use an electronic soundtrack to create the bird sounds and other noises for the film.

Then there were the special effects shots of the attacking birds for the film, which a yellow screen was used in the shots instead of a blue screen! The yellow screen helps the birds movements look more real, especially with all those flapping wings.

Interesting Fact: The Birds was honored by the American Film Institute as the seventh greatest thriller.

(Photos by RSheridan)

Happy Bird Watching!!!

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