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Where Do You Call Home

Just Curious!

I have not found that place yet that I call HOME! I am still very much a restless transplant and have been here close to 10 years. I love living Out West and the opportunities I have had to travel, adventure and explore this area! I am not sure if I could call home the West Coast, but I will for now until I find that place I call home.


Sometimes HOME is where your HEART is! Plain & Simple! Being close to loved ones and friends. Being around the familiar.


I am amazed at the connections I have made worldwide through blogging! I find it fascinating to learn more about the United States, especially those States I have not experienced as well as other Countries. The history, the culture, the people, etc. It is good to get out of our little bubbles at times!

Please Share Where You Call Home! Love to Hear!

Where Do You Hang Your Heart

Loving Your Greatest Someones

There is Only One Happiness in Life:  To Love and To Be Loved! ~George Sand

Isn’t LOVE Grand! Giving, Receiving & Sharing IT! Especially when it is with your greatest someones. Especially when you enjoy hanging out and spending time with your greatest someones.

Sharing the Love (Photo by RSheridan)

So . . . Where Do You Hang Your Heart? I know a silly question right! Most of us probably hang in where it belongs and carry it with us every day. Some of us hang it on our sleeves at times. Some of us hang it at home at times. Where ever you hang it remember to share it with yourself and others!

The Magic Words for a Great Relationship are,

I LOVE YOU JUST THE WAY YOU ARE“. ~Jonathan Lockwood Huie 

Here’s to Living Life & Sharing the LOVE Every Day!!!

Slacking Off

Finding Your Inner Slacker

There are days I want to do NOTHING! Do you ever feel this way? Great! I knew I was not alone in saying that.

Sit Back on the Beach & Do NOTHING! (Photo by RSheridan)

I cannot live my life like one giant stress ball! All that stress and tension is just not healthy for your body, mind and spirit. You have to just release and let go at times. Who knows you might just start bouncing and may need some padded walls!

I have been trying to find my inner slacker and learn the art of slacking off! I have the couch surfing down. I just need to learn not to do anything of importance when slacking off though (i.e. dusting, picking up, laundry, etc.). Slacking off seems easy, but I still struggle!

Here’s to Doing Nothing & Slacking Off – Try It You Might Like It!!!

Living the Big & Beautiful Life – May


What are YOU Craving in Life?

You Name IT! What is Your Heart’s Desire Right NOW?

Wine & Wine Events!

GRAPE Goodness! (Photo by RSheridan)

What Motivates YOU?

To Be the BEST Person YOU Can Be!

The Warmer Weather!

What are YOU Celebrating?

From Teeny Tiny to Somewhere in Between to HUGE! SHARE It & SHOUT It OUT!

Spending Time With the Ones I LOVE!


LOOK from WITHIN & CELEBRATE LIFE!!! Please Jump In and Share Your Successes!

Let Love In

Open Your Heart

Give It, Receive It & Express It! We all need to be loved and have love in our lives. Plain & Simple! It can be exciting, scary and anywhere in between, but so worth it.

Let LOVE In (Photo by RSheridan)

Emotions are an essential part to loving yourself and sharing that love with other people though. Sometimes you have to let go and just go for it. Sometimes you just need to step out of your head and listen to your heart and soul. Life is a Gift with a Bow On Top! The Ribbon is the Love that Wraps Your Body, Mind and Spirit!

It is about living in the present and being open to the possibilities. Tone down the doubt, fear and negativity in your life. Tune up the fun, happiness and positivity in your life. Be humble, appreciative and grateful.

Take a Journey of the Heart and Go On an Adventure of Love! It is an adventure that should not be passed up and if nothing else do it for yourself. It is such a learning experience as well as a life experience. Just Let Love In!

Breaking Down

Walls – Literally & Figuratively

Back on December 5, 2012 I wrote a post called Enough Said. This post is a follow-up to that post to discuss the following question:

How do you BREAK DOWN those boundaries and perceptions

that you have of yourself as well as what other people think of you?

The majority of us have behaviors, traits, attitudes, and perceptions. The majority of us also have learned how to react to what is going on around us; the positive, the negative and everything in between. How you choose to respond and deal with it is up to you though!

The majority of us want to fit in and belong. How you do that is up to you!

I know I can be my worst enemy at times when it comes to myself and how I feel about myself. I prefer to laugh at myself instead of beating myself up about certain things. I can say that I get sensitive as well as defensive when someone is saying or doing hurtful things to me. I can be my greatest supporter and protector too.

Here’s to Busting Down Walls and Taking Names!!!

Make Life Positive & Beautiful! (Photo by RSheridan)

17th Annual Boonville Beer Festival

Anderson Valley ROCKS!!!

Saturday, May 4, 2013 – Taps Open 1 pm to 5 pm – Marathon of Brews People!!!

Bringing Back the 80s! I wore my rainbow of colors shirt. I enjoyed checking out what others were wearing too!

1st Time & a Total Newbie! I enjoyed every minute of it though. I had a hard time deciding to taste from breweries that I was familiar with and those that were NEW! to me. I just dove in and went for it!

I loved seeing Barkley (mascot for Anderson Valley Brewing Company) march into the event! Barkley is an AWESOME looking bear with ROCKIN horns!!!

There was a person dressed as Duffman that was drawing a crowd too!

The pours were massive, at least for me! I either savored and enjoyed or took a few sips and moved on. I had to figure it out or be miserable. Certainly need to eat a few times throughout the event and DRINK PLENTY OF WATER!

You receive this landyard to hold your tasting device and let me tell you what happens when you drop your tasting device out of its holder. YOU GET BOO’D BIG TIME!!! I did it not once but twice and every time it is total humiliation. Plus you better know what you want to taste once it is your turn at the tap!

Checked Out

The Familiar

Anderson Valley Brewing Company – Summer Solstice

Bear Republic Brewing Company – Racer 5 IPA

Firestone Walker Brewing Company – Wookey Jack

Great Basin Brewing Company – Witbier & Icky

Knee Deep Brewing – Citra EPA

Mendocino Brewing Company – Red Tail Ale

New Belgium Brewing – Rampant & Shift

Sierra Nevada Brewing Company – Summerfest

Widmer – Hibiscus Gose

The NEW!

Drake’s Brewing Company

High Sierra Brewing Company

Iron Springs Pub & Brewery

Napa Smith Brewery

Ninkasi Brewing Company – Oatis Oatmeal Stout

Russian River Brewing Company – Redemption

Speakeasy – Prohibition

Third Street Aleworks

Too Many Brews & Not Enough Time

The Familiar

Anchor Brewing Company

Bison Organic Beer

Crispin Cider Company (love their Cider!!!)

Gordon Biersch Brewery & Restaurant

Grand Teton Brewing

Lagunitas Brewing Company

North Coast Brewing Company

Pyramid Breweries

Stone Brewing Company

Tap It Brewing Company

The NEW!

101 North Brewing

21st Amendment Brewery

Auburn Alehouse

Berryessa Brewing Company

Eel River Brewing Company

Heretic Brewing

Redwood Curtain Brewing

Rubicon Brewing Company

Stumptown Brewery

Sudwerk Brewing

(Photos by RSheridan)

So Little Time, So Many Tastes to Be Had!!! PACE Yourself!!!

Gaining In A Good Way

With Health & Wellness & Fitness

I can tell you I fall off the wagon at least once a month if not more when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. I try to not overeat or revert back to poor eating habits. You will not see me measuring my food or counting calories. I refuse to diet let alone restrict certain foods. I find that mindset unhealthy.

(Photo by RSheridan)

I am gaining in a good way by just going with how I feel on a daily basis now. Talk about gaining a new perspective in getting your healthy on! I have become more aware of the choices I make with what I eat as well as my posture and my body movements. Just being able to do what I want to lead an active lifestyle. The experience has been eye-opening in a good way!

I am enjoying working out from the inside out; mentally, physically and spiritually. I am learning that if your mind and body are not connected you will not be balanced and grounded. There is that disconnect that sorta keeps you in limbo or stuck in a rut. I am done banging my head against the wall and expecting different results every time!

Gaining . . . (Photo by RSheridan)

Think nourish and nurture! You have to work with what you have been given and take care of yourself from the inside out. I should not be so shocked and amazed that with this new approach things are finally falling into place. I see the benefits and reap the rewards!

There is that newness and you just feel like you have that natural rhythm back once again! I shifted the way I think and focus on the positive energy. Think living your life and an active life at that! I want to have that drive and motivation in my life.

My 3 Questions

  1. How do I feel?
  2. Did I make better food choices today?
  3. Was I able to find a balance in my life today?

Be You & The Best YOU Every Day!!!

Staying Active

Keep Moving

Staying active and being physical can be an enjoyable part of a healthy lifestyle! Staying active keeps your mind challenged and your spirit connected too!

Keep On Keeping On! (Photo by RSheridan)

Staying Active

I prefer being active to being idle. I can become your worst nightmare if cooped up for too long with nothing to do. When I was a kid I loved being outside exploring and creating adventures. I still do and escape the 40-hour desk jockey gig as much as possible. You have to find that balance in your life when it comes to being active!

Being Physical

Do you try to get 30 minutes of exercise in each day? I brisk walk if I am not able to hit the gym or get a full workout in. Plus I have cut back on the exercising to 3 days a week too. Being inactive can take a toll on your body, especially if you sit or stand for long periods of time.

Getting Physical (Photo by RSheridan)

The BEST thing about being physical is the extra energy and being able to go for longer periods at a time! Plus you certainly improve your health; body, mind and spirit!

The benefits of being physical are:

  • An increase in your strength to protect your bones, joints and muscles
  • An increase in stamina and overall flexibility
  • Helps prevents injuries, especially falls
  • Helps develop better form and posture
  • Helps keep your mind challenged
  • Helps keep your spirit connected

Imagine if you had the ability and ease to do the things you needed to do on a daily basis! Just being able to live your life to the fullest!

Just Start Today and Keep Moving – Make Staying Active and Being Physical a Daily Habit – Your Body Will Love You!!!

Getting a Jump

On the Day

Lay off the snooze button because every time you hit the snooze your body is so confused with the resetting and cannot adjust! Plus when your alarm does go off just lay in bed and do some stretching. Help yourself wake up those tired muscles, increase your circulation and improve your flexibility in less than 5 minutes. Feels Oh So Good Too!

Remember to get your 7 to 9 hours of sleep! When you are well rested it makes it just a little easier to jump start your day. I like reading for about 30 minutes before bed. Find what works for you to get a good, quality rest!

Give yourself some inspiration and motivation to get up, get out there and grab life! Think about something that gives you a burst of energy! Go . . .

Hitting the Beach (Photo by RSheridan)

Hitting the Trail (Photo by RSheridan)

Grabbing a Bite to Eat (Photo by RSheridan)

How do you get a jump on your day?

I usually jump start my day with a protein packed smoothie (low-fat, high fiber too)! Sometimes I am craving a strong cup of coffee and an egg breakfast. On the weekends I either hit the gym or hit the couch for a few hours of surfing. I am a morning person, but not before 6 am!

How do you keep going throughout the day?

Two words for me:  Lunch Break! An hour to get away from my desk to recharge and reenergize. Sometimes I go for a walk outside and other times I like to enjoy a good read. Just depends on the type of day I am having!

How does exercise fit into your day during the week?

I prefer my sleep to exercise in the mornings, so good luck waking this sleeping bear to exercise in the A.M. I get a 2nd wind by 4 pm, so enjoy hitting the gym after work. I enjoy taking a brisk walk during my morning and afternoon breaks. The fresh air is so cleansing to your body, mind and spirit!

Here’s to Conquering Your Day!!!

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