One Vicious Cycle

Please Let Me Off Already!

There is one vicious cycle playing out in our lives every day! The never ending battle between stress and weight. It is everywhere and you may be able to ignore it, but you cannot hide from it. If you are not being faced with it yourself then you know someone who is!

Going Round & Round, Let Me Off, Pretty Please! (Photo by RSheridan)

Stress is plain ugly and SUCKS!!! That constant stress takes a toll on your body, mind and spirit. That constant stress affects your relationships and friendships. That constant stress affects YOU and who You ARE!

I have noticed a shift in the working environment and it is not pretty at times! The degradation, the beratement and the borderline harassing and bullying behaviors. It astounds me and is such a DEMOTIVATOR! I realize that not everyone gets along and the majority of us experience a bad day once in a while, but could we go a little easier on each other.

There are the stressors at work and then you compile those stressors with the ones already waiting for you at home. It can overwhelm you and have you breathing into a paper bag if you think too much about it. The emotions are like the rollercoaster of life at times. Stress is one monster you do not want to mess with for too long!

I feel in correlation to stress is your weight. You are either sick to the stomach or going in the opposite direction where the weight starts adding up. I know I tend to stress eat or crave junk because I feel that I have control over something in my life. I have also gone to the extreme with exercising to deal with stress and highly do not recommend. Scary and that is sometimes where the vicious cycle begins and grabs hold!

What Do You Do to Lessen the Stress in Your Life? Please Share, Love to Hear!

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38 responses to “One Vicious Cycle

  • andy1076

    Stress at work has a tendency to follow my way home, especially when it’s shift work and the person relieving you brings some of their own from home etc, I usually just write to get my mind off or listen to music with my phone off to block it all out, my personal time 🙂

  • Minnesota Prairie Roots

    I’ve learned, as I’ve aged, to calm down and not take everything in life quite so seriously.

  • Anita Mac

    So true…the merry-go-round of life! Personally, I find travel the best stress relief…sadly, reality is that it can’t happen non stop! Too bad. Last year’s travel sabbatical to Europe was the best! Being in a new environment made it so much easier to step away from some of the stresses at home. Even a weekend a way can make such a huge difference. This summer, I hope to combine a few more weekends away with activities such as kayak camping and hiking to let the fresh air and nature wash the stresses away!
    And for now – off to the gym…nothing better than a tough cardio workout to get the heart pumping!

  • Purely.. Kay

    Stress is not pretty at all. It can cause a lot of things to happen. I really needed to read this. It puts everything in perspective. Everything. Loved this post

  • rommel

    Urgh! Better timing. I’m having a bad morning today because someone got on my nerve today at work. I can’t get it out of my head!! Haven’t had this for long time, and today it eats me horribly. It definitely motivates me, but still, I can’t shake this feeling of being disturbed by these unwanted individuals. It’ll pass, that’s all I can ease up on.

  • Madhu

    I tend to binge eat when I am stressed (also when I am bored :-)) Yoga helps……….a lot! But only till your next meeting with the toxic person! Best to keep a distance, but I know that isn’t always an option.

  • Ingrid

    Stress and weight….two subjects I know too well. When hubby starts discussing matters (i.e. politics, economy) when I’m stressed enough……I have this saying, “let’s talk sunsets and unicorns”. When I say this, he knows its not a good time to lay on more stressers 🙂

    • cravesadventure

      Ingrid –

      Love it – “let’s talk sunsets and unicorns”:) I need to come up with a code phrase – great idea! I usually start talking about escaping or needing a change of pace when the stressors come flying at me – ha!

      Have a Great One – Renee

  • ethelthedean

    This is such an important topic! Seriously, not enough people talk about how overwhelming life can be. I know there are days where I am ready to pull all my hair from my head…

    As soon as I leave work I really try to leave it behind. I like to write, or go for a run, spend time with my man, or phone my fam. It’s the little reminders of how beautiful life is that keep me grounded and melt the stress away! x

  • Bella Remy Photography

    Stress really is a body kill isn’t it Renee? Think that’s why I started birding. I get to slow down and really turn my brain off while searching in the trees for a feathered friend.

  • Garden Walk Garden Talk

    I have two posts coming up on stress. What a coincidence, I will save my answer to your question on stress for my posts. Knowing what I photograph, you might know!

    • cravesadventure

      Garden –

      Important topic to talk about and each one of us has a different perspective on it too! Cannot wait to read your posts:) Your photography calms me.

      Have a Great One – Renee

  • Sheila

    Whenever I’ve had a stressful day at work, I go home and attack the cookies so I know what you mean! That doesn’t combine very well with sitting at a desk all day. 🙂 Luckily, the dog forces me into going for long walks and those help more than the cookies!

  • WomanBitesDog

    I eat chocolate and cake. Then cycle like mad. Come in hungry. Eat chocolate and cake. Then cycle like…oh hang on a minute? Is that a vicious cycle? Ok – how about drinking? A lot.

  • Karen

    Stress is all around us. Even when we are trying to relax our mind can be reliving stressful moments. Close your eyes, breath deeply and think of something beautiful.

  • char

    Calming music helps me. I always listen to it in the car because I tend to overreact and get super angry when people cut me off or do something else stupid. Calming music clashes with those thoughts, and helps me realize I need to let the anger go and keep driving. That’s the only place I usually deal with stress. I hate driving.

  • Bam's Kitchen (@bamskitchen)

    I think exercise is one of the best stress reducers

  • LookingfortheSweetSpot

    Sometimes I feel like stress is hitting me from all sides – like a barrage! Exercise helps some. Mostly, I just wait for the stressful situation to be over – and eat dark chocolate.

  • Evolution of X

    I go hiking with my camera or when there’s not time for that, work in the yard. It’s harder on rainy days when I just want to escape into a book and eat junk food. Funny books help. And music I like to sing along to in the car.

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