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Living the Big & Beautiful Life


What are YOU Craving in Life?

You Name IT! What is Your Heart’s Desire Right NOW?

Mashed Potatoes, Stuffing & Pumpkin Pie – YUM!

(Photo by RSheridan)

What Motivates YOU?

To Be the BEST Person YOU Can Be!

Thanks, Appreciation & Gratitude!!!

(Photo by RSheridan)

What are YOU Celebrating?

From Teeny Tiny to Somewhere in Between to HUGE! SHARE It & SHOUT It OUT!

Family, Gatherings, & Quality Time with the Ones I LOVE!

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LOOK from WITHIN & CELEBRATE LIFE!!! Please Jump In and Share Your Successes!

The Rookery

Of Elephant Seals

Since 1990 this Rookery of Elephant Seals has experienced growth and that is a true sign of a healthy rookery. In 2011 there were about 4000 pups born. Pretty Impressive!

(Photos by RSheridan)

Interesting Fact:  12 of the 15 known rookeries are on the Coast of California. There is rookery on Vancouver Island and Cedros Island off Baja California. The mainland rookeries, like Piedras Blancas, Ano Nuevo and Point Reyes are relatively recent rookeries.

Hello There! (Photos by RSheridan)

I learned many new things about elephant seals from a docent with the Friends of the Elephant Seal.

  1. Elephant seals migrate solo twice a year over thousands of miles; not in a pod. Spend 8 to 10 months a year in the open ocean.
  2. Elephant seal pups when born are not able to swim (takes up to 8 to 10 weeks for them to learn how to swim before taking off on their own to migrate). Imagine that! Plus they migrate solo for the 1st time out and pretty much right back to the spot on the beach in California where they were born. AMAZING!
  3. The Bull elephant seals can weigh up to 5,000 pounds when coming on to land and lose most of that tonnage (about a 1/3 of their body weight) during their time spent on the beach. Why you may ask?
  4. The elephant seals are fasting – no food and no water – while in the rookery.

Seals Everywhere are Seals (Photo by RSheridan)

 The rookery is located on Highway 1 just 7 miles north of San Simeon on the Beauitful California Central Coast. The rookery is home to about 17,000 animals that come to shore to rest, molt, breed and give birth. It is FREE and open for viewing every day of the year. Please stay on the Boardwalk – these seals may seem docile or lazy, but could came at you like a Mack truck if not careful!

Being Lazy Here! (Photo by RSheridan)

The Sounds of Elephant Seals

  • Belches
  • Grunts
  • Snorts
  • Trumpeting (the males of course)
  • Gargles
  • Squeaks, Squeals
  • Bleats, Whimpers

You may chuckle a bit when watching the elephant seals due to the sounds they make!

Check Them Out!

On the LiveCam.

Check Out the Friends of the Elephant Seal Website! Friends of the Elephant Seal was formed in November of 1997. The docents are great and a wealth of information about the elephant seals, the rookery, viewing safety, the history of the area, the other marine life, the tides, etc. I enjoyed spending time with a docent and asking questions; learned a lot! Education is Key in protecting any wildlife, fauna or flora; Be Respectful!

Thanks to the Marine Mammal Protection Act of 1972 these elephant seals are protected from hunting and harassment.

Other Animals that Live Among the Rookery

I saw harbor seals, a sea otter, birds (including pelicans), and squirrels.

  • Birdlife
  • Pelicans
  • Squirrels (have a condo system under the boardwalk)
  • Harbor Seals
  • Sea Lions
  • Sea Otters
  • Dolphins
  • Whales (Gray and Humpback and Orcas)
  • Sharks

Let’s remember to not feed the local wildlife and keep them wild please!

Someone has a COOKIE – Oh No! (I DO NOT feed the wildlife!)

(Photos by RSheridan)

Piedras Blancas Lighthouse

(Photos by RSheridan)

Interesting Marine Mammals to Watch – AMAZING!!!

The Castle in the Sky

Hearst Castle

The Castle in the Sky and In the Fog! Located on the Central Coast of California near San Simeon. The Hearst Castle is the property of the State of California and is maintained as a State Historic Park. Open for public tours for a fee.

Hearst Castle (Photos by RSheridan)

Interesting Fact:  Despite Hearst Castle’s location, it attracts about 1 million visitors per year.

Just Imagine Being a Guest of William Randolph Hearst at Hearst Castle in its heyday in the 20’s and 30’s! I love the style of the 20’s – the way the men and women dressed back then just impresses me. The Hearst Castle was designed by architect Julia Morgan between 1919 and 1947. What a HUGE Undertaking!

Talk About Grand

  • 56 Bedrooms
  • 61 Bathrooms
  • 19 Sitting Rooms (whole lot of sitting)
  • 127 acres of Gardens (the gardens and art within the gardens is AMAZING!)
  • 1 Indoor Pool (Impressive)
  • 1 Outdoor Pool, the Neptune Pool (Double Impressive) rebuilt 3 times
  • Tennis Courts
  • Movie Theater
  • World’s Largest Private Zoo
  • Airfield
  • Plus during Hearst’s ownership a private power plant supplied electricity

Square Footage

  • Casa Grande 60, 645
  • Casa del Mar 5, 875
  • Casa del Monte 2, 291
  • Casa del Sol 2, 604

Misc. Photos from the area around Hearst Castle and San Simeon

(Photos by RSheridan)

Get Out & Explore!!!

Give a Little Love

Get a Little Love

I am actually pretty good at giving myself some L-O-V-E! I really try to feed my passions and desires. I really try to have hopes and dreams. I really try to engage, connect and listen to my heart.

The hard part is when the brain tries to pull a fast one on my heart and do its own thing or vice versa. Those two are either in cahoots together or sneaking behind the other’s back! Which one should you truly trust. You really have to look within yourself to make that decision!

Do you live life open to the possibilities? Do you truly live life from the inside out? Do you give yourself the love you need, desire, want, etc.?

Give Yourself Permission to Let Go and Love Thy Self! Do It Every Day; Make It a Great Habit! Create the Romance Within Your Life Story!

Make Sure Your Heart Smiles Today!!!

Made You Smile (Photo by RSheridan)

Continuing On

The Journey

I have been on a journey this year about self-discovery and self-acceptance. I had a life lesson take me for a smack down at the beginning of this year. One sure way to gain a life experience and not in a nice way either, but have discovered the reason behind the madness though. I have made the decision to continue on this journey to continue to learn and grow and hopefully become a better version of my self.

I wanted to go deeper than . . .

  • Who am I?
  • Why am I here?
  • What am I suppose to do with my life?

I have been focusing on looking outside myself for the answers. I have shifted that focus to looking within myself this year. Talk about eye-opening at times! You reveal the good, bad and the ugly about yourself and through the process come to accept or least embrace  yourself warts and all.

All of you are UNIQUE with YOUR OWN SET OF TALENTS! Amazing, right. It is about accepting and embracing who you are and possibly sharing your talents with yourself and other people. Totally amazing, right.

Best of Luck on Your Own Journey and Being Open to What Life Offers You!!!

Being More Open! (Photo by RSheridan)

My Blog

Has Gone to the Birds!




Footprints & A Feather

Song Birds Living by the Sea

Bird of Prey

(All Photos by RSheridan)


Tug of War

Bird vs. Bird

Who will win!

Tug of War

The Pelican has it!

The Pelican has lost it!

The Approach

Will the Pelican take it?

Pelican grabbing for it! (Photos by RSheridan)

Already One in the Pocket

Not Sharing! (Photos by RSheridan)

The Birds Have Gone Mad for Fish!

Twin Falls


I can officially check off the State of Idaho on my 50 States Checklist! Made a brief stop in Idaho Falls before heading into Yellowstone National Park and then stopped for a night in Twin Falls on the way back home. Followed the Oregon Trail from Montpelier, Idaho to Twin Falls, Idaho. Could have put up the pop-up tent trailer for a modern day buggy, but I think local law enforcement would have frowned on that idea – ha!

I.B. Perrine Bridge

Snake River

(Photos by RSheridan)

Great Idea to Explore Other States in Your Backyard!


Hole That Is!


(Photos by RSheridan)

Visitor Center

(Photos by RSheridan)


(Photos by RSheridan)

Snake River Brewing Company

Check Out Their Website!

A Dim-Wit Bier & a Zonker Stout (Photos by RSheridan)

The Unique Interesting

Check Out the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar!

Grab a Saddle at the Bar! (Photos by RSheridan)

The Plain Weird

Cowboy Squirrel

Fishing Squirrel

Hunting Squirrel – Slightly Ironic (Photos by RSheridan)

Amazing What One Can See & Do in One Day when Traveling!

The Big Blue

Yellowstone Lake

The largest body of water in the Park, sits at 7,732 feet above sea level and the deepest spot in the lake is at least 390 feet.

Interesting Fact #1:  Yellowstone Lake is the largest freshwater lake above 7,000 feet in North America.

I had a question I did not get to ask a Ranger while in the Park. Freshwater??? The West Thumb Geyser Basin sits along the southwest area of the lake. Does this not affect the freshness of the water in the lake? There are geysers, fumaroles and hot springs right alongside as well as IN the lake.

Interesting Fact #2:  There is a “bulge” about 2,000 feet long and 100 feet high under a section of the lake, where there are faults, hot springs and small craters.

Interesting Fact #3:  Hayden Valley was a former lake bed; once filled by an arm of the Yellowstone Lake.

Did you know there is an Invasion going on in Yellowstone Lake? The Lake Trout are TAKING OVER the Cutthroat Trout and IT IS NOT A GOOD THING!

(Photos by RSheridan)

The Lake Hotel

Just Imagine staying in this Grand Lady of the Lake back in the late 19th and early 20th century. The Lap of Luxury! Love the Buttery Yellow Color too!

The Naturalist on our Boat Tour stated that the cabins behind the Lake Hotel were created to house the ALL female wait staff back in the day. The Naturalist also pointed out the Lake Ranger Station, which houses the jail and has a colony of bats.

(Photo by RSheridan)

The Lake Lodge

I enjoyed the rustic look of the Lake Lodge and its porch had many rockers to kick back and relax. Just stare off into the Lake!

Basically the Lake Lodge exists because the park needed a middle ground for lodging with the introduction of the automobile. You have the Luxurious Lake Hotel or the Tent Camps to choose from when visiting the Park. The Lodge was created; one of four in the Park!

(Photo by RSheridan)

Yellowstone Lake Scenic Boat Tour

Highly Recommend doing if you have the time. Our driver was a hoot and having a Naturalist on board was an added BONUS. Basically the cruise goes out from the Bridge Bay Marina to Stephenson Island (be on the lookout for the bones of the boat that sank in the 1920s) and then back to the marina. We did not see any osprey (according to the Naturalist there are few Osprey nests this year) and saw one Bald Eagle. You get to know the history and off beat lore of the lake on this tour.

Reservations are recommended and there are several departure times available. Do not expect to show up and get a seat. Life jackets are provided on the boat. You might want to have an extra layer with you. Arrive 15 minutes early to get on the boat. Then just sit back, hang on and have fun!

(Photos by RSheridan)


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