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New Series: Living the Big & Beautiful Life

Presenting a New Series on my blog about CREATING and CELEBRATING Your Story.

I had one of those aha moments the other day while sitting through an online webinar. The aha moment came when the instructor was talking about “Emotional Bait” and it rang LOUD and CLEAR for me. Why do we have to tear someone down to build ourself up? Why Oh Why?!? I do realize where it comes from at times (i.e. competition, jealousy, envy, hurt, anger, etc.).

The aha moment got me to thinking about being humble as well as finding gratitude and APPRECIATION on a daily basis. Why not SHARE, SHOUT & CELEBRATE those Great Moments and Successes in Our Lives! I came up with 3 categories; craving, motivating and celebrating.

I am thinking of starting this series on the last Friday of the Month and if it becomes popular; maybe the 2nd and 4th Fridays of the Month. My answers are in blue. Enjoy!

What are YOU Craving in Life?

You Name IT! What is Your Heart’s Desire Right NOW?

I am pretty much game and usually food is at the top of my list.

What Motivates YOU?

To Be the BEST Person YOU Can Be!

I recently purchased a new lens for my camera, so motivating me to get out there and play around with it.

What are YOU Celebrating?

From Teeny Tiny to Somewhere in Between to HUGE! SHARE It & SHOUT It OUT! 

I am celebrating and cheering one person that is close to me on their new job promotion – YAY for you! I am celebrating because my back injury is something minor and I am on the road to recovery – YAY for me!


LOOK from WITHIN & CELEBRATE LIFE!!! Please Jump In and Share Your Successes!

June Lake

Simply Beautiful

Decided to take a side trip through the June Lake Loop while in the Mammoth Lakes, California area. June Lake did not disappoint; breathtaking!

Check This Out – June Lake Slot Machine Marker!

(Photos by RSheridan)

June Lake

(Photos by RSheridan)

Go & Enjoy the Lake!

Mammoth Lakes

Weekend Getaway

Hello! Mammoth (Photo by RSheridan)

Decided to get a away and check out the Mammoth Festival of Food and Wine going on in Mammoth Lakes, California. The event festivities on Saturday were held in Sam’s Wood Site. A full day of music and wine tasting. What more could you ask for! Despite the rain had a great time and much better than roasting in the full sun anyway. The food ($) provided by the local restuarants was outstanding; gourmet eating in the woods!

The headliner Saturday evening was Kenny Loggins. I do not think anyone sat in their camp chairs when Kenny was on stage. Kenny had people moving, shaking and singing to Footloose, The Danger Zone, etc. At least the rain stopped, so Kenny and his band could play. Here come the 80s, Baby!

Highest Gas Price – Bridgeport, California – $5.19 a gallon – YIKES!!!

Mammoth Lakes Basin

Mammoth Lakes Basin (Photo by RSheridan)

Horseshoe Lake

I was a little shocked as to how much Horseshoe Lake has changed since the last visit in 2009. The lake has receded and the number of dead and dying trees has grown. The dead trees were first noticed in 1990  and about 170 acres of trees have died on all sides of the Mammoth Mountain volcano. You will see signs on the way to Horseshoe Lake about the high concentrations of carbon dioxide gas in the area. What a Geological Mystery!

Horseshoe Lake is in the Bottom Right-hand Corner, 2009 (Photo by RSheridan)

Horseshoe Lake 2012 – dirt is actual lake bed (Photo by RSheridan)

Twin Falls

Twin Falls (Photo by RSheridan)

Happy Traveling and Exploring!!!

Yellowstone National Park

America’s 1st National Park

I am so excited to see the beauty that Yellowstone has to offer! I have the song “Home on the Range” playing in my head that is how excited I truly am to see this National Treasure.

“Home on the Range”

1st Verse: Oh, give me a home, where the buffalo roam,

5th Verse: How often at night when the heavens are bright with the light of the glittering stars,

6th Verse: Oh, I love these wild flowers in this dear land of ours,

Checking Off Items on the Travel Bucket List

Item #1

A NEW State; Idaho! I have not been to Idaho and I am looking forward to exploring the Idaho Falls and Twin Falls areas. I have a feeling that WATER will be a recurring item on this trip. Falls, Geyers, Lakes – Oh My!

Item #2

The Beautiful Yellowstone National Park! First up camping in Yellowstone. Hopefully by camping in two different areas will put a dent in this park on the first visit. Next up hiking and wildlife viewing in Yellowstone.

The Canyon area of Yellowstone offers the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, Upper and Lower Falls of Yellowstone and Hayden Valley (great area to view the locals; wildlife that is!). The Grant Village area of Yellowstone offers Yellowstone Lake and other great outdoor adventures. The Old Faithful area of Yellowstone I hope does not disappoint with the Old Faithful Geyser and I would love to check out the Old Faithful Inn.

Item #3

The Grand Tetons National Park! Going to do a drive through and hopefully stop along the way through to check out the beauty of this place. Making a stop in the Jackson, Wyoming area. Enjoy the Wide Open Places!

Please Share Your Experiences with Yellowstone. Love to hear what you like, loved, hot spots, etc.

Happy Traveling, Exploring & Adventuring Everyone!!!

See the Greater Picture

Take in the Details Too!

With all the craziness going on lately in this world it got me thinking.

Open Minded/Close Minded

Are you more open minded or closed minded when it comes to the craziness and chaos? Do you see the greater picture or focus in on the details? For me I think it depends on the situation and just how crazy and chaotic it is in order to wrap my head around it. Sometimes I feel like sticking my fingers in my ears and saying “I cannot hear you!”.

Focusing on the Details (Photo by RSheridan)


Do you become desensitized or more aware in your surroundings? For me some things I just have become desensitized to while other things just cause me to be more aware. The one thing that really scares the bleep out of me is that mass shootings seem to be the norm lately and that is a tragedy. There are times when the craziness gets me motivated to take action, but then I falter when not knowing what action I should take.

Explore/Shut the Door

Are you more open to explore or just shut the door and call it a day? I feel a real sense some days of people taking care of themselves and then becoming a community when tragedy strikes. That is just sad because a sense of community should result from good too. There is a real sense of distrust among people and it has become a one on one for survival lately.

Seeing the Greater Picture (Photo by RSheridan)


Do you look for the potential and/or inspiration among the craziness and chaos? Do you look for ways to make a difference? If so, how do you make a difference. I would love to know!

Please note these are my opinions and ramblings that I share with you. I have tried to leave the questions open-ended, so people feel free to share in order to have a healthy discussion. Please refrain from conflict and confrontation among the discussions unless it is a healthy reaction that adds to the discussion. Thank you!

Here’s a Smile, Please Share It & Spread It to Others! Thank you!

Welcome to the Circus

A Regular 3-Ring Circus

What are the usual suspects in your 3-Ring Circus?

I think about the peanuts (drive you crazy if you let them), the popcorn (all that fluff and stuff) and the cracker jacks (culprits of chaos).  Then you have the people performing under the “big top” (hello unnecessary drama), the clowns (watch out for the slapstick) and of course the wild animals (really trip you up).

Do you have days where you think about putting the “big top” over your life?

Beat it or Just Join In! A Circus can be a Fun Event. I will leave the clowns out of it because clowns just creep me out!

Does “your circus” spread across your personal life into your professional life?

I do not know which circus is worse some days – ha! At least you have a better chance hiding out in your house than at your desk or cube. Remember to turn off your cell phone, so you cannot be tracked to your hiding location. Hopefully no one has thought to place a lo-jack on your actual person.

Are you the “Ring Master” of just part of the overall chaos?

Maybe it depends on the day or week! In becoming the Ring Master you manage the circus and lessen the chaos and overall unnecessary drama in your life. Wahoo! Learn to quite the “big top” and find some balance in your life.

Just for Fun

What Color is Your “Big Top”?

Hot Pink all the way for me! If I cannot beat the circus might as well make a “Bold Statement”.  Maybe instead of stripes go for big polka dots. Who doesn’t love a good polka dot!

How Many Clowns Can You Fit into a Tiny Car?

My Magic Number is 19! Do not know if that number is possible, but hey it is MY CIRCUS! I would also tone down the creep factor of said clowns, so I can enjoy the show.

Are You Joining or Running in the Opposite Direction? Here’s to Taming the Circus Everyone! Good Luck!

Put a Bow On IT

The Gift of Life

So . . .

Do YOU Put a Bow On IT? Part of creating your story is including the celebrations and successes. Why not CELEBRATE more? Declare the 30th of Every Month as Celebration Day! There needs to be more CELEBRATION in our lives.

So . . .

How Do YOU Like Your Gift Presented (wrapped per se)? From Simple to Plain to Somewhere in Between to Overload (the more the better)!

So . . .

How Do YOU Open Your Gift? From Slow and Easy to Somewhere in Between to Just Rip and Tear! Maybe you have gone through phases when it comes to opening gifts. Do not worry though because you will find your way as well as your happy medium!

So . . .

Do YOU have a Specific Bow Color? That you gravitate to and that gets you motivated or inspired. I prefer the brighter colors.

So . . .

Do YOU Keep a Piece of the Presentation? By that I mean do you document your gift of life. A pressed flower, a journal entry, a photograph, etc.

There are people who ask me why I travel, explore and adventure right now. Simply because I DO NOT want to wait for SOME DAY! I love to cherish every day like it is a gift and those unexpected moments are like the bow. My former self was one to wait for life to happen, but that is not the present self’s way of thinking.

Life is too Short NOT to Live It Everyday! You can agree or agree to disagree with me. That is okay with me because we each live life differently. That is okay too! Be BORING if we were all the SAME. Just has to be interesting for me!


Do You Listen

To Your Internal Voice

Just DO NOT Answer IT – ha!

There are days were the craziness, business, and madness JUST NEEDS TO STOP!!! Look within, reflect and listen to yourself and your inner voice for a change of pace. Hopefully your inner voice is still there and has not run away! Gain a different perspective per se.

Look Within (Photo by RSheridan)

Do you even know what gives you fulfilment and happiness anymore? If not, GO FIND IT! Do you ever have that moment where you feel as if this is what you were meant to be doing at this time in your life? Be it personal, professional or both. GOOD FOR YOU!

Nature & Water – Yes Please! (Photo by RSheridan)

Never too late to dream and continue creating your story. You need to escape inside yourself every once in a while and listen to what you WANT out of LIFE! It is not too late. Pour your energy into what you love to do and makes you happy even for 5 minutes a day, so worth it!

Thank yourself every once in a while. Be humble, grateful and appreciative. Just live life and have fun. YOU DESERVE IT!!!

LIFE Does Not Make Sense When You are Running Around With Your Head Off & Your Heart Switched to the Off Position!

What Does IT Mean

Self – Acceptance

I have been working on self-acceptance this year and it is certainly a work in progress.

The 1st Steps; Baby Steps

  • Accepting Yourself for Who You Are
  • NOT Afraid to Look at Yourself for Who You Are
  • STOP Burdening Yourself with Your Own Problems and/or Drama

For me self-acceptance is tri-fold; 1) accepting myself, 2) embracing my talents and 3) changing for the better.

Some lessons I have learned along the journey; a) get out of your own way, b) letting some things just go and c) do not add to the drama.

One of These are NOT the Same & That is Okay (Photo by RSheridan)

Leave the Attitude at Home

We ALL have attitude and lets ALL confess to it – ha! You do not like someone up in your business, especially yourself. Why is there drama and unnecessary drama at that? I think we need to stop watching so many reality shows because those suckers breed, suck and drip with negative drama and drama overload! If you can separate reality drama from real life you may be able to continue to watch those types of shows, but in minimal increments and NO marathon watching.

Read My Lips – Trailmix NOW! (Photo by RSheridan)

So . . . Do you leave IT as is? OR Change for the Better?

Your Life is “fine, “a-okay”, “grrreat” and chuck it up as is! That is okay if you feel that way! Can we be more aware of ourselves and the other people around us? Sure! This does not have to be a BIG CHANGE, just a little tweak here and there for the better.

Here’s to Acknowledging the Warts, Building Self-Esteem & Self Confidence and Learning Every Day!!!

What Do You Think Self-Acceptance Means? Please Share – Love to Hear From You!

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