Start Your Engines

& IGNITE Your Creativity!

Do YOU ignite your creative side? Do YOU let your creative side color outside the lines? Do YOU find yourself on a creative tear at times?

Ignite Creativity

How do you ignite creativity? Does your creativity come from what just moves you? Does your creativity come calling at 2 am?

I have experienced a two fold on creativity in the past year. #1 I reignited my love of creative writing. #2 I ignited a hidden passion of mine through blogging. I basically write to tell a story and share my travels, explorations and adventures. I do not know if I or my readers become more lost in my writing of telling a good story!

Harness the Power (Photo by RSheridan)

Let Creativity Come Natural and From the Heart

Who says you have to color within the lines? Who says you have to pick just 1 creative outlet or medium? Who says what creativity is?

I enjoy being creative when it just comes natural and from the heart. Writing, Photography, Projects. Sometimes my creativity comes from my experiences. Sometimes my creativity comes from expanding my knowledge through learning and reading. Sometimes it just comes and flows for a bit!

The Forces of Nature (Photo by RSheridan)

Let the Creative Juices Just Flow

How do you get the creative juices to flow? Do you have a secret way of bringing out your creativity? Does being around other creative people bring out your creativity?

I love surrounding myself with a diverse group of people and that includes creative people. I am amazed and in awe of some of the talents in this diverse group. Artists, Crafters, Designers, Foodies, Musicians, Photographers, etc. I enjoy sharing my creativity, especially with people who get me!

Just Flowing Along (Photo by RSheridan)

Go Ahead & Color Outside the Lines!!!


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23 responses to “Start Your Engines

  • susielindau

    I have a vivid imagination which is why I started writing a year ago!

  • Anita Mac

    I have to say, blogging and photography really ignite my creativity! It is amazing what inspiring things people are doing and writing about out there! As a visual person – the photos and demonstrations of amazing artistic talent keeps me aspiring to do more, look at things differently and let my creativity soar! I have come a long way and have a long way to go – love the ability to follow what amazing and creative things others are doing!

    • cravesadventure

      Anita –

      Loving your comment:) I know you inspire me to travel and get out there more and adventure. I enjoy being around other creative people too!

      Have a Great Day – Renee

  • John Mackey

    I Love Water! It never fails to inspire me.

  • JT

    I am still trying to figure out if I am creative or not, I have always thought of myself as creative but it isn’t the same as having someone else vet your creativity. i wrote a post the other day called “Running Away With It” I was trying to be creative yet it received hardly any notice at all, ( You hit the like button, Thank You) but most people never read it let alone comment. Does this mean my idea of creative differs from most? Maybe it was just one of those things or maybe I am not as creative as I thought. i am not bitter or hurt, as I write for me and I don’t have some inflated idea about being an unusually good writer I write because I can express myself in ways that no other medium seems to cover. Anyway, sorry about the bit of a rant here 🙂

    • cravesadventure

      JT –

      I know where you are coming from though. You put your heart and soul as well as you creativity and questioning authority into your posts. I love that:) Your posts make me think and ponder as well as that I need to chew on it. So I forget to come back and comment and end up just hitting the “like” button – shame on me – ha! Keep writing and I will try to be a better commenter:)

      Have a Great Day – Renee

  • Judy

    Renee….YOU inspire me with every post. And even days after reading a post, I’ll think about what you said.
    I love being creative…and sometimes I don’t want to go to bed because I’ve thought of an idea and want to do it NOW! 😉 Not all my ideas turn out the way I thought. But it’s a learning process and that’s how I “grow”.
    Thanks for another thoughtful, “pack it up and carry it with me” kind of post!

    • Judy

      Apologies, Renee….I saw your questions and then forgot to answer!
      The world inspires me to capture it through my lens. I’ve been an art student for years, but sketching was slow, although I enjoyed it. Then came the camera. I am obsessed. 😉 I am inspired by the surfaces I walk on to the clouds in the sky and all the flowers, mountains, trees, animals, houses, abandoned barns….and everything in between! My father (for a short time), aunt, uncle and cousins worked for Kodak. I was raised in Rochester, NY. That may have something to do with it. 😉 When it comes to the camera, the creative juices are already flowing! I’m an amateur. I have a lot to learn. Happily!

    • cravesadventure

      Judy –

      Glad to help:)

      Take Care – Renee

  • Elisa

    I feel as though I have a lot of creative juices, but a really difficult time making them flow, especially when it comes to writing! You are right, I need to find a motivator to “turn on the faucet.”



  • Lisa at fLVE

    I was just thinking about creative writing because i am writing more now due to my recent trip. I think getting out of the box is good for me. Your posts are really good Renee! Love the photos too.

  • Inspired and pretty

    Wow Renee, you certainly got me started and inspired me to be creative this morning !
    Sometimes I have so many ideas and projects I want to do, and not only in photography, that I almost get dizzy !
    I stopped writing because I was too obsessed when I did. I would wake up in the middle of the night (almost every night) thinking of the story and having to write my thoughts immediately before they vanished. I also became disinterested in anything else but the story, it was too much so I stopped.
    The photos are beautiful !

    • cravesadventure

      I am like you at certain times; too many projects too little time. Then you just get overwhelmed and need to find that motivator again. I have to stop and prioritize too.

      Have a Great Day – Renee

  • Shira

    Your posts are always inspiring Renee – thank you for your positive vibes!

  • thecompletecookbook

    Brilliant post! It’s fantastic that you harness your creativity so – it comes across so beautifully in your posts.
    My latest or should I say newest creative outlet is learning and playing around with my camera and lenses. I easily get lost in taking photographs and don’t realise how much time has elapsed until I am finished.
    Have a happy day.
    🙂 Mandy

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