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Kicking up the traveling, exploring and adventuring in 2012! So far loving it! Hawaii was AWESOME and I FELL HEAD OVER HEELS IN LOVE with Portland!


Oahu, Hawaii

(Photo by RSheridan)


Portland, Oregon


(Photos by RSheridan)

Wine Blending Party at Nelson Family Vineyards


(Photos by RSheridan)


Hopland Passport Wine Event (Mendocino County area)

Cork Tree (Photo by RSheridan)

A little slow start to planning the adventures for the Summer of 2012, but were busy tacking down the big one in August, Yellowstone National Park.


Mini Trips

Hiking & Biking

Hiking (Photo by RSheridan)


Mini Trips

Hiking and Biking

Check Out Local Events


Bend, Oregon

Yellowstone National Park


California Coast (Santa Barbara area) and Savor the Coast Event in Central Cali.

Hello Beach! (Photo by RSheridan)


Busy Month (love to take the whole month off to TRAVEL – I know wake up, you are dreaming!)

Big Ideas Yet to be Planned!

Please Share Your Plans, Trips, Events. Love to Hear How You Are Traveling, Exploring & Adventuring in 2012. Happy Memorial Day Weekend Everyone!

One Foot at a Time

Finding Balance

Yes, I am going to go there and talk about feet in this post. So lets get over the gross parts associated with feet. Then move on to the important matter at hand. Your Foot Health is Oh So Important!

Your feet work hard with little reward at times. Hey You, Yes You a little pampering would be greatly appreciated once in a while! Your feet keep you active and moving throughout the day. Then you really put your feet to the test with walking, exercising, hiking, etc.

Yoga & Your Feet

The most unlikely place I ever thought I would tune into my feet is in Yoga class. Your feet can have an affect on other parts of your body, especially if there is any type of pain. Your body can become out of alignment. Yoga allows me to stretch out my muscles and hopefully by advancing in the poses lead to a greater range of motion.

Interesting Fact:  7 out of 1o people will suffer from foot problems, many of which are entirely preventable.

I am finding that I keep my stress in my neck and shoulders as well as my feet. So stretching my foot muscles helps me stay active and moving. I also can tell when I am dehydrated because my feet will cramp of fatigue about half way through an hour class.

Mountain Pose

One of my favorite poses in Yoga class is the Mountain Pose. This pose really tells me if my body is aligned or not and what to work on throughout my hour class. Mountain pose can show you were you put your weight while standing and your instructor can help you to not bow your legs inward or not bow your knees outward. The funny thing about doing Yoga twice a week is that I am more aware of my posture throughout the day and week too.

Think about your feet as having 4 corners – the big and little toes and then the outer and inner heels. Now imagine distributing your weight evenly across your feet. Hello Healthy Alignment and Goodbye Foot and Body Aches!

Downward-Facing Dog

Downward-Facing Dog gives you a great calf stretch as well as your feet a good stretch in the pose. As you improve in this pose your feet will eventually be flat on the floor. I am not there yet, but working on it in every class.

Tree Pose

Tree Pose will tell you if you have stability or not, especially when this pose consists of standing on one leg. Feet do not fail me or I will be falling over. I enjoy tree pose because it makes me concentrate on my balance and stability. Plus I love when I can hold this pose until it is time to move out of it.

Hero Pose

I am not a fan of this pose YET! This pose is done while kneeling with your toes tucked under you in order to stretch the arch and lengthen the plantar muscles on the sole of your foot (familiar with plantar fasciitis – inflammation of the plantar muscles). This pose improves flexibility and loosens the tension in your feet. I have not been able to relax into this pose and maybe with time will be able to do that.


DO NOT NEGLECT YOUR TOES PEOPLE! Tuning into your toes again will help you with your range of motion for everyday activities and those times you put your toes and feet to the test. Spread your toes, sit back on your heels and wiggle those tootsies and just maybe try to pick something up with your toes for fun. My feet feel so alive after an hour Yoga class; gets the blood pumping and the circulation moving once again.

Socks & Shoes

I am learning just how important the socks you wear affect your feet. For the better or for the worse. The shoes you wear are just as important too. Most likely you are not going to wear flip flops when you go running for 5 miles. I love compression socks that wick away mositure for exercising. Goodbye sweaty feet as well as rubbing, chaffing and blisters. Plus these socks make you want to dance because you are no longer suffering from fatigue.

I have noticed that at times I have more balance and stability when barefoot versus wearing shoes when working out. Sometimes I feel like a klutz when I workout with shoes on. When I am barefoot I feel more focused on my balance and stability as well as my ankles and core.

Give Your Feet Some LOVE!!

Little Green Machines

Creating an Army

What Is This?

#1 (Photo by RSheridan)

#2 & #3 (Photo by RSheridan)

Another View of #2 (Photo by RSheridan)

Another View of #1 (Photo by RSheridan)

What is this on the plant? (Photo by RSheridan)

Praying Mantis egg cases. A few years now have had praying mantis in the front and back gardens. According to the Internet each egg case can have 50 to 200 babies of live praying mantis. Good for the Garden!

Cannot Wait For These Babies to Hatch!!!

Life’s Greatest Moments

Life Happens . . .

Day by Day, Moment by Moment and Life Experience by Life Experience!

The Candid Moments

I love when life happens to pop in for those candid moments, which are truly the greatest moment’s in life! It almost feels surreal at times, right. Those candid moments are the ones you seal into your heart forever! Remember life cannot always be planned and organized, it can be messy and unexpected too.

Ebbing (Photo by RSheridan)

Making Other Plans Moments

I love when life happens while you are making other plans, do not miss those moments though! It is a little ironic at times that life does not come to a stop while you are busy making other plans. That is okay though because it is meant to be that way I think and you eventually catch up. Just be open to the possibilities!

Flowing (Photo by RSheridan)

My Top 5 Greatest Moments

  1. My Wedding Day
  2. Adventuring through life with my other half
  3. Moving out West
  4. Obtaining my MBA
  5. Being able to travel, explore & adventure

What have been some of your greatest moments in life? There has been some great ones, right, sealed or seared into your heart forever. Life can be truly amazing as well as one heck of a ride at times. Just enjoy it and have some fun!

Hang On & Just Go For IT!!!

Hidden Treasures

Talk About Sneaky

Mama and Papa Quail have been up to some sneaky housekeeping when it comes to keeping their future brood safe.

Taking Housekeeping to a New Level (Photo by RSheridan)

SURPRISE!!! (Photo by RSheridan)

Have a Little Brood of Quails Running Around Soon Enough!

Lighting Bolts & Lucky Charms

What Inspires YOU?


Do you have that person that just inspires you? That person that just stimulates and motivates you! I really enjoy being around other creative people because you can think yourself right out of the box.  Everything and anything goes, nothing is too crazy or out there!

Looking Out on a Lake (Photo by RSheridan)


Do you have that go to something that gets you inspired? That something that engages the brain and prompts action! I find inspiration when I have my camera in hand. I find inspiration while creative thinking and braindumping, just get on an inspiration whirl. I find inspiration in living an active life and being stimulated by my surroundings on a daily basis!

Looking Out into the Fog (Photo by RSheridan)

Divine Intervention

Do you just have those moments where inspiration just grabs ahold of you? Like a bubble bursting with creativity! Like a balloon popping with ideas! Like looking at the bigger picture or the finer details! Like something just comes up and slaps you right in your face and stops you in your tracks!

Looking Out at the Ocean (Photo by RSheridan)

Please Share What Inspires YOU!!!

Motivational Style

What Style(s) Are You???

I recently read an article about motivational styles. I took from this article 2 key points. #1 In knowing your motivational style(s) you can learn how to better motivate yourself. #2 Those time wasters you revert to when looking for motivation.

Find Your Motivation (Photo by RSheridan)

Also, the majority of you probably fall within more  than one style. I know I saw myself in at least 2 of the styles if not in all 4 of the styles. Of course I had to check this out because one of the motivational styles is “The Adventurer”!

The Motivational Styles

  • “The Adventurer” – Thrill Seeker
  • “The Doer” – Goal Setter
  • “The Lover” – People Person
  • “The Thinker” – The Learner

I know when I am looking for motivation I usually revert to my time wasters to act as a fill in until motivation and inspiration strike once again. You know what I am talking about!

My Time Wasters

  • “The Adventurer” in me wastes time on waiting for change; what is next.
  • “The Doer” in me wastes time on to-do-lists.
  • “The Lover” in me wastes time on people pleasing at times.
  • “The Thinker” in me wastes time on asking too many questions and not actively listening.

I am learning that it is okay to slow down and take the time to recharge and reenergize myself and for the better. I really need to break old habits or behaviors at times too. I am also learning to not put too much on my plate and to say “No!” when necessary. Really make time for yourself and make yourself first and not last at times. Really make connections and build healthy as well as supportive relationships.

I find myself motivated, inspired and energized to give that 100%+. I am learning to ask for help and support as well as just letting things go. I am also learning not to sweat the small things and celebrate more; reward myself. Really find my inner child and thrill seeker again!

Here’s to Looking at What You are Gaining INSTEAD of What You are Losing When it Comes to Being Motivated!!!

Start Your Engines

& IGNITE Your Creativity!

Do YOU ignite your creative side? Do YOU let your creative side color outside the lines? Do YOU find yourself on a creative tear at times?

Ignite Creativity

How do you ignite creativity? Does your creativity come from what just moves you? Does your creativity come calling at 2 am?

I have experienced a two fold on creativity in the past year. #1 I reignited my love of creative writing. #2 I ignited a hidden passion of mine through blogging. I basically write to tell a story and share my travels, explorations and adventures. I do not know if I or my readers become more lost in my writing of telling a good story!

Harness the Power (Photo by RSheridan)

Let Creativity Come Natural and From the Heart

Who says you have to color within the lines? Who says you have to pick just 1 creative outlet or medium? Who says what creativity is?

I enjoy being creative when it just comes natural and from the heart. Writing, Photography, Projects. Sometimes my creativity comes from my experiences. Sometimes my creativity comes from expanding my knowledge through learning and reading. Sometimes it just comes and flows for a bit!

The Forces of Nature (Photo by RSheridan)

Let the Creative Juices Just Flow

How do you get the creative juices to flow? Do you have a secret way of bringing out your creativity? Does being around other creative people bring out your creativity?

I love surrounding myself with a diverse group of people and that includes creative people. I am amazed and in awe of some of the talents in this diverse group. Artists, Crafters, Designers, Foodies, Musicians, Photographers, etc. I enjoy sharing my creativity, especially with people who get me!

Just Flowing Along (Photo by RSheridan)

Go Ahead & Color Outside the Lines!!!

In Living Color

Here’s A Question For You

If someone set a box of crayons in front of you, what color would you gravitate towards? Is your decision based on a like for that particular color or it is based on your mood at the time? Just Curious!

If someone told you that the color you picked is your life color, what would you think about that? Do you see your life in color or think more in black and white with varying shades of gray? Again, Just Curious!

The Color Wheel of Life

My Top 2 Favorite Colors

  1. Blue
  2. Purple

According to the Color Wheel . . .


  • Color of the Sky and Sea
  • Associated with Depth and Stability, Tranquility and Calmness and Consciousness and Intellect
  • Symbolizes Trust, Loyalty, Wisdom, Confidence, Intelligence, Faith, and Truth
  • One of the Primary Colors

Loving the Blue of the Ocean (Photo by RSheridan)


  • Considered a Rare Color in Nature
  • Associated with Stability, Energy and Creativity, Royalty, Wealth and Extravagance, and Wisdom, Independence and Dignity
  • Symbolizes Power, Nobility, Luxury, and Ambition

Loving this Shade of Purple (Photo by RSheridan)

I can see the correlation in my life to these two colors in my characteristics, traits and behaviors. Pretty Amazing!

Please Share. I Would Love to Hear Your Thoughts On This!

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