The Path Of . . .


I know here I go again thinking! What type of Path are YOU on? Are you drawn, led or the just go with the flow type? Do you prefer simple, somewhere in the middle or complex and challenging?

Less Traveled vs. Well Traveled

Sometimes we clear our own path and sometimes we take the path that is well traveled. Sometimes you may start on a familiar path and then end up on the path less traveled. At least you are traveling along!

Looking Back Down the Path (Photo by RSheridan)

A Path Well Traveled! (Photo by RSheridan)

Least Resistance vs. More Challenge the Better

Sometimes we find ourselves on the path of least resistance and sometimes we find ourselves on the path where you cannot see the forest through the trees. You may even want to bang your head on one of those trees when the going gets challenging. Some people prefer less resistance while some people prefer the more challenge the better, makes life more interesting!

Forested Path (Photo by RSheridan)

Challenging Path Anyone? (Photo by RSheridan)

Going Uphill vs. Going Downhill

Which is better going uphill or downhill? As a hiker I can say both have there high and low points, hard on the back or hard on the knees! Some people seeing going up as a positive and going down as a negative. Both directions have there challenges!

Going Up or Down (Photo by RSheridan)

Going Down (Photo by RSheridan)

Straight and Narrow vs. All Over the Place

Some people chose a path on the straight and narrow and some people chose a path that goes all over the place. Which one of those paths makes life more interesting is up for you to decide? It is a good idea to have a support system to keep you on the path though. Certainly can make life easier at times!

Windy Path (Photo by RSheridan)

Yes, this is a Path! (Photo by RSheridan)

Directional vs. Go With the Flow

Which is better a directional path or a go with the flow path? There are times when it is helpful to no where North is! There are times when it is helpful to go with the flow and other times when you find yourself on the verge of laughter or tears;  just remember to put one foot in front of the other. Sometimes you are directionally challenged, so you just end up going with the flow!

Just Go With It! (Photo by RSheridan)

Wooded Path (Photo by RSheridan)

What Path are YOU currently on???


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