Love Yourself . . . for 28 Days

A Challenge for

The Month of February!!!

I do at least one post in the month of February about heart disease.

National Wear Red Day – Go Red for Women is Friday, February 7, 2014

I want to challenge you to love yourself every 28 days in February! Get Ready and Go . . .

Do Away With:

  • The Stress and Anxiety.
  • The Anger.
  • The Loneliness and Isolation, including Depression and Sadness.
  • The Stressful and Negative Emotions.

Your Heart and Your Whole Being will love you and thank you!

I know for me I hold my stress in my neck and store it in my stomach! Constant stress is unhealthy, borderline toxic and just sucks the energy out of me. It affects how I treat my whole being and how I live my life! I make sure to eat healthy, schedule exercise and get plenty of relaxation and rest.

I do not like the anger person that lives inside of me lately either! I am so OVER the drama, the pity parties, the blame games, etc. Talk about a “Negative Nelly” and a “Debbie Downer”!

We all need to create a coping skills tool kit to help be more loving, kind and caring to ourselves! OR At least a great support network!

My #1 – Practicing Joy

I want to practice joy this month! I am going for and doing ENJOYable for 2014 too. I receive joy by focusing on my well being and my whole being; health, happiness and gratitude. I take immense pleasure in doing what I want and what I love to do too!

My #2 – Practicing Healing

I want to focus on working out! It helps me to get stronger and to heal. I want to be active! It keeps me moving, gives me energy and helps my overall mood. I want to find activities that I enjoy doing! It keeps me healthy by getting the cardio and strength training my body craves and needs. I want it to be a part of my life and my lifestyle!

My #3 – Practicing Calm

I want to find my calm and collected self instead of that angry self! I am expressing myself by tuning into and listening to my emotions, feelings and thoughts. I was not doing that very well and needed to START!

I am still a work in progress when it comes to releasing and letting go in healthier ways! I still raise my voice and use bad body language. I am starting to self check myself before responding or reacting! Sometimes I am in control and can change the situation and other times I have not control and can still change by changing my reaction to the situation.

I still struggle with having those conversations that bring conflict and confrontation with it! I need to turn that taking it personal, feeling hurt and being angry into expressing myself and being assertive. I was expressing my worries, my stressors and my frustrations in all the wrong ways! I am finding by getting it out in the open and dealing with it is so much healthier for my whole being.

My #4 – Practicing Connection

I want to socialize, interact and connect with myself and with other people! I reach out to family and friends on a weekly basis. I have joined a group as well as get out in my community to be of service. I want to be an active participant when it comes to living my life!

My #5 – The BIGGEST, BADDEST Practice of ALL Practices!

STOP going to battle with yourself and beating yourself up! Your worries and your stressors along with the pressure, tension and anxiety is not the bell going off for the next round. It is okay to tune in and listen to the bell going off, but do not fuel and feed into the fear and the danger. In the end you will SURVIVE to live another day!

So Hum the Rocky Theme or Sing I Will Survive!

(Photos by RSheridan)

Practice LOVING YOURSELF! Ask Yourself:  What Do I LOVE Today? Love To Hear What You Are Up To This Month, Please Share!!!

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