Words to Live By

Today and Every Day

I recently read an article about 10 words to live by! I liked the idea and wanted to create my own 10 words to live by!

My Top 10 Words To Live By

#1 Love

Liking someone or something or doing something VERY MUCH! Simply love is love and needs no further explaination or definition.

#2 Truth

Being TRUE to who you are; the REAL you! To accept your self as is and be okay with who you are. That state or character of being true. A true quality pertaining to fact and/or reality. Sincerity in character.

#3 Craves

An intense desire for . . .! To need and/or want. To beg and/or yearn. To long for or want greatly!

#4 Creativity

Hello Imagination! Letting your inner child out to play.

#5 Adventure

The L-O-V-E of adventure! Getting out there to adventure and explore. Gaining experiences and taking risks; stretching your comfort zone. Finding your self through the spirit of adventure. To venture, undertake and/or dare.

#6 Travel

The possibilities are ENDLESS! To go on a trip, go on a journey, and/or go on an experience of a lifetime. To traverse, to go to a place and/or to go from place to place. Countries, States, Cities, Towns.

#7 Passion

An intense and/or compelling desire for . . . that is really hard to contain! It makes you want to squeal and jump for joy. It makes you want to burst from the inside out with so much excitement. Wishes, Hopes and Dreams.

#8 Present

To be focused and engaged in what you are doing right now! Being in the present moment and just being. Focusing on the task at hand. Finding mindfulness in your presence and how you live your life. Having gratitude to celebrate the present! NOT taking anything for granted.

#9 Sense

Your sense of self! The ability to think or reason. The capacity to appreciate or understand something or a particular quality. Being aware and perceptive; your 5 senses. Having sensations that give you appreciation, gratitude and pleasure. Using your intuition.

#10 Active

Being in motion! Exercising and working out. Physical exertion and energy. Being in a state of action.

(Photos by RSheridan)

Feel Free to Post Your Top 10 Words To Live By and Please Share!!!

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