Crazy, Wild Camping Stories

What Is Your Crazy, Wild Camping Story?

I want to hear from you about your crazy, wild camping stories.

Did you do some crazy adventure? Have a run in with the local wildlife? Have one of the worse camping trips of your life?

Start the fire, grab a chair & a marshmallow stick and join us in some storytelling.

A Short Story

We have put some miles on in our travels as well as some normal to crazy and everything in between type of adventures along the way. We have had a handful of encounters with the local wildlife – one of the scariest was a bear wake up call one time at 4 am in the morning in the Redwoods. I have had camping trips where I did not know to laugh or cry or just go off the deep end to never return. You could say we live the crazy life when it comes to traveling, exploring and adventuring and in the end it is about spending time together and making some awesome memories!

What Craziness Have You Been Up To? Please Share – I would love to hear your stories.

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4 responses to “Crazy, Wild Camping Stories

  • Anita Mac

    Crazy camping stories?? Probably not too much out of the ordinary – but a recent trip to Lac La Peche (Gatineau, Canada) got interesting in the wee hours! Hurricane Irene made for some stormy weather at night. Every now and then a crazy rumble and flash of light would light up the campsite! The guys in the site next to ours must have been having some fun – not sure what beverages went with dinner – but in the middle of the night, you could hear them up and having fun. Flash of lightning, and you could see them up in the trees, starkers….I jumped back into my tent and will leave the imagination up to you!

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