Expectation vs. Conviction

The Valuable Usage of Words

I have been known to use the words could, should and would! I am working on using words, like can, shall and will instead!

I find myself using the words could, should and would when I set high expectations for myself! I am just setting myself up for failure in doing that though.

I also find myself using these words to hold myself back! I find it is easier than being judged or compared by other people as being or doing too much. It is that feeling of not being in control or being controlled by others. It is getting into that people pleasing at times!

There is that fine balance between meeting my individual needs and putting the needs of other people before mine! There needs to a good amount of give as well as receive, especially when it comes to doing for myself. I have talked before about giving a strong no versus a weak yes and then not following through! I am doing no good when I do that and my actions do speak louder than words at times.

I am finding conviction and commitment when I make bold statements using words like can, shall and will! For instance, I will spend time taking care of myself and my needs. I do think it is easier to convict and commit when I really want to do something too! I ask myself when torn, “What do I really want?”.

Conviction: The act of moving a person by a course of action.

Walking Here! Crossing the Road . . . (Photo by RSheridan)

Here is Something To Think About! When You Hear Yourself Using Could, Should or Would, Ask Yourself Why? Then Try to Change Those Words to Can, Shall and Will! Please Share Your Thoughts, Love to Hear.

Your Actions

May Speak LOUDER Than Words!

I have been thinking about action and reaction! I have been thinking about complimentary and collision. I have been thinking about love and anger as well as kindness and rudeness. I have been thinking about less, more and just right!

We will affect others either positively or negatively each and every day! We also know that we cannot change people into what we want or need!


I know I do not put my best smile out there each and every day for myself and other people! I really do not care to turn into that person, but I do. I also know that there is more than me, myself and I living in this world. I think about how I add value and impact the people I encounter on a daily basis!

What action or reaction do I spark in people? I can either make someone’s day or have them running in the opposite direction. I know that is extreme, but I have encountered people that I want to get away from for multiple reasons. What do I want that action or reaction to be?

My actions, my moods and my energies speak volumes! My opinions and my judgements speak even louder!

Remember To Laugh (Out Loud too)

I realize that not everyone clicks or interacts well with each other, however; that does not mean it automatically turns into a negative action, reaction or impact! A simple courtesy works best in these situations. If that does not work then just simply keep on walking and be the bigger person in that moment. Remember that you have control in the way you act or react even if you have no control over the other person!

It is very much a give and take when it comes to interactions with other people! You can either work together or against each other. There is going to be conflict, confrontation and even a collision at times. However, how you communicate, how you respond through your actions and how you control your actions determines a successful or not so successful outcome!

I know I like myself much better when I share the good and the positive! I have my moments where I am ON and I have my moments where I am just OFF. When I am just OFF I remind myself to get back on track or ruin the rest of my day. I truly want to enjoy each and every day because today is a gift to be treasured and not squandered on the petty stuff that is really not worth my time or energy!

Sea Lion Yoga – Soaking Up the Sun (Photos by RSheridan)

Remember That Whatever You Do or Even Say Has An Impact & Just May Affect Someone In Some Way Whether You Like It Or Not or Know It Or Not!!!

The Game of Sorry!

I Am Sorry . . .

I apologized way more than I needed to in my 20’s! I did a whole lot of apologizing for just who I was. I know there were times I apologized for apologizing! I probably looked like a flake with commitment issues in my early professional life as well as my personal life. Such an unhealthy mindset!

I have managed to put the apologizing on the down low. I want to be genuine when I apologize and really mean it from my heart! It is right up there with those thankless thank you’s.

Seeing the Light

What Do You Need To STOP Apologizing For In Your Life???

My Top 3

  1. My Self, My Body
  2. My Emotions, My Weaknesses
  3. My Choices, My Wants

My Self, My Body

I truly want to be happy in who I am and the body I live in! I went through that “awkward” period at 15 (my mom would tell you I was full of it at 17), in my mid-20’s and in my early 30’s. Is not one “awkward” period enough in my lifetime? I wonder what the 40’s, 60’s and 80’s have in store for me.

I never knew how much I took what my body did for me for granted until I had an injury that sidelined and sidetracked me! I also learned that the size number I am and the numbers on the scale really do not matter. What matters most is my whole well being!

I need to be who I truly am and be true to who I am! It is about the physical, the mental, the emotional, and the spiritual. It is about the love, the respect and the acceptance that I have with myself from the inside out. I no longer want to fight with myself and beat myself up, especially about my self and my body. I am ready to fight a new fight and discover my strong!

Discovering My Softer Side and My Loving Self

My Emotions, My Weaknesses

I am unique in my self expression, especially when it comes to emotions, feelings, and sensitivities! I want to explore my emotions as well as embrace my weaknesses. I see weaknesses as opportunities to learn, grow and experience life in general!

I am still a work in progress when it comes to difficult conversations, conflict and confrontation! I do believe in getting it out in the open instead of holding it in though. It can be a hurtful process. It can also be a freeing process!  

I have to remind myself at times that I am in control of my actions and emotions as well as my reactions and weaknesses! I can control just how open I will be with myself, my heart and others!

Seeing Beauty . . . Seeking Connection . . . Searching . . .

My Choices, My Wants

I also have to remind myself at times that I am in control of my needs and my wants and the choices I make! I am responsible and accountable for those choices too.  I need to celebrate my achievements, my milestones and my successes. Life is way too short to not experience it or celebrate it!

I have to support myself in being open and embracing the opportunities and the changes in order to experience growth and expand as a person! Otherwise I am limiting and holding myself back. I want to give myself the freedom to explore, adventure and experience. I want to live the life I do have and want so much more of it too!

I want my choices and my wants to come from my hopes, my wishes and my dreams! I do not think I would tap into my full potential or even my purpose if I did not do this!

Opening Up and Expanding My World (Photos by RSheridan)

Please Share Your Thoughts, Love to Hear!!!

A Greater Insight

Into Your Self

I know I do not embrace let alone accept all the aspects of myself! Loving those aspects is even more difficult to do at times. I know for me the love I express for myself comes from the care and kindness I give to myself. Then comes the compassion to embrace myself as well as the love to accept myself!

  • The Good.
  • The Bad.
  • The Light.
  • The Dark.
  • The Beautiful.
  • The Ugly.

Grace . . . Gratitude . . . Acceptance . . . Most of All Love!

I know it has been a little akward to have a dialogue with myself, but how do I know what I need if I do not ask myself questions! I am slowly learning how to ask myself the right questions too. I come up with some pretty good answers at times too. It makes for great practice in learning more about myself and who I am!

Questions To Ask Yourself

  • How Do You Feel?
  • Why Do You Do the Things That You Do?
  • Why Do You Think the Things That You Think?
  • What Do You Find Useful and What Can You Let Go Of?
  • What Is Serving You and What Is NOT Serving You?
  • What Adjustments, Shifts or Changes Can You Make?

Searching . . . Seeking . . . Discovering

It pretty much starts from within when it comes to discovering more about myself and who I am! I am getting to know my values and behaviors as well as my attitudes and perceptions. I am not all that amazed that I have certain tendencies and habits that circle around and around again. No wonder I do not receive different results! This is where change or at least adjustments need to be made because different actions lead to different outcomes.

I also have to let go of the ego and the attitude at times to see change, especially good and positive change! It is so easy to play the blame game. I am finding that a shift made internally pretty much sets it to right externally. An important part of that internal shift is being responsible and taking accountability for myself and my actions!

Stretching . . . Changing . . . Growing

I have talked about not giving up, especially on yourself! I recently read that you have to show up for yourself and for other people too!

We ALL Are . . .

  • Learning
  • Growing
  • Developing
  • Changing
  • Sharing
  • Guiding
  • Supporting
  • Experiencing

I know I am not alone when it comes to being on a journey of self! It is very much a process that is going to take time. Yes, there may be more questions than answers, but that is what makes it an ADVENTURE!

Exploring . . . Experiencing . . . Living (Photos by RSheridan)

Remember That You Have To GIVE Yourself the Room in order to FIND Out More About Yourself and To DISCOVER Who You Truly ARE!!!

A Questioning Nature

Exploring Your Role

In Living the Life You Want

I remember from a young age asking questions, searching for answers and answering those questions with more questions! I was a bit of a challenger and may still be today. I did not know the right or wrong answer as well as know it was rude to answer a question with another question at that age! I simply was searching for answers and still do as an adult.

Seeking . . . Blooming . . . Growing

Lately I have been asking myself some questions and searching for the answers from within myself!

  • Why am I seeking change in my life?
  • What do I want to be doing in my life?
  • How do I go about living the life I want?

Some loaded questions, right! I can tell you I waste too much time and too much energy stressing over things that I cannot change in my life. I can tell you I waste too much time and too much energy trying to be perfect and to be correct in living my life. Why the over everything and anything, especially the overdoing, the overthinking, the overcompensating, and the overcomplicating!

Like Pearls of Wisdom and Beauty

I have to so get OVER myself, get a life and live a little more!

I fall into that trap of taking action and making decisions based on my emotions and not the positive emotions either! Fear instead of happiness. Doubts instead of confidence. Failure instead of success. I know I borrow trouble more that I should!

I really try to own my mistakes as well as learn from those mistakes too! I like to think mistakes are forgivable if I can admit to my mistakes and grow as a person from my mistakes. The hardest part in making mistakes is when I have hurt someone else and caused unnecessary problems, drama or conflict!

Learning To Be More Open

I am working on my communication skills in order to have more open and honest dialogue and conversations. I am working on my interpersonal relationship skills in order to interact and connect better with other people. I can be ignorant, I can be wrong and I can get the ego going, but it is admitting it and taking responsibility for it!

I think about what I love to do and what I do not love to do! I think about enjoyment and expectations. I think about my dreams and my passions! I think about being curious and exploring.

Being . . . Loving . . . Experiencing (Photos by RSheridan)

What Would Happen if You Stretch Your Comfort Zone and Try Something New? What Do You Love to Do? Why Not Go For It, Right! Please Share, Love to Hear!

Like Susie Says, “One Wild Ride”!

Hanging On

Love This Quote!

Change is not only inevitable, but always happening.

When you truly embrace this concept of change being constant,

the only thing left to do is grow, detach, venture inwards, touch the spirit

and find your source – the one responsible for keeping you grounded

through the ever-changing seasons of life.” ~ Julie Weiland

Constantly Happening

I might think I am playing it safe by ignorance and avoidance, but change is going to happen to me if I like it or not! I need to accept change and embrace it and be open to the possibilities and opportunities offered to me. At least I am the one in control of the things I can change in my life! I have to let go, release and at times surrender to the things I have no control over.

Around and Around . . .

A True Embrace

It takes me a while to truly embrace change and see it as a good and positive change in my life! It is due to my utter lack of patience at times. It is also due to not wanting to deal with it and hoping it just goes away. It is also that wanting of instant gratification, but changing, transitioning and transforming takes time!

A Kiss from the Sun


I have learned some valuable life lessons and growth in being open to change versus resisting change! I find acceptance way more rewarding than avoidance when it comes to change. I find dealing with it head on way more freeing than ignorance when it comes to change. I certainly find my time and energy is spent on worthwhile adventures!

Exploring . . . Experiencing . . . Growing . . .

Keeping Yourself Grounded

I struggle with being grounded when change is happening to me! I either want to run and hide from it or do battle with it. I want to blame, challenge and question almost every aspect of the change and continue asking questions until there are no more questions to ask. I know in giving myself a little time to wrap my head around certain changes I feel more in change in the direction that change takes in my life!

Hop On, Hang On for “One Wild Ride” Of Adventure (Photo by RSheridan)

Are You Up For “One Wild Ride”? Hop On Then!!!

Feeling Connected

From Your Feet to Your Head

How do you connect with yourself from your feet to your head?


There is just something about connecting with your whole being and going within yourself for a while! I get a little tired, stressed and anxious with the fast pace and OVER doing of everything and anything. I am working on slowing down and just being more. It does a whole being GOOD to connect each and every day!

My Top 2

  1. Going for a walkabout.
  2. Exercising.

Do you ever just go for a walkabout to connect with yourself?

I love being outside in the Great Outdoors! I feel more connected with myself, especially with the sun on my face and my feet touching the ground. I am able to decompress and just become one with my breathe. There is just something about being outside in nature that refreshes and reenergizes my whole being!

I have a whole different demeanor about myself when outside! My pace slows down along with my thoughts. I feel as if a weight has been lifted off me too! I prefer a walkabout instead of meditation to center myself and find my balance once again.

I get my three cravings in when I go for a walkabout too! 1) Exploring. 2) Adventuring. 3) Photography.

A Walkabout

Do you get your exercise on to connect with yourself?

The best place I found that whole connection with myself was on the yoga mat, especially the corpse pose where I could just relax and release myself! I have been sidelined from yoga and who knows maybe in the near future can practice again. There is nothing better than a whole body stretch! It is so refreshing and reenergizing too.

I feel connected to myself in the gym getting a total body workout!  I am learning to control my breathe by knowing when to breathe in and when to breathe out. I am amazed how much power my breathe has in connecting with myself and my movements when working out! The pressure and tension as well as the stress and anxiety are released and reduced for my whole being.

For me exercising has many benefits! I am able to concentrate and focus in on the motion and movement. I am improving my brain memory as well as my muscle memory in working out. I get a deeper and sounder sleep too.

The Outdoor Stair Climber (Photos by RSheridan)

What Do You Do To Connect With Yourself? Please Share, Love to Hear!

Putting Your BEST Foot Forward

When It Comes to Getting

Your Exercise On

There are 2 places I cannot go on an empty stomach; the grocery store and the gym! My hunger has me low on energy, cranky and most of all HUNGRY. I do not get a proper workout and then I am putting junk in my grocery cart. It is just SABOTAGE!

I say, “I love a good challenge”, but challenging myself when it comes to working out is completely on another playing field! I repeated the same cardio routine week in and week out. I either went mediocre with strength training or on interval overload! I either went light or heavy with weights. My body learned to adapt to that routine pretty quickly!

I could be on Myth Busters with this myth I kept telling myself! I thought the answer to all my problems was in working my core and ONLY MY CORE. I had mythed myself into believing that once my core was in top shape the rest of my body would follow suit! I had a laugh at myself on that one.

Working It Out

There was two other obstacles to overcome; breathing and posture! As long as I made it through the workout with minimal damage to my person I was doing good. I suffered my fair share of injuries as well as seeing those stars that gave me one heck of a workout headache and a hangover the next day. I truly feel better during my workout when I pay attention to my breathing and my posture!

I just needed to get the lead out of my arse and put my time and energy on exercises that burn more calories! I actually enjoy exercising and now I find my time working out enjoyable. I am so not going to make progress if I treat the gym environment like a giant couch! I have to continue pushing myself and challenging myself to make progress and see results.

The biggest lesson I have learned is to focus on myself when working out! I no longer watch someone else do an exercise and then start doing that same exercise. I have to do what works best for me and my body!

Putting One Foot In Front of the Other (Photos by RSheridan)

Remember to Keep Mixing It Up and Have FUN When It Comes To Working Out! Remember to Nurture and Nourish You and Your Body!

Counting Blessings

Keeping It Simple

Do you think about the importance in HOW you live your life?

I do! How I see myself and how I measure myself, especially my self worth matters in how I live my life. It goes way beyond these three questions too! 1) Am I good enough? 2) Have I achieved enough? 3) Did I earn enough? Enough already, right!

At the end of the day what matters the most to you is what is truly important! It is the SIMPLE that you encounter every day that you fail to notice and that at times has the bigger impact in your life than anything else!


The Basic Questions

What questions do you ask yourself on a daily, weekly or monthly basis?

My Top 2

  1. Who and What Do I Love?
  2. What Did I Learn and/or Experience?

There is nothing better than giving and receiving LOVE! You reap the benefits and the rewards when you come from a place of love. Love has such a range of emotions and feelings all wrapped into one! Love takes courage and bravery as well as patience and trust. Especially in yourself!

The learning and life lessons are so important to experience growth as a person! You can learn something from everyone you encounter on a daily basis. You can learn by doing too. You just have to be open to the possibilities and embrace the opportunities! Remember to learn is to take risks and make mistakes too.

Do you know you grow everyday through each and every experience? It can be a baby step to a GIANT LEAP. It can be simple to challenging.  I have to remind myself to appreciate that growth because it means I am learning and experiencing life!


Another Set of Questions to Ask Yourself

  • How Do You Share and Connect?

I enjoy sharing and connecting with myself and with other people! It is inspiring and motivating. It is those teachable moments that help you learn, grow and experience in yourself and in living your life. Who knows you may impact someone’s life for the better too! 

I strongly believe in connecting, especially with yourself and your greatest someones! It is that sense of being valued as a person at a deeper level. It is that sense of belonging at another level. It is about building each other up, supporting one another and gaining life experiences together!

You have a story to tell that is unique to you!

  • How Am I Being Challenged?

I am talking about how you challenge yourself! I am not talking about struggles and problems. I strongly believe in being challenged because it helps me learn, experience and grow as a person! I want to put the best me out there each and every day.

A little vulnerability and humility is good to have to when you are challenging yourself! It is about taking risks, stretching the old comfort zone and here is a BIG ONE asking for help. It is about having a sense of humor and a good laugh at yourself at times. You will be AMAZED at what YOU CAN DO!


The BEST Question To Ask Yourself Is . . .

  • What Are You Grateful For?

It is pretty bad at times that I have to remind myself that a) I am enough and b) that I have enough when it comes to living the life I want! I am practicing gratitude, becoming more aware and just being more mindful in my life. I am so blessed in what I do have and I count those blessings too!

L-I-V-I-N-G (Photos by RSheridan)

I am not saying that you have to interrogate yourself under a bright bulb every day, week or month, but remind yourself to REFLECT on the GOOD in your life!!!

Wrapped Up In the Good Life

Life Is Good!

When life gets me down I envision those “Life Is Good” sayings! I tend to gravitate towards those t-shirts when out shopping. It makes me smile and sometimes laugh out loud! It reminds me to keep life simple. There are times I just need to let go and let myself be me for a while!

FUN and Good Times!

I made the decision in 2012 to go on a journey of self and have learned some interesting and some amazing things about myself throughout the process!

My Top 5 Insights

#1 – Letting my guard down and showing more of who I am.

I certainly could do with letting my guard down to be more open and to just live and love way more than I already do! I feel when I am guarded I do not show other people who I am really and truly. I think it helps me interact, communicate and connect with other people better too. There are times I need to find that balance between strength and vulnerability! It helps me grow as a person and for the better too.

#2 – Being in the moment and enjoying the process.

I focus way too much on being worthy, right, correct, or perfect that in doing so I start to lose myself and who I am! I want to get wrapped up in life, but not in that way. It is not about the next thing or the final destination. It is more about enjoying the process throughout the journey and stopping along the way to take in those moments and make those memories, milestones and experiences!

#3 – Tuning into my emotions, feelings and thoughts.

I am a work in progress when it comes to release and surrender, especially when I have no control! I am human and I have to accept myself for who I am and what I want to do in living my life. There is certainly no instructions, directions or roadmaps handed out at birth, so I have to just figure it out as I go! This includes being able to ask for help, guidance and support from within myself and from other people too. This includes being positve and having good intentions to reap the benefits and rewards in all that life has to give me!

#4 – Handling my fears, doubts and negatives.

I need to follow my heart and not my crazy mind! In believing and trusting in myself I am able to have a better grip on my fears, doubts and negatives and instead focus on the good and the positive in my life. I have to be open, accept and experience the ebbs and flows, the ups and downs and the opposites too! I am so worthy of love and happiness.

#5 – Discovering my STRONG again.

I am discovering my STRONG from the inside out! I am taking care of myself and my needs. I am going a little easier on myself and slowing down a bit more. I am being a little more loving and a little more kinder to myself. I am asking other people in my life for help, guidance and support. I am learning, growing and experiencing each and every day in living my life to the fullest!

(Photos by RSheridan)

Here’s to Love, Laughter and Living the Good Life!!!

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