Living Your Life

By Being Curious

I love being curious, especially about things I know nothing about!

  • Traveling to new places.
  • Adventuring by trying new things.
  • Exploring the people, the history and the current state of affairs in new places.
  • Being curious about anything and everything.
  • Learning more about anything and everything.
  • Learning to be more open to people and experiences.
  • Growing as a person in my knowledge and my experiences.
  • Gaining life experiences.

In being curious I am learning, growing and experiencing life and opening up my world!

By Being Open

Just Imagine the People You Meet and The Experiences You Make By Being Open!

  • Making connections with people from all over the world by blogging.
  • Arm chair traveling to places I hope to visit one day.
  • Sharing my travels, adventures and explorations with my readers.

I am open on some things! I am open to changing my perspective, however; it matters to me to be true to myself, my beliefs and my values. I am learning to be more open on some things too! I know when I form a judgment or an intolerance it is because I do not know enough about the matter.

It comes down to educating myself and broadening my world!

Leave the Gate Open

By Learning

Just Think About What You Learn in 1 Day!

I love learning, especially the new and know nothing about types of things! I soak up as much information as I can. I am curious and open to learning from other people too! I enjoy interacting and collaborating as well as connecting and sharing. I love getting to know people with similar interests and especially love getting to know people who are the complete opposite of me too!

I broaden my knowledge and gain life experiences!

(Photos by RSheridan)

What Are You Curious About? What Are You Opening Yourself Up To? What Did Your Learn Today? Please Share Your Experiences, Love to Learn About What Is Going On In Your World!!!

Adventure Awaits

Go For It!

Do You Get Curious and Explore?

I love learning and a big part of learning is being curious and exploring to know more about things in general! It motivates, engages and challenges me in so many ways. It makes me feel good and young at heart. I want to seek out and soak up life each and every day!

Do You Go On Adventures?

I love a Great Adventure! I enjoy all types of traveling, especially arm chair traveling. I love reading to adventure and expand my world. I enjoy getting curious, exploring something for the first time and trying new things!

Do You Play, Laugh and Have FUN?

I love getting the giggles or the laughing fits! It makes for a good time. It makes for a great change of pace. Life is way too short to take it or live it so seriously!

(Photos by RSheridan)

Do You Feel Foolish at times? I know I do!

The BEST is the memories I make when I put myself out there, especially if I make a fool of myself doing it! At least I can laugh at myself. With great risks come greater rewards!

Here’s to CRAVING Adventure and LIFE!!! What Has Been Your GREATEST Adventure? Mine has been Adventuring with My Greatest Someone (P.S. Love Ya Sweetie). Love to Hear, Please Share!

Taking Conversation to a NEW Level

For the Better,

Better Connections & Better Interactions

I am so guilty of saying “use your words”! However, sometimes silence is best!

I have been working on being a better listener. I struggle with it and some days are better than other days. I am an interrupter and like to get my two cents into the conversation. I also find myself jumping to the conclusion that I KNOW what that person is going to say. Annoying, right!

In working on being a better listener I learned an important lesson! I tuned into my senses! I am working on being more self-aware of myself and other people around me. Interesting, right!

Some powerful communication as well as conversation going on without words! I am more aware of my body language and tuning into the body language of other people. I prefer to look a person in the eye when speaking to them, so imagine doing that without speaking. I found a calmness and collectedness about myself, which was just akwardness before!

I also found a connectedness that I have hid deep within myself! I love just being with no words exchanged. I enjoy reveling in that quiet and silence and stillness. I am discovering a new way to connect, to interact and to share.

I envision standing in the forest in the snow with nothing but silence surrounding me. I envision the sand between my toes with the waves coming in and going back out again. I envision becoming one with nature with the light coming through the trees. I envision sitting by the campfire with the stars above me.

(Photos by RSheridan)

I have the ability to find peace of mind when feeling overwhelmed, overstimulated and on overload! I have the ability to protect myself when how I am feeling is reflected in the way I communicate and interact with other people. I have the ability to preserve my energies when I take a “time out” to reset, recharge and reenergize. I have the ability to find the simple life once again when being appreciative and thankful for what I do have in my life!

Here’s the BEST part! I love myself more when it comes to connecting more deeply, interacting more fully and sharing myself, my gifts and my love with other people. I find my calm, my solitude and my peace of mind. I enjoy putting the BEST of me out into this crazy world!

Remember to Pause, Breathe & Reflect Before Using Your Words!!!

Top 5 Qualities

The Attraction of Self

What Are Your Top 5 Qualities? Those qualities that are attractive to you and your sense of self. Those qualities that you love about yourself! Those qualities that make you who you are and make up your unique self.

That sense of control, power and energy!

#1 – Integrity

I need to be true to who I am and live my life by believing and trusting in who I am! It is about being honest with myself and other people. It is about listening to my intuition to make sound choices and decisions. It is about being aware of my strengths and weaknesses, my challenges and my successes and my mistakes and learning lessons. I am able to grow as a person and gain life experiences!

#2 – Strength

I love discovering my strong! I am so lucky to have strong women in my life.

#3 – Adventuring

When I say adventuring I mean being present, having a purpose and finding direction in living my life!

I am practicing to be in the present moment more! I want to be able to connect myself to the here and now. I need to engage my other core by listening to myself, following my heart and trusting my gut way more than I already do!

I am still working on the purpose driven life. I do love the process of discovering who I am and what I want and where I want to be in living my life! I want to interact, connect and share with myself and with other people. I love tapping into my wishes, dreams and passions! I enjoy taking time to play, laugh and have fun.

I am not a navigator. I find myself and my direction by wandering and getting lost! I want to get out there, do it, experience it, and live it each and every day. I will find my direction to the path to journey on!

 #4 – Creative

I love to fuel and feed my creative side! I am trapped inside the box in my 8 to 5 professional world. I am passionate about writing, reading and photography. I enjoy being able to stimulate and engage my whole mind and my whole being through creativity!

#5 Humor

I get my sense of humor and can certainly laugh at myself! I find that it helps put me in a better mood. I find that I can control my emotional self through my humorous self! I feel lighter and happier as if a weight has been lifted off of me through laughter.

(Photos by RSheridan)

What Are Your Top Qualities? Please Share, Love to Hear!!!

A Challenge of Love

Give Yourself L-O-V-E

Each and Every Day

Here is a Challenge for You!

Do 1 Nurturing and/or Nourishing Thing for Yourself Daily?

Taking Care of Myself and My Needs

I love creating a self care routine for myself throughout the day! I find it to be a great way to give myself love and take care of my needs. I consider it essential to my whole being!

Loving Myself

I want to EMBRACE me and LOVE my body! I am a confident person that needs to be more comfortable in my own skin. I need to stop perfecting, pressuring and beating myself up. I am so grateful for what my whole being does for me in living my life!

Relaxing and Resting

I want to relax and rest more throughout my day! I do not find pleasure in running around like a crazed person and being stressed out. It just drains my energy and burns me out. I need to feed and fuel myself better!

Enjoying Myself

I want to discover the ENJOYable! I need to laugh, play and just have FUN. I need to stretch my comfort zone and expand my little world more. I want to live a passionate life that inspires me to create, learn, grow, and experience what life has to offer me!

Expressing Myself

I need to express my gratitude to myself and my greatest someones! It makes me feel good from the inside out and brings me joy. I am truly thankful for who I have and what I do have in my life! I feel more caring towards myself and others. I feel more like sharing myself with others too!

Taking Control

I need to take control of my life! I am done giving my time, my energy and my power away. If something is no longer serving me, I need to let it go. If something is no longer working for me, I need to change it. I have to create what I want and I have to start doing more of what I love!

(Photos by RSheridan)

Are You Ready to Challenge Yourself? If Yes, Then Go . . . Please Share, Love to Hear What You Are Up To!

Give Yourself Some Love

What Does Love

Do For You?

What Do I Love?

The BEST gift I can give myself is L-O-V-E! I am discovering a deeper connection with myself in listening to and following my heart. I think about what I have in my life that leaves me wanting more! I am motivated and excited to get out there to adventure, explore and experience.

What Do I Want?

The BIGGEST question I can ask myself is “What Do I Want?”! I believe that is it okay to have wants, needs and desires. I do not believe it is being selfish and that I have to be selfish to get what I want either. I am learning that what I want I can have if I want it! It is called abundance and it comes from within myself!

“The more we grow, the more we spread love and joy.” ~Unknown

Who Am I?

I usually ask myself a few important questions to check in with myself!

  • Am I Feeling Good?
  • Am I Being Loving?
  • Am I Enough? Yes I Am!
  • Am I Being True To Myself?
  • Am I Where I Need To Be?

I want to be loving as well as be loved! I want to come from a place of love and not fear. I want to focus on my desires and not my doubts. I want to communicate, interact and connect with myself and other people! I want to build up and not break down myself and other people.

I know there are times I need to put away the attitude and the ego! I know I need to be more open in adjusting or changing my perspective. I know there are two sides to the story and need to look at both! I know the smallest things can make the biggest difference.

I need to own my own power and learn just how to control it for the good, the positive and the better! I need to take charge of myself as well as my emotions, thoughts and feelings. I need to practice in speaking with love and encourage kindness, caring and compassion with myself and other people! I feel more motivated and inspired as well as energetic and creative.

I am learning to live for today and not in the past! I am learning to let go of the fear and the anger. I need to learn to forgive myself so I can move forward. I want to live my life and not miss a thing!

Loving myself is a pretty good 1st step to take! I want to share the love I have for myself with other people. I need to accept myself for who I am! I want to share that person with myself and other people.

(Photos by RSheridan)

Remember to Love Yourself! What Does Love Do For You In Living Your Life? Please Share, Love to Hear!!!

Tough Conversations

Learning HOW To Express Yourself

I have been all over the place when it came to expressing myself. Now I am looking for that balance in my life when it comes to expressing myself. I get a little tired of hearing oh here she goes having another moment. Well let me have that moment so I can move on I say! I am also finding that there is a time and a place to have that moment too.

Learning to Pick Your Battles

You have to learn to pick your battles because at times you are better off just walking away from the situation! You start going around in circles, nothing gets accomplished and you just end up frustrated and pissed off. Not Good At All!

Learning to Pick Your Battles (Photo by RSheridan)

Sometimes it is more about being understanding and caring than BEING RIGHT! Having that last word. Sometimes taking a step back is much better than acting petty and childish. Think before you just REACT!

Instead . . .

Be a Good Communicator. Be a Better Listener. Encourage One Another to Discuss What is Bothering Them. No Judging, No Suggestions!

Conflict & Confrontation

I do not care for conflict let alone confrontation, but sometimes it just has to go down! I usually need a few minutes alone to gather myself in order to approach the situation at hand tactfully. Plus it allows me the time to engage my brain and not my mouth too! Really do not want to say something that I cannot take back and will regret later on. So Not Cool!

So Not in the Mood, So Getting Along for NOW! (Photo by RSheridan)

So Not a Mind Reader

As human beings we are not able to read minds! At least I have not been given this super power. So use your words, speak up and get it out in the open. Does that not make you feel better, especially when the person you are dealing with is having the SAME PROBLEM!

Bottled Up & Ready to Explode

All those bottled up emotions and added stress can eat you up and spit you out! Plus take you down if you let it! There is a productive as well as a healthy way to deal with a situation. Your body, mind and spirit will benefit too.

Sometimes you just need to vent in order to clear the air and get it out of your head. Otherwise it becomes like a bad rerun played over and over again! Limit yourself to less than 5 minutes. Find someone that you can vent to and if not just write it down and throw it away. It helps you get it out of your head.

Expressing Myself (Photo by RSheridan)

Expressing yourself is about finding that happy medium! It is about becoming a better communicator and building a connection with yourself and others to be able to express yourself better. To know there is a better approach that can be relaxing and healthy as well as a productive and a positive experience.

Give Yourself the Freedom to Share What is On Your Mind (within reason of course)!

Being Supportive

In Living Your Dreams

How Does One Live From The Heart and Not the Mind?

I know it is like that million dollar question, right!

Ding, Ding!!!

The biggest wakeup call for me recently was to STOP trying to figure my life out!

I need to be spending my time on what I want to do or at least what I love to do! There is no greater gift to myself than doing what I want and what I love. A pretty good combo to help me live my hopes, wishes and dreams! My heart, my mind and my body can so get on board with that.

Embracing My Inner Self

I am learning to live my life more and more from the inside out! I just feel that I have the ability to go more with the flow and accept what is way more than I did in the past. I am discovering that is a pretty good way to live and makes me feel great! I certainly want to do more of what I love.

Listening To My Inner Voice

Should My Inner Voice Listen To My Mind and/or Heart or Both?

I really try to listen to my heart first and then engage my mind! I am discovering my heart and my mind get along pretty well together if I let it be. I just need to be open, calm and relaxed in order for it to be a more natural process. I certainly feel more in charge of my whole being!

Opening My Heart

I have to believe and trust and love myself before opening my heart and letting another person in! I need to love and be more loving to myself and others too. I am discovering I need to nurture and nourish myself! Then I can be more open, embracing and accepting of myself and others.

Trusting My Gut Instincts

I am a pretty good judge if I go with my gut! Sometimes my mind and heart want to take over though. This is when I need to learn to stop and take a break and decide what to listen to and what direction to go in! I have to remind myself to do what is best for my whole being.

(Photos by RSheridan)

Are You Supportive To Yourself? If You Are, How? If You Are Not, Start! Please Share, Love to Hear!

Where Are You?

Where Do You Want To Be?

Do You Rush Into Making Changes In Your Life?


Do You Reflect Where You Are Right Now? Do You Think About Where You Want To Be?

Which Direction???

I love starting a new chapter in creating my story! However, sometimes the best place to start is where I left off. I enjoy reflecting on the last couple of chapters before deciding to start new or start where I left off! I am learning that I can not rush changes and changes happen as needed.

I like to reflect on what went well and what did not work well! I reflect on what motivates, energizes and inspires me. I reflect on what makes me happy and brings me joy. I reflect on what I am passionate about and what makes me want to get out there to live my dreams!

I reflect on my physical health, my personal development and growth! It just takes a little patience and practice. It is about being part of the process and making progress. It is about cleaning out the clutter and the excess baggage and doing away with what is no longer serving me!

I believe in having goals and making plans as well as being flexible and making changes as needed! I want to be able to go with the flow more and just be more. I want to enjoy what I do have and have fun doing it! I want to add to my life through learning and growing as well as gaining life experiences.

Going . . . (Photos by RSheridan)

Some Questions I Ask Myself:

  • Am I right where I need to be?
  • What do I really want?
  • Is it worth the time, energy and monies?
  • What is best for my whole being?

How Are You Going To Get Where You Want To Be? Please Share, Love to Hear!

Clearing A Path

To Journey On

Is Life About Clearing A Path or Two or Three?

I seem to be an in betweener when it comes to being a leader or a follower! I like to think that I am a trail blazer clearing a path, putting up signs and leaving my mark. However, I know I am navigationally challenged so I am more of a wanderer! I just hope to stay on the path and not wander too far most days.

There are days where I want to get LOST to adventure, explore and discover!

Some Questions I Often Ask Myself

  • What will I do?
  • Who will I meet?
  • How will I learn, grow and gain life experiences?

Clearing A Path . . .

Path of Progress

Is Life About Being a Work In Progress?

I am ready for change, especially the good, better and BEST kinds! At least I hope I am ready for change and the NEW! in my life. I need to be open to embracing what comes and what happens in my life. I need to enjoy the process, focus on the task at hand and just be in the moment!

I am discovering the balance in my life that works best for me!

Making Progress On The Path . . .

Path of Experiences

Is Life About Learning, Growing and Experiencing?

My Top 3 Growth Goals Are:

  • Taking action versus being reactionary; listening to my inner voice.
  • Taking the time to choose what I want; following my heart.
  • Taking control over my doubts and fears; trusting my gut.

I cannot wait to expand my little world and gain life experiences!

I need to build and develop those connections with my greatest someones! I want to make new acquaintances and new connections too. Those connections have the potential to lead into something great!

Developing . . . Growing . . . Experiencing On The Path (Photos by RSheridan)

Here’s to Creating Your Path In Living Your Life!


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