The Writing Process

One Word At A Time . . .

I LOVE writing, especially creative writing! I receive so much pleasure from authoring my blog, Craves Adventure. My blog gives me lots of practice in writing. Who knows all that writing may produce that book I dream about one day!

The two hardest and greatest aspects of writing are . . .

  1. It takes hard work to write, especially creatively.
  2. It takes courage to put myself out there as a writer.

The Writing Process

First and foremost identify what you are passionate about!


Adventuring – Hang On!


I am passionate about traveling, adventuring and exploring. I wanted to write about my travel experiences and share those experiences with other people.

  1. Prewriting
  2. Writing
  3. Responding
  4. Revising
  5. Editing
  6. Publishing and/or Sharing

#1 – Prewriting

I have two favorite parts of the prewriting process. I find that inspiration that sparks my creativity and speaks to me on pretty much every level. I enjoy doing the research on a subject. Prewriting helps you identify the purpose, form and audience.

Then comes the brain dump. I dump the data and start the writing and creative process to formulate a post. I find this method most helpful in minimizing writer’s block. I find the creating part more free flowing.

#2 – Writing

The actual writing is where the organization of the post comes together. I also find my voice along with the fluency of the post.

#3 – Responding

I do a self review and evaluation of the post. I usually read through the post and then set it aside for a day or two before reading again.

#4 – Revising

Then I start the revising process of the post. I think I spend too much time in the revising process. I like to refine and reorganize the post multiple times. However, this gives the post clarification in that it reads well.

#5 – Editing

I am pretty good when it comes to the editing of post. This is when I pull the post together and add photos that help tell the story of the post.

#6 – Publishing/Sharing

I enjoy the sharing of my writing now. When I first started I struggled in putting myself out there, especially my true self. I like to take the time to create and develop my website as well as add in the social media aspects to share and reach a boarder audience of readers.

Thank You WordPress!

I love that I can schedule my posts. It really helps me in having a writing schedule to determine how many posts a week I want to publish and share.

Please Share Your Writing Process, Love to Hear!

To Click Or Not To Click

With Other People

I know for me developing those social relationships started when I was 4 or 5 years old! Then I moved into “clicks” around 5th grade. Talk about life altering moments of embarrassment and rejection amongst your peers! It continued into my high school years with the added twist of “girl drama” and of course starting to like boys in a whole different way.

I learned some valuable lessons about rejection in my 20’s with friendships and relationships! There were times I took rejection like the ultimate sucker punch, especially when a friendship went sour or had a bad breakup. I seriously thought something was wrong with me because I could not handle rejection, confrontation or conflict well at all! It made me physically sick and I really did not like the person that I would become in those situations.

Then I had that “Aha Moment” where it just clicked one day for me! I needed to start loving myself and taking care of my needs. I will either like someone or not as well as someone will like me or not. I cannot please everyone and that goes with trying to be everyone’s friend too!

Finding Buried Treasures

Somewhere in my early 30’s I stopped trying to click with anyone and everyone! I am comfortable with who I am and I am proud to have made it to that stage in my life. You either like me or not and that is okay! I will just continue on to the next interaction to see if there is a click or even a connection.

The one area I still struggle with is letting someone down, especially if I am not aware that I let someone down! I think the part I struggle with is in not talking about it and not dealing with it until months down the road. How can you possibly protect or defend yourself in these situations? I think this is a case of just being the bigger person, apologizing and agreeing to disagree and moving on!

Thinking About the Silly and the Funny

I have had moments where I have become so frustrated that I felt myself withdrawing and my mouth just shutting like a trap! I was afraid to open my mouth and speak. I felt the stupid, the miscommunicated and the misconstrued just ready to leak out! Then to add insult to injury let me throw in some social awkwardness too.

I had to stop beating myself up and worrying about every little thing I did say! I will let people down and disappoint them too. It will either make sense or not. It will be either fair or not. I just have to roll with it for the most part!

I love myself and I am loved! I have my protectors, my supporters and my cheerleaders helping me and guiding me along. I love hanging with the people that just get me and want to be with me! I will continue to keep on keeping on.

Going With The Flow (Photos by RSheridan)

Can We Be Friends . . . Yes! . . . With Myself and Anyone Else Who Wants to Join the Adventure!!!

The Act of Connection

With Yourself and Others

Just Think About This!

I know I feel like there is nothing I can do with certain things revolving around my world! I am pushed and pulled as well as disrupted and distracted enough in my daily life already. However, in some way we all are affected and we all have an impact too! I believe in taking the time to nurture and nourish ourselves and others in the hope that we can make a difference in some way.


What Can You Do In 1 to 5 Minutes?

  • Connect With Yourself.
  • Take a Deep Breathe and Stretch.
  • Interact With Another Person.
  • Talk to a Stranger
  • Start Something NEW!

An Hour

What Can You Do In An Hour?

  • Spend Quality Time With Your Greatest Someones.
  • Do Something for Yourself.
  • Take a Real Lunch Break.
  • Become One With Nature.
  • Get Active.
  • Give of Yourself and Be of Service.
  • Do Something FUN and SILLY!

A Day

What Can You Do In A Day?

  • Learn, Grow and Experience What Life Has to Offer You.
  • Try Something NEW!
  • Explore Your Immediate World.
  • Get Outside in the Great Outdoors.
  • Take in a Green Space.
  • Reflect, Let Go and Release Your Daily Thoughts, Feelings and Emotions.
  • Become a Part of Something Bigger Than Me, Myself and I.
  • Donate Your Time to a Good Cause.
  • Daydream and Mentally Escape.
  • Play Hooky.

Just Imagine What You Can Do In a Week, a Month or even a Year!

A Week

Think About Expanding Your Boundaries A Bit! Think About Engaging Your Whole Being In Living the Life You Want.

A Month

Think About How You Can Change and Grow as well as Transform and Experience! Think About Your Whole Being; Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, and Spiritually.

A Year

Think About Your Hopes, Wishes and Dreams! Where Do You Want To Be? How Do You Plan to Get There? Think About Your Goals and Plans.

(Photos by RSheridan)

Here’s Connecting, Interacting and Communicating With Yourself and Sharing That With Others and the World You Live In!!!

I Am So Happy

For You

I was talking to a friend recently about being jealous rather than being happy instead for another person, especially a good friend!

When and where do we learn this bad habit of bursting someone else’s bubble to make ourselves feel better?

BIG & Hairy!

Here Is What I Do Know Though

  • I know for certain I have enough stress and enough drama in my life without creating more of it.
  • I know for certain I was taught to express myself, including my emotional self. I am learning to reign my emotional self in now as an adult!
  • I know for me it comes from wanting something similar to happen in my own life.
  • I know sometimes it triggers the competitive person that lives inside of me.

Why can we not be happy for that person and avoid having the green monster rear its ugly head? It is just envy and jealousy overriding happiness. It is hard to find the happiness when all you want to see is GREEN!

Do NOT break that person down and take away their happiness and SHINE!

Shining . . . Smiling . . . Seeking

Changing Perspective

Why not make their happiness as important as my own happiness! I feel in being happy for myself as well as others that I am more open to the opportunities in my own life. I know it is not easy, but it is DOABLE! I feel it is to my benefit to use my energies for the good and the positive in living my life. It certainly helps in living with a healthier and happier mind and heart!

Why not live vicariously through others at times? I want to be able to do that as well as see the good and positive of myself through others. Why not, right! Does that not give myself delight and pleasure as well as happiness and joy. I can give it and share it with other people too.

I would rather have a partner and/or pals to adventure through life with instead of alienating those around me and being lonely! I know I need to take care of myself and my needs and my interests. However, I know living my life is much bigger than just me, myself and I too. I choose to not live my life in a bubble!

Seeing Bark or a Rainbow of Color?

Value Added

First and Foremost I need to STOP Discounting Myself! I think it really comes down to being aware of how I value myself!

I need to STOP the . . .

  • The Negativity
  • The Judging and The Perceiving
  • The Comparing and The Competing

I find it hard to be open and accepting of others when I feed into that! I need to connect with my self worth and who I am, especially from within myself. I need to put the ego and the attitude aside and deal with any deficiencies I feel about myself first before putting them on to someone else. I need to be more self aware and think before taking action, especially when it comes to emotions, feelings and thoughts!

I am just trying to live my life as I journey along! I choose the way I want to live my life as do most people. I really want to seek out and soak up the world around me!

Bright . . . Bold . . . Beautiful (Photos by RSheridan)

Love To Hear Your Thoughts, Please Share!

Exploring the Emotional Side

In More Detail

I have been exploring my emotional side on this journey of self! Why am I an emotionally charged person? Do I add fuel and feed the fire within myself and my emotions? I know I do even if I do not want to admit it!

 I am in the phase where I want to know more and more and more about it! I have been reading about emotional intelligence, emotional intimacy and emotional literacy.  I feel at times that my emotions and my mind do battle with one another. I would prefer that my emotions and my intelligence work together in a more cohesive and complimentary way!

Defining the Three

Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify, assess and manage the emotions of yourself and others.

Emotional intimacy is the ability or capacity to be intimate with your emotions.

Emotional literacy is the ability to understand your emotions and express your emotions in a productive manner.

Emotional Intelligence

I am envious of people who can just read others or command attention from a room of people! I am an in betweener because I do not strive or thrive in being the leader, but I also do not see myself as much of a follower either. I have a need to be competitive, but it is usually a competition with myself. I like to be a part of the action, especially observing what is going on!

Emotional Intelligence and Its 5 Parts

  • Self Awareness
  • Self Regulation
  • Social Awareness
  • Empathy
  • Motivation

I have some work to do when it comes to my self awareness and self regulation! I either tap into or tune out my emotions, feelings and thoughts. I need to build up my strengths and work more on my weaknesses. I want to find my purpose, achieve my full potential and be successful in doing the best that I can in what I do!

I do not tap into my gut instincts enough when it comes to my self awareness. I just react instead of self regulate at times! I am working on controlling or at least redirecting that reaction, especially with my emotions and impulses. I am also working on adapting better to changes and transitions.

Then there is the social awareness that is more like social awkwardness at times! My social skills along with my social manners just flounder or fall flat. I am all over the place when it comes to empathy versus sympathy or vice versa. There are times I do not really care either; “Whatever”! Then there is the whole motivation aspect. I can tell you I am more motivated to do something I love or want to do than something I do not want to do or could care the least about!

Emotional Intimacy

How to . . .

  • Identify emotions
  • Experience emotions
  • Express emotions

I feel a need to become one with my emotions, thoughts and feelings because it is very much a part of my whole being! However, I need to work on expressing my emotions. I also need to learn how to experience my emotions in a healthier way. It is not the emotions that are negative and unhealthy, but the way I act or the way I do things with those emotions that can be negative as well as cause harm!

I know my main struggle with my emotions is being stressed out and being on OVER everything and anything! I want to have a deeper connection to myself. I want to communicate and interact better with myself and others. I want to build and develop the relationship I have with myself as well as with my greatest someones.

I know I need to work on expressing myself better in my verbal and non-verbal communication! However, that can be difficult to practice with others when they really do not understand your struggles and how to really help you. I struggle the most with TRUST; in myself and with others! The opening of my heart as well as my emotions, feelings and thoughts with another person. It can be scary and hurtful. However, it can be the BEST thing too!

Emotional Literacy

I recently discovered a little thing called emotional literacy!

Emotional Literacy and Its 5 Parts

  • Knowing your feelings
  • Learning to manage our emotions
  • Repairing emotional damage
  • Having a sense of empathy
  • Putting it all together; emotional interactivity

(Photos by RSheridan)

I want and need the ability to understand my emotions, feelings and thoughts in order to put that reactive self on the down low and find my calm and collected self. A major part of this is the ability to express my emotions in a productive, healthy and safe manner! I want and need to listen to myself, my needs and my whole being. In doing that I can listen and relate to others with their emotions, feelings and thoughts.

I really want to create, develop and build those relationships with my greatest someones! I am a loving person, but I do not always show that side to other people due to social awkwardness, fear of rejection or lack of trust. I want to have a sense of belonging with myself and others. I want to communicate, interact and connect better with myself and others.

I find it interesting that emotional literacy touches on emotional difficulties and emotional damages! In a way it is part of the experience in living your life. It helps you learn, grow and transform as a person. It is looking within yourself in order to know how you tick as a person!

The 2 Questions I have for YOU!

What is the one emotion that you handle really well?

I will keep you posted, since I am very much a work in progress still!

What is the one emotion that you struggle with?

I need to stop feeding and fueling my anger because I do not care or even like my angry self!

Please Share Your Thoughts on Emotions and Exploring Your Emotional Side, Love to Hear!!!

Setting Your Day

Into Motion

I try really hard to get up on the right side of the bed and on good, positive footing! I feel that I can tackle my day better when I am in a good mindset and try to remain that way throughout my day too. I reflect on my day and set a plan of action as to what I need to do! I feel pretty good when I get my top 3 to 4 items done and checked off at the end of the day.

Waking Up

I enjoy stretching before I get out of bed in the morning! I will even kick back for a few minutes and just let my mind wander, ponder and reflect. It just wakes my body and mind up! I feel just a little bit more energized to start my day.

Hopping To It

Taking Time For Myself

I love taking at least 30 minutes for myself in the morning and just relax before staring my day! I enjoy the calm in my whole being. I find I have a better day when I am not running around and stressing out. I feel that I can approach my day healthier and happier as well as efficiently and effectively!

Eating Breakfast and Packing My Lunch

I have to eat a good breakfast before heading out to tackle my day! I am healthier for it because I am not snacking on junk throughout my day. I am productive and effective for it because I have the energy I need to at least make it to lunch time. I am such a crank if I am hungry!

I pack my lunch for two reasons. The number one reason is that I am controlling what I eat! The second reason is that is it expensive to eat out for lunch every day. I love treating myself to lunch out every once in a while though!

Making Time to Do What I Love

I do at least one thing that I love to do every day!

  • Taking Time For Myself
  • Taking Care of Myself and My Greatest Someone(s)
  • Eating Healthy
  • Taking My Hour Lunch Break
  • Working Out
  • Reading a Good Book
  • Creative Writing
  • Photography
  • Connecting, Socializing, Interacting, Sharing
  • Getting Outside

Traveling, Adventuring and Exploring (Photos by RSheridan)

What Do You Do To Set Your Day Into Motion? Please Share, Love to Hear!!!


IS A Beautiful Word

How Do You Live For Today?

I am learning to be more present than I have been in the past and really live for TODAY! Life is happening and constantly changing and it is a bit challenging to keep up at times. That happening comes with change as well as growth, which can be scary, but can also be the Greatest Gift of Life EVER! I am one that SCREAMS change and then tries to RUN from it when change happens.

The Sun Is A Rising

Wanting and Needing

I do not know how I manage to get anything done in being indecisive on a good majority of things! It swings from one extreme to the next at times. I want or need this and when I have it I want or need something else. I do not know how I enjoy life being in a constant state of flux!

The nice thing is I do not have to set limits and the possibilities are pretty much endless too! I can be open and embrace that state of flux as well as the possibilities and opportunities. I can try new things and step out of my comfort zone. I can live it how I want to live it!


Exploring and Discovering

What Do You Do On A Daily Basis To Seek Out and Soak Up The World Around You?

My Top 3 Answers

  • I appreciate being given another day to conquer!
  • I like to look for the good and the positive throughout my day.
  • I am so lucky and grateful for the life I do get to live.

I think about what gets me motivated, what brings me joy and what makes me passionate! For me it is mostly the simple things that make my day!

Hello! Morning Sunshine

Giving, Sharing and Connecting

What Do You Give and/or Share On A Daily Basis?

Have You Connected With Yourself or Other People Today?

“Happiness, like love, increases when it is shared.” ~ Unknown

I feel happiest when I am giving, sharing and connecting with other people! I feel like I get an added bonus in being able to share life and its many experiences with other people. I learn and explore as well as grow and expand my experiences and my world when giving, sharing and connecting with other people! I connect with myself and my whole being in so many great ways too.

BIG World Waiting Out There . . . (Photos by RSheridan)

Here’s To Exploring and Growing and Connecting To Yourself and Your World!!!

Never Give In

Get Out There!

Putting the brakes on is some times best in certain situations, especially the emotionally charged ones! I know I am impatient and the type of person that just wants to fix it and move on. Being in a hurried state is not helpful at all and not healthy for all involved! I do not think anyone truly enjoys confrontation and conflict, but there is a respectful and positive way to do it.

I am learning lessons in patience and humility. This includes finding the calm, taking the emotions out of it and making it not personal. You have to form a positive mindset! You have to figure out how to survive in the ever-changing environment that you live your life in. It takes work!

Life is One Wild Ride! You are either on it or off of it and it is never predictable! ~RSheridan

The hardest part is living in a world of instant gratification! Boy is that a wake up call when something does not work in your favor! You can either live with it or not. I am trying to learn how to take a more patient and positive outlook in my life.

When I take the time to slow down, I feel better about the choices and decisions I make on a daily basis. That makes me also feel better about myself. I am able to be in the present moment and give of myself. I am able to take the time I need and respond more effectively to what is happening around me.

One WILD Ride!!! (Photo by RSheridan)

I feel more connected and grounded as well as have a priority and purpose in my daily life! I feel more free and happy in living my life. I feel like I can take on the world and just be.  I enjoy finding that inner strength that gives me inner peace.

Just Keep Trying & Never Give Up – With Patience Comes Courage to Live Your Life Fiercely Every Day!!!

Those Aha! Moments

When the Light Bulb Comes ON!

Some days I am just in too deep to see it let alone discover it! But when the light bulb does come on, just WATCH OUT!

Shining BRIGHT!

Discovering the Bright Side to Every Situation

Is There Always a Bright Side???

I use to think being positive and finding the good was exhausting and taxing! However, I have discovered being negative is a waste of my energy and my time.

 My perspective has it fair share of craziness! I become impatient and intolerant. My perspective goes red or at least negative. Then the crazy and maybe angry person comes out of me. I find in changing my perspective it can do wonders for my overall mood!

However, every once in a while it SURPRISES me with an “Aha!” or “light bulb” moment in seeing the bright side to a situation!

It is NOT SO BAD either in seeing the bright side to a situation! I have to remind myself that I am in control of the choices I make, especially when it comes to the good, the bad and the ugly in my life. There are times I want to have a tantrum if one more person tells me to be patient or this too shall pass – ha! I have to remind myself to control and reign in my emotions, thoughts and feelings too.

Blinding WHITE!

What I have learned so far . . .

  1. I am learning to love myself as well as believe and trust in myself too!
  2. I am learning to forgive myself, especially when dealing with a broken heart or bruised ego.
  3. I do not have to hit emotional retrograde and proceed to have a meltdown.
  4. Life is not going to be perfect and it is going to constantly change; get on board and deal with it.
  5. I am SO NOT ALONE is this thing called Life.
  6. My mother was right about Counting to 10 and to  just BREATHE!
  7. I am learning to slow down, focus on one thing and enjoy the process. Otherwise, Hello! pressure, tension, stress, anxiety and pure chaos will rain on me!
  8. I need to develop, create and build those relationships with my greatest someones, especially in communicating, interacting and connecting better with each other.

Showering LOVE! (Photos by RSheridan)

What Have You Learned In Seeing the Bright Side and Experiencing Those Aha! or Light Bulb Moments? Please Share, Love to Hear!!!


Say “Yes!” To A

A Healthier “No!”

I hear myself say, “I am so busy!” and “I don’t have the time.”! Then I hear myself say, “I am bored.”, “I need change.” and “I want to be challenged.”!

I have multiple reasons and/or excuses as to why I say these things!

  • I think about that I am not busy and I do have the time. However, I just do not want to do something or spend my time doing it.
  • I think about if this is of interest to me and worth spending my time on it.
  • I think about the commitment and if I have the time to take it on.
  • I think about the certain things that are a waste of my time and my energy.
  • I think about if I get a choice or not in doing something.
  • I think about what inspires me to be creative.
  • I think about playing and having more fun.
  • I think about rest, relaxation and time to myself.
  • I think about needing to say, “No!” more.

Searching . . . Seeking . . . Discovering . . .

I will usually ask myself some questions!

  1. How do I make the most of my time?
  2. What is a waste of me and my time?
  3. What serves me and feeds me

I learned a valuable lesson recently! I usually prioritize my daily schedule and adjust as needed. However, I now find myself scheduling myself and my priorities instead! I feel pretty good when I get my top 3 to 4 things done throughout my day.

If yes, I go for it! If not, I politely decline and thank that person for thinking of me. If I am on the fence, I will take some time to make a decision before committing to a yes or a no. I do not want to commit to something and than not be committed. That is not fair!

I want and need to approach time in a way that is healthier and makes me happier! I think about what “stuff” is valuable or non-valuable to me. I think about what “stuff” is essential or non-essential to me.

I think about that day to day “stuff” that I need to do and weigh it against what I want to do, what I love to do! It is about finding that balance; working for an hour or two and then taking 5 minutes to do something for myself. I truly want to spend my time on “stuff” that is rewarding and satisfying as well as giving myself joy and contentment!

Imagining . . . Envisioning . . . Dreaming . . . (Photos by RSheridan)

How Do You Spend Your 24 Hours In A Day? Please Share, Love to Hear!

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