In A State

The Mental & Physical

Is the mental state connected to the physical state and vice versa? I know my mental state can become one hot mess when it is not in sync with my physical state. You have to work the mental as well as the physical! I am learning that most things are connected in some way.

Connected to the Path or Not So Much??? (Photo by RSheridan)

How do you keep the mental state on track with the physical state and vice versa? Especially when you experience setbacks and struggles. I am more proactive versus reactive. I am more the detail-oriented versus seeing the big picture type.

How do you stay positive and focus on the task at hand? I pay attention to the process and focus in on the movement and mechanics. I find my determination in gaining new skills and experiencing growth throughout the process. I find my success in being consistent and completing tasks to the best of my ability!

Standing Firm (Photo by RSheridan)

I am not a competitive person and do not have that want to WIN! I do quite well forming habits, especially the bad ones. Talk about trying to break those bad habits to achieve your personal best! I wish myself the best of luck most days.

I am certainly learning to focus on the task at hand versus trying to multitask lately! I feel that at times multitasking is less productive and really do not complete certain tasks to the best of my ability. There are just too many distractions already! I have to be able to have some control in order to set limits for myself, which helps me be more productive.

I need to be and do for myself at times! I cannot be all for everyone and be in more than one place at a time too. I certainly do not need the added pressure and stress as well as just running on empty and buring out. Make Time for Yourself & A Little R&R!!!

Great Spot to Take a Break & Rest (Photo by RSheridan)

Here’s to Finding the State that Works BEST for YOU!!!

A & B & C

Attitude & Behavior & Change

Working on yourself is hard work! I want to be a better person as well as a better version of me. I am the ONLY one that can make those changes for the better!


What grade would you give your attitude overall?

Think of the golden rule. “One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself”. Shutting your mouth, holding your tongue and withholding judgement can be hard, but not impossible. You are going to have opinions and judgements as well as thoughts and feelings. However, you are the one in control of all that is going on with you as well as around you!

Sometimes if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all!


How is your overall behavior?

Your behaviors, thoughts and feelings can be overwhelming and powerful. You are the one in control as to how much power you give to your behaviors, thoughts and feeling! You are the one who chooses to believe and find truth in your behaviors, thoughts and feelings. You do not have to feel helpless or play the victim when it comes to your behaviors, thoughts and feelings!

Do not let your thoughts and feelings take over in defining who you are and how you should behave!


Are you the change agent in your life?

Turn self-doubt into self-awareness. Successes and failures are great learning lessons of change. Stretch and step out of your comfort zone and shake up the creature of habit that lives inside of you! Take notice of your attitude, behavior, thoughts and feelings and make adjustements as needed. In accepting and embracing change you are more open to the possibilities in getting what you want out of your life!

Create the Life YOU WANT!

What is 1 attitude, behavior, thought, or feeling holding you back in living the life you want?

Please Feel Free to Keep it to Yourself or You Can Share, Love to Hear!

From Early Bird

To Night Owl

When are You at your Best? Early Morning, Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Late Evening. I would love to see if I could sleep into Noon, but then I would feel a little guilty for wasting a perfectly good day! I would say I am at my best between 9 am to 3 pm.

Are you an Early Bird or Night Owl?

I am an Early Bird, but not before 6 a.m.! I love being in bed by 10 p.m. I am very much a mover and shaker, but it is also very much on my time too! I am a morning person and sometimes get a 2nd wind in the afternoon.

Up With the 1st Catch of Fishies (Photo by RSheridan)

I am an evening workout person! On Saturdays I like to get in and out, so I can enjoy the rest of my weekend. I enjoy finding a happy medium when it comes to exercising and getting that total body workout now! I get to (not have to) exercise and it makes me feel good.

I am all over the place when I travel, but that is okay because I am on vacation! No Alarms and No Schedules. I love doing what I want to do when I want to do it! Rise Early, Sleep In, Nap, Early to Bed, Stay Up.

Watching the ACTION! (Photo by RSheridan)

I feel more energized and productive when my schedule is “on” and I get those 7 to 9 hours of rest! I enjoy my 30 to 45 minutes in the morning with my cup of joe before heading off to the 8 to 5 job. I love that I take the time I need for myself on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Life if pretty darn good and I am so lucky to be living it every day!

What’s Moving & Shaking In Your World? Love to Hear, Please Share!!!

Take a Number

Take a Seat

I have “Next Disease”! I am always looking for the next anything. I fool myself into thinking that I am not holding myself back by looking forward to the next thing in my life. Next, please!

Taking a #!!!

I am learning to embrace the unknown with open arms! I am discovering that being open to the possibilities can be a life lesson as well as a blessing. I am growing while expanding my world! I enjoy welcoming my world with open eyes instead of with my eyes closed and my head under the covers. Much better way to live life!

I need to push less and let go of the control at times! Instead I need to get in sync with my inner drive and outer ambitions. I can no longer force things to happen in my life! I am learning to be and be more in the present.

One BIG World Out There

I am starting to believe that the journey is the process of living my life! I am in charge of living the life I want. I am finding inner happiness, becoming healthier and getting out there more. The destination is the here and now!

I am discovering my beauty from the inside out! I am taking the time I need to love and do for myself. I am slowing down in a way that feels good for me. I no longer want to hold myself back!

Discovering My Calm and Collected Self Again (Photos by RSheridan)

Hang Out!

Ever Changing

Learning to Go With the Flow

Do human beings come with a “flux control”? I so wish for one because as I get older I am not happy about change at times. However, without change and transition in my life I would not experience growth and gain life experiences!

IMAGINE if the year you were born in is the year you live in for your lifetime! YIKES! Hello! “the Nineteen Seventies”. I think about the clothes and interior design. I think about the economical, political and environmental climates.

After that image, I cannot imagine NO CHANGE! I certainly would not want to be stuck in certain ages, like being 12, going on 17, reaching my 30′s and etc., etc., etc. There is a need for change, flux and transition when it comes to living your life. Thank goodness for starting a new day every day!

Learning to Drift

I start thinking about my 40′s and I think to myself that I need to learn how to drift more! I want to slow down and not continue speeding up or more like just trying to catch up. I need to be more focused and be more in the present moment. I really want to appreciate what I already do have in my life and living the life I do want!

IMAGINE if you were part of the animal kingdom! Talk about mad dashing and running for your life. It is game on with the surviving when amongst wild animals! It is pretty much survive or be eaten.

I think I am pretty lucky to be in the human kingdom. At least humans have “creature comforts” and do not have to live outside 24/7!

Learning to Release to Let Go

I am learning to release and to just let go, especially the things I have NO CONTROL OVER! I reallly need to enjoy the process and the journey and not just the perfection and the destination. I want to start enjoying and appreciating the good and the positive in my life!

IMAGINE a world with a little more love and kindness each and every day! I need to express gratitude way more than I already do and be more mindful when it comes to myself and others too. I want to find that deeper connection within myself in not just existing, but really living my life!

That is what matters the most to me! I feel more motivated and energized. A smile and a laugh go a long way in living a happier and healthier life and your whole being will thank you too!

(Photos by RSheridan)

Here’s to CELEBRATING Life More, Way More!!!

Going Through The Motions

Wanting to Keep More Than My Head Above Water!

How do you focus on what matters in living your life? On one hand you have the getting by and going through the motions. While on the other hand you have the being in the present moment. Do you ever feel like life is just speeding on by? Are you on or off or somewhere in between? It depends, right!

Speeding On By! (Photo by RSheridan)

Is it about less doing and more being? Embrace the Present!

I know I find myself zoning out and being not interested and bored when overstimulated. I also find myself stuck and struggling and all up in my own business when overwhelmed. I feel like I need a good cleansing rain in my life to start fresh once again! Wash away all that “STUFF” going on and get focused on living!

I know for me there is one thing that will STOP me in my tracks! I do not like the impatient, unpleasant and even rude person that lives inside of me that bubbles to the surface when I feel like I cannot handle one more thing. She is one ugly, hot mess! Especially when she has indeed had enough and is ready to boil over with anger. I know I need a “time out”!

Need a Time Out! (Photo by RSheridan)

Why does that happen? That certainly is NOT the Best Me!

I think in a way it is like a self check! Put the best version of yourself out there. Remember life is speeding by with or without you! Accept that you are doing a good job and to the best of your abilities too. Give Yourself Some TLC!

You have to take the bad moments with the good moments and everything in between that comes your way! There are times where you have to jump in or at least wade in and deal with that “STUFF”. There are times where you have to engage fully and focus on the task at hand. You embrace change, accept what matters and let go of the rest!

One WILD Ride! (Photo by RSheridan)

Is it about less wanting and more living? Living the Life You Do Have!

Laugh Often, Love MUCH, Live Fully!!!

A Good Practice

Helps Build

A Solid Foundation

I am truly blessed and so lucky to work with a personal trainer! I am learning to do away with those unhealthy and bad habits I have formed in working out over the years. I am relearning the basics to create a good practice that gives me the solid foundation I need for myself, my needs and my whole being. I am discovering that in having a good practice it helps me throughout my day and not just in my work outs!

The greatest lesson I have learned is relying on myself once again! I love having a trainer that listens to my needs, guides me and supports me. I love that my trainer slowly hands my body back to me to educate myself on what my whole being needs! I am learning to form healthier movements, create new muscle memories and form healthier posture and alignment.

Posture and Poses

Posture helps me and my body in so many ways (i.e. breathing, moving, exercising, living, etc.)! I noticed my bad posture turning into good posture within days of being more aware of it. I love being able to correct myself in poses now! I need to listen to my body and its needs or risk injury.

Motions and Movements

I love being more aware of my body and how it moves! I want to do more good than harm to my whole being. I am more aware of healthy motions and movements now! I am still learning how to relieve tension and stress in my body in a more natural way.

Safety and Stability

I am learning how my body moves as well as how to align my body in my motions and movements! It helps me create stability and balance. It helps me with my posture and going into poses. It helps me be more aware of my limitations to move safely!

Strength and Flexibility

I absolutely LOVE discovering my STRONG again! I am building that strength in my muscles and my joints that helps me become more flexible in moving my body. I am more aware of pain and discomfort in order to lessen the risk of injury. I am building endurance not only in my work outs, but in living my daily life too!

Rest and Relaxation

I am enjoying working out two times a week! It gives my body a chance to rest and my muscles and my joints can relax and recover. I make rest and relaxation a part of my workout routine throughout the week. I have even learned that there is a proper way to position my body while sleeping!

(Photos by RSheridan)

Here’s to Creating A Good Practice That Is Best For You and Your Body! Here’s to Building A Solid Foundation For You and Your Body! Here’s to Experiencing a Healthier Body and a Happier You!!! Love to Hear What You Are Doing, Please Share!


The Stars in Your Life

Are you looking and searching for IT in your life? Wishes to Hopes to Dreams. Love to Family to Home Sweet Home. Personal to Professional to Everything in Between.

How do your beliefs, thoughts and actions align to help you find IT? Are your beliefs changeable? Are your thoughts ready for a new perspective? Are your actions results driven?

How do your beliefs align with what matters in your life?

Are you a realist, an optimist, or a pessimist? Do you think in terms of possible or impossible? Sometimes you need to be open to the possibilities as well as change. Especially when it comes to what matters in living the life you want. You have to focus your beliefs on what is achievable and believable and go for it!

How do your thoughts align with what you want in your life?

Do you really listen to your inner voice or just let it ramble on and on and on? Think about all the outer dialogue going on around you on a daily basis. In listening to your inner voice and living from within can really impact the results in living the life you want. Redefining your focus on your inner thoughts does matter to the experiences you will have in your life!

How do your actions align with what you want out of your life?

What do you do with your hopes and dreams? Do you keep wishing or take action and make it happen? Do you set goals and have an action plan? Do you just be or do? Your actions can be powerful in getting the results you want out of your life!

(Photos by RSheridan)

May the Stars Smile On YOU – Be Believable!!!

I Am . . .

What I Want to Be!!!

You know you can be whatever you want to be!

I Am . . . so lucky to have found my greatest someone to share my life with! I enjoy hanging out with my best friend and spending time together. I love adventuring through life with my greatest someone!

Love Sweet Love

I Am . . . a craver and just curious about life in general! I love learning and discovering more about who I am, who I want to be and what I want in my life. I want to get involved, interact and connect with myself and others. I truly want to be a positive force in my life and share it with others!

I Am . . . a breathing, feeling, living human being! I love having love, being loved and sharing that love with myself and others. I enjoy learning, growing and gaining life experiences. I want to add to my life and the life of others in a good way!

Reading . . . Writing . . . Creating

I Am . . . a reader and creative writer! I enjoy a great read, especially one that is hard to put down and is a page-turner. I found my passion for creative writing again. I discovered a new passion in blogging that gives me a voice as well as a creative outlet. I love a great story!

I Am . . . on a journey of self! I am discovering a happier and healthier me. I am listening to myself from the inside out and tuning into my needs again. I am looking to find a better version of me!

Finding . . . Discovering . . . Creating My Path (Photos by RSheridan)

Here’s to Creating the Life I Want to Live!!!

Life Changing

AMAZE Yourself!!!

I recently read something that spoke to me and my journey of living from within myself!

“I’ve found it to be an amazing experience to live knowing

that even the seemingly problematic issues in my life are the answers to my prayers.” ~ Nawala Damiba

Do you feel a disconnect from the person who lives inside you and the person you present on the outside? I know I feel torn between living life in general and living life in overcomplication. Why is that?

Finding My Way

Resisting change and even fighting change with every fiber of your being can be the norm! I am an asker of many questions as well as a challenger when it comes to change. I have my moments of feeling dazed, confused and just plain lost in the transition at times. I really try hard to see the positive side of change, especially if it matters to me!

There are times where you need to stop the madness, conflict and turmoil of change! You need to be open to embracing change and growing as a person, especially when it comes to transformation or life changes. See it as a challenge, but also as a BLESSING in your AMAZING life! Your problematic issues just may be the solutions you have been looking for in your life.

You never know it could be a freeing experience in your life! Give yourself that permission to let go and release instead of holding on tight. Gain those life experiences. You may just find a GREATER VERSION OF YOURSELF in the process!

Discovering My Path . . . Living My Life . . . Creating My Story (Photos by RSheridan)

Why Not AMAZE Yourself When It Comes To Living Your Life & Creating Your Life Story!!!

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